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2011 Psychic Predictions: Christopher Renstrom's 2011 Astrological Forecast
Psychic Christopher Renstrom 2011 Predictions Thank heavens, 2011 will be a kinder, gentler year than 2010 was. Admittedly, we will still have to contend with potentially disruptive planetary energies in January and April 2011, but once benevolent Jupiter enters earthy Taurus on June 4, 2011, we will see a return to normalcy after 14 months of craziness. So what do we have to look forward to?   Dramatic medical breakthroughs dealing with the brain, an ecological revolution in full-swing, and an economy thatís in far better shape than anyone thought possible by yearís end.  The downside? Immigration laws will be made more stringent, the threat of terrorist attacks will be on the rise, and the ďnew ageĒ will take on a seriously darker tone.  Read all about in the 2011 astrological predictions below.

On January 4, 2011, Child of the Moon Lindsay Lohan will be dragged into rehab. Itís not quite kicking and screaming, but it will be close. This will be connected to a very dramatic incident that rivals Britney Spears in her heyday.

Look for a news announcement regarding an exciting breakthrough in Alzheimerís treatment and/or therapy around February 25, 2011. This is when Jupiter in Aries will be at the height of its planetary influence. Aries is the zodiac sign connected to the head and the parade of planets that will be traveling through this sign (which lasts until May 2011) could also bring dramatic developments in ADHD treatment, artificial intelligence, and memory recall.

Pope Benedict will find himself squeezed even tighter between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea in late March and April 2011 when even more damning allegations come to light. Although the United Nations canít exactly send a peacekeeping force to St. Peterís Square, we will see the international community become more insistent on transparency and accountability. This will create a firestorm of controversy that will continue for the next few years resulting in a major upheaval in 2016.

Is he dead or alive? Nobody knows for sure, as Osama bin Laden sightings are becoming the stuff of legend like Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, and the Grand Duchess Anastasia. Nevertheless, his name will be in the headlines again when Neptune enters Pisces on March 4, 2011. This could have to do with his capture, but itís more likely that it will be news that heís been dead for months (or even years). Of course, this will give rise to a new crop of conspiracy theories that the story is really a CIA plant and so it goes.

Tensions among the super powers spike again from April 3 through May 12, 2011 when Mars, the planet of war, marches through Aries. We can expect lots of sabre-rattling, but given what went down in July and November of 2010, nobody will be in a hurry to carry out their threats.  Nobodyís interested in repeating those close calls. The interesting thing to note here will be Chinaís emerging role as peace broker. This is a trend that will continue given Chinaís interests in Africa and South America. It will also leave critics debating whether China is sincere about embracing humanitarian and environmental reform.

One good thing (if you can call it that) to come out of the 2010 BP oil spill will be the push to convert to - and to aggressively market - alternative energy resources. Not only will this appeal to the American spirit of entrepreneurship, but it serves a greater national purpose as well. In fact, this could lead Barack Obama to announce a kind of ďgreen corps,Ē which would be his administrationís version of FDRís WPA and JFKís peace corps combined. Considering how the BP oil leak began two days before International Earth Day 2010, an announcement like this on April 22, 2011 would be a pretty good idea. It would also coincide with a stellium of planets in Aries (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will all be in this gung-ho sign), which makes it the perfect time to launch a crusade.

2011 will see an increase in job growth in March, May, and September. The planet Mercury will be a big influence here, so look for jobs to be created in Mercury ruled markets. So what does Mercury rule? Anything connected to communications, media, sales, companionship, travel, analysis, small animals and children, as well as early education and training. So what kind of jobs would these be exactly? Accounting, book-keeping, on-line sales, tech support, nursing, teaching, resort industries, physical therapist, physical trainer, childcare, pet care, graphic design, webpage, design, research, and day trader.

The immigration bill signed into law in April 2010 will find many states passing similar legislation in 2011. The reason for this is that the bill was passed when the Sun was in Pisces and the Moon was exalted in Taurus. Jupiter (the planet of big government) was also in Pisces at the time and so Jupiterís entrance into Taurus on June 4, 2011 will bring out all of this earth signís territorial tendencies. This will only increase as we get closer to September 11, 2011 - the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, so keep your papers next to your car registration in your glove compartment.

