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2011 Psychic Predictions on Celebrities, Sports, and Music: Jenny Smedley
2011 Psychic Predictions by U.K. Psychic Jenny Smedley British psychic Jenny Smedley offers for 2011 psychic predictions on politics, music, sports, celebrities, and much more.


There will be political upheaval in the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom


John Travolta will start a whole new career.
Cheryl Cole will recognize that true love has been right beside her all along and she'll be pregnant by the end of 2011.
Clint Eastwood will win his final Oscar.
Brad Pitt will also win an Oscar, but not his last.
Jennifer Lawrence will win her first Oscar.


People will start growing their own food on a level unprecidented since WW II There will be fights over possession of allotments.



The Catholic Church will go through complete upheaval and discussion will include priests being allowed to marry.


Interest rates will rise in 2011, but only to about 1.5%.


JLS will go to the USA and become even more successful.


A belief in angels will supercede all other belief systems as 2012 appraoches.


Australia will win the Rugby World Cup.

England will make the final of the Football World Cup.


A message will reach Earth that a lot of people will believe comes from another planet. It will be the mystery of the decade.

Jenny Smedley's spiritual story started with one life-changing second that revealed a hitherto unknown, past life to her. She now writes for Hay House Publishers. So far she has three best-sellers with them: Pets Have Souls Too, Angel Whispers, and Soul Angels. Jenny currently writes regular columns for it’s fate, and Soul & Spirit magazines in the UK, Take 5 in Australia, and Lucky Break in New Zealand. Her most recent press appearances have been in The Daily Mail – “World Renowned,” The Daily Express - “Unique rapport with the natural world," and The Sunday Times Style magazine – “A global phenomenon.” Jenny lives with her husband of 40 years, Tony, and their reincarnated dog, KC, in The Blackdown Hills area of the beautiful county of Somerset in England. You can visit her online at


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