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Different Predictions for the End of the World
Predictions for the End of the World When it comes to the end of the world, there are a variety of very strange predictions to peruse through from both major and less well known religions. Almost all of them seem quite wacky, simply because they are based on mythology.

For instance, a group called the Zetas have warned us that the world is destined to be wiped out by a comet. This is supposed to have happened in 2003, but apparently the comet is late. The passage of the comet will catch our planet in its tail and cause it to stop rotating for several days. Violent winds and firestorms from the sky will melt the ice caps and the entire planet will become water-based once again.

Another group from Britain believed that the world was supposed to end due to global warfare on March 21, 2008. This world war never happened. This theory was based on a Bible code that traced the history of mankind from the birth of Adam in the year 4027BC to its destruction in 2008.

The Mayan calendar