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2011 Psychic Predictions on News, Health, and Society: Derek Calibre
Derek Calibre 2011 Psychic Predictions NEWS AND POLITICS 2011 PREDICTIONS

Overall, 2011 will be a solid year of growth, as we reap hard earned rewards and make good progress towards seeing our way through tough environmental lessons. Renewed abundance, purity, security, and trust will be key themes for 2011.

New security technology, or identity systems, will improve the flow of people through airports, as the airline industry has one of its safest years ever.

Iceland will help bring about peace, playing an intermediary role in an international dispute.

High speed and solar powered trains are coming to the U.S.A.!

The U.S. Navy and other maritime agencies will be busy patrolling the seas after a boat is used in a nefarious plot.

Oil companies will be forced to discreetly plumb for crude off foreign shores as Western states permanently ban all off-shore oil drilling. First and second world countries will make modest progress toward weaning themselves off oil.


San Francisco yet again makes a name for itself as one of the most progressive cities in the world- through a law regulating fat content, pesticides, or nutrition standards.

Home-based health monitoring devices - linked to doctor's offices through the internet - will become more common as the health care industry takes advantage of technology in its quest to make healing cheaper, easier, and more efficient.

An age regression therapy (probably inorganic), in which a person returns to an earlier stage of life in order to explore a memory, seems to hold promise for law enforcement, history books, family reunions, and more.

The life expectancy of humans will increase by the highest rate in two decades.

Researchers, from two countries on two different continents, will announce a major breakthrough on a mental health disorder such as depression or Alzheimer's disease.


A lesbian couple will help gay marriage take one giant step forward, probably on the federal level.

New research relating to metabolic function and the link between the mind and the body will lead to significant progress in thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, and weight control programs.

The secret activities of a once united couple will read like a spy novel, and serve to remind us that our enemies aren't just in Western and Southern Asia - they're right here at home.

A movement to add a new sport featuring technology to future Olympic games will gain traction.

Derek Calibre has worked as a professional psychic since 2004 in New York, Tokyo, and Honolulu. He has been featured on CNN, NBC News 8's Psychic Hawaii, and Comcast, where he hosted a show called Psychic Workshop on Video On Demand. Derek is the author of "Can You Turn It Off? A Diary of Psychic Awakening". He lives and works in Manhattan. For information:

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