The actress Lindsay Lohan will emerge from rehab a very changed woman on or around June 15, 2011. Her story will be inspirational and may even lead her to found her own clinic a la Betty Ford.

You donít have to be an astrologer to predict that there will be a rise in terror threats in 2011.  2011 is the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks and thankfully Mars, the planetary trigger portending the original attack, wonít be anywhere near those eclipse points, so things should be okay on the home front. However, Venus will be in Scorpio, which implies that a famous American ally could be targeted during the two weeks running up to 9/11 or the two weeks after.  Although the threat is real, there is nothing saying that it will be successfully carried out, especially since Mercury will be retrograde at this time. Mercury retrograde is famous for tossing a cosmic monkey wrench into best-laid plans and seems to be the bane of would-be terrorists everywhere, as the failed attempts of the Christmas Day bomber in 2009 and the Times Square bomber in 2010 attest.

Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998, which means that itís a Virgo. Virgo is the perfect sign to describe a company connected to word searches and transforming the media industry as we know it. Googleís Sun at 11 degrees Virgo (yes, companies have horoscopes just like people do) will be impacted by the solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 at 11 degrees Gemini.  This may not be affect the company right away (eclipses can take up to two years to play themselves out), but we can expect to see mounting pressure for the company to split into two distinct entities in August 2011, June 2012, December 2012, and finally in the spring of 2013. Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo, is also the ruler of Gemini, zodiac sign of the twins, so the idea of two separate, yet ďidenticalĒ companies would make perfect sense.

There will be no stopping the tea party movement as it marches full-steam ahead from January 2011 through June 2011. One of the more ironic twists will be in its organized protests aimed at stopping the war abroad. This will effectively transform the Tea Party into the 21st century version of the 1960s antiwar movement. The end result will be intense pressure on Congress and the president to bring the troops home starting in October of 2011.

Paralympics will get even more exposure in 2011 in the run up to the games of 2012 and 2014. All thatís needed is the equivalent of a Michael Phelps or a Nadia Comaneci to arrive on the scene and this should happen during the summer of 2011. S/he will be connected to some sort of act of heroism. Perhaps this person was seriously wounded in a war or was a former athlete who suffered a career-ending injury. In any case, this person has all the makings of an international sensation.

New evidence will come to light some time around June 3, 2011 or November 9, 2011 that will reignite the controversy of autism being linked to childhood vaccinations. This was first reported in a British study in February 1998 when Neptune entered the astrological sign of Aquarius. On June 3, 2011, Neptune will finally leave Aquarius (after a 13-year stay) and enter its own sign, Pisces. Neptune is the planet of illusion and disillusionment and even though the Lancet study has been proven false, it doesnít necessarily mean that its findings were all together wrong. Neptuneís change of sign in June 2011 and subsequent retrograde in November 2011 could coincide with the discovery of a heretofore unknown scientific study or a surprise revelation that throws a very different light on the link.

WACO 2012
In October 2011, we will start to hear word of a millenialist cult led by a charismatic leader and founded on the prophecies of the Mayan calendar that says the world will come to an end in December 2012. It will be of passing interest until news leaks out that followers are being kept against their will and that there is a stockpiling of weapons.  Fears of another Jonestown or Waco in the works will fuel the public imagination as we are again treated to images of armed government agencies surrounding a compound. Itís unclear as to whether things will be resolved peacefully. There is a strong millennial streak in our nationís history and this could actually wind up becoming a repeat performance of what has come before while setting off a series of copycat incidents in early 2012. Hopefully, a different approach will be adopted this time.

The solar eclipse on November 25, 2011 shows that the actress Lindsay Lohan will be back in rehab. This will spawn talk of a ďreality-basedĒ series with an interactive blog chronicling her ups and downs.  Her progress will be discussed intensely on cable networks, Facebook, and Twitter over the winter holidays. This inspires Mariah Carey to launch her own line of clinics aimed at helping celebrities recover from mental meltdowns in public.

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