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2012 Psychic Predictions: Reiki Master Elaine Clayton Natural Disasters
Psychic Intuitve and Reiki Master Elaine Clayton My predictions for 2012 and/or beyond... 

Underwater earthquakes and land-slides (cliff crumbles and falling rocks into the sea) can cause potential tsunamis.

More land shifts and floods, heavy rains and extreme weather, tree diseases in 2012.

Geographical changes in water levels in Florida, southern Texas (Gulf), California and Mexico.

Heightened stress and tension in people as financial/economic disorder increases world wide.

Schools begin new ways to alter current and traditional schedules and teaching practices in order to save millions (some areas make drastic changes while others minimal).

Increased failures in government to follow through on social security and other (resources depleted).

Potential for some kind of nuclear danger in the Pacific West Coast.

More innovation and success in alternative living as well as more group housing. Large homes will house more than one family.

Innovations/inventions in emergency or alternative food preparation. I dreamed of one such food cooker using solar power, wire, foil, and cardboard.

Expect the unexpected as you go through each day; sudden shifts and destruction of worn-out patterns in general, large societal, governmental and professional entities failing and more people rebelling in desperation.

Expect ingenuity and creative solutions to problems; people joining and deepening consciousness.

Remember that people can change the negative into positive and we can avoid many disasters by our intent to bring positivity and light to the darkness

I am a figurative artist, author and illustrator of books for children, parent, spouse and former teacher and certified Reiki Master. For years, Iíve done Intuitive/Psychic Readings for family, friends, and others who wanted a reading. Over those years, the more art and books and teaching and readings I did, the more I understood that I am entirely devoted to the healing arts. All my art is about reaching points of illumination, and as Iíve evolved, Iíve found that at my core, healing myself and others is my passion.

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