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Psychic Roxanne Usleman Hulderman’s Predictions for 2012
Roxanne Ulseman Hulderman's 2012 Psychic Predictions Roxanne Usleman Hulderman, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned Psychic, Metaphysician, and Parapsychologist. Because of the extraordinary accuracy of her psychic predictions and profound channeled information, she has been on CNN, CNBC, NBC, Fox News Channel, (where she predicted the events of 911), Night Line, Good Morning America, Bravo, NPR, as well as The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Here are her psychic predictions for 2012.

Celebrity Predictions (originally written on 10/25/11)
1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take a break from each other, temporarily separating.
2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux get formally engaged.
3. Brad Pitt up for an Academy Award!
4. Johnny Depp makes a movie this year, receiving an Academy Award Nomination and wins a Golden Globe!
5. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries separate.
6. Beyoncé is pregnant with a baby girl.
7. Jennifer Lopez seen out dating numerous Hollywood hotties.
8. Demi Moore and Ashton Kushner file for separation.
9. Elizabeth Olsen wins an acting award.
10. Paris Hilton gets hitched.
11. Taylor Swift acts in a Hollywood movie.
12. Justin Bieber in a relationship gets caught red handed with another female.
13. George Clooney finally really falling in love with woman. Then she dumps him, breaking his heart.
14. Chelsea Clinton pregnant with child.

Spiritual Predictions
1. Einstein's predictions about the honey bees proves correct. They are becoming extinct, indicating it is the beginning of the end of the world.
2. Extra Terrestrials help to evolve our consciousness, uplifting our human vibration.
3. The North and South Poles reverse their positions.
4. Spiritual evolvement on this third dimension expands the fight between good and evil.
5. The Third and Fourth dimension begin to merge.
6. With the Great Pyramids in Egypt being destroyed, the entire planet’s magnetic force shifts, symbolizing the end of times.  We realize they have been holding our planet together.
7. Humans turning ever more toward spirituality.

World Financial and Economical Predictions
1. Wild swings “like Tarzan”, halting investors and slowing down investing in the market, sudden downswings, and falling stocks begin to hit rock bottom. Red stop light shines for investors with capital.
2. United States currency experiences a paper effect like "monopoly Money."
3. New rules created for investing in the Stock Market, such as limits on selling stocks short.
4. A bill will be passed about capital gains tax for the wealthy.
5. Natural Gas, petroleum, and other energy stocks will be on the rise.
6. Banks joining forces and merging with other banks around the globe, Europe and United States, and some going completely bankrupt.
7. Rallies in stocks, commodities and other assets, do not necessarily signify a positive outlook for investors.
8. A depressed economy creates mergers with worldwide companies.
9. Stock Market and the financial sector on the decline, creating a "1929" depression in The United States and Europe.
10. Greece will default as well as Portugal and Spain.
11. Investors nervous about the strapped U.S. economy and the financial global crisis outlook, ignited by debt problems in Europe.
12. Banks will be in the midst of more loans to help ease economic woes, though they will be very selective.
13. Eastern Europe bank defaults, such as Romania and Bulgaria.
14. Abundant rich minerals will be found in Afghanistan.  These minerals will be very rare and powerful.
15. Saudi Arabia continues to fund the Shiites, against the Sunni in Iran, igniting a great war.
16. German Chancellor Angela Merkel unites with France to help solve Europe’s woes.  This starts protest within Germany.   The German people are at odds and against their tax money bailing out other countries within The E.U.
17. European Monetary Fund seeing red with the budget and the sovereign debt crisis.
18. Gold, Aluminum, Silver and other metals on the rise.
19. Natural Gas production will bring about jobs for the unemployed and stocks will be on the rise.
20. Commodities such as grains, corn and agriculture prices rise.  Creating soaring food prices, pay increases and bonuses at an inflationary level.
21. As the dollar devaluates, a new gold back currency will be in development.
22. Gold and other metals will shoot like a rocket to about $2,800 an ounce.
23. The economy has dug itself into a hole, making it very difficult to climb out.
24. Some of the deficit will be cut though it is just a temporary band aid.
25. Riots in the streets, protesting becoming extremely violent, the military being called to help. Much like what has happened in the Middle East in Egypt or Yemen.  This will make the depression hit harder than imaginable.
26. Liquor, marijuana, cigarettes will be highly taxed.
27. Dow Jones industrial average dropping below 700 points.
28. A downgrade of the United States debt rating.
29. The Economy will need a deep healing for change to take place
30. The government’s deficit woes are like maxing it out a credit card and, then not paying the premiums, defaulting.
40. Our sickened economy is spreading like a contagious disease.
41. Market turbulence like a really scary airplane ride.

International and Global Affairs
1. Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry, winning out the republican debates, and verbally dual, until the end when the votes are for
2. Rich exotic minerals will be found in Afghanistan. Rare minerals not found on the earth. They are powerful, with magical properties, beyond this realm, exotic minerals, found on higher planets.  Extraterrestrials are in need of these minerals for their well-being and other various uses.
3. These minerals such as Palladium, Samarium, Holmium, Scandium, Niobium, Copper, and Gold, and the mining of these minerals, and metals, will cause their stock to take off like a flying saucer, sky high.
4. The search and discovery of these rich exotic minerals will be a strong catalyst for a war between countries. Maybe Russia, China and the U.S. A war of 2012, connected to the end of the Mayan Calendar.
5. Countries get in a power war over assets like: oil claims, ocean waters, land rights.
6. A new common currency will be developed.  It is backed by gold and other metals and minerals. It is a global currency developed between Europe, U.S., and various other countries, caused  by our financial dilemma.
7. B.R.I.C countries become, "Global Emerging Giant Tigers," with enormous sums of investment developing their own common currency "The New BRIC Currency," instigating trade wars and conflicts with other nations around the globe.
8. A proxy war between Iran, and Syrian against Saudi Arabia.
9. Natural gas, oil, and coal on the stock rise.
10. Rising prices for price for commodities, such as grains, corn, and agriculture, bring about higher food prices.
11. Some of our deficit will be cut, though it is a temporary repair.
12. The capital gains tax for the wealthy will be increased.
13. China, North Korea, and their partners, bonding their forces together, taking over the world militarily.
14. China and Japan get in a disagreement over territorial rights.  North Korea gets involved “pushing the envelope” militarily, explosions and fighting.
15. Qatar partnering with the rebels in Yemen.
16. Europe in-search of countries and /or financial institutions to purchase their sovereign debt and the euro-zone bonds.
17. Future of the Global Western Economy is dismal.
18. China demanding payment of their U.S. debt.
19. China’s Foreign exchange reserve giving a helping hand to bail out Europe’s debt crisis.
20. Kiev and Russia in a dispute over the trade block.
21. Europe’s debt crisis causing a boomerang effect into the U.S. economy.  The bailout hopefuls asking for a "Genie Out Of The Bottle."
22. Michelle Bachman or Herman Cain will be asked to run for Vice Presidency.
23. Computers and other electrical equipment being hacked by terrorists causing massive blackouts of computerized equipment.
24. A great war between Israel, and Palestine
25. An inner war within Egypt.
26. The Middle East explodes in a violent nuclear war between countries.
27. In the world catastrophes, many will survive, rebuilding the earth in a more positive evolved way.
28. Ron Paul up for presidential candidate.

Environmental Events Around The Globe 
1. An earthquake impacts the state of Washington and California.
2. A Solar Star Dwarf from the sun breaking off causing damage to the earth.
3. Solar Flares causing power outages.   
4. A contagious disease born of our environmental carelessness infects the world.
5. Human beings become much more environmentally concerned.  We realize the wrath of "Mother Natures" anger against us as care takers of the planet.  More ecological earths,  storms, disasters, earth quakes,  tsunamis, tidal waves, hurricane, tornados,  diseases, “ what goes around comes around.”
6. Global environmental destruction connected with “The End of Times Mayan Calendar.”

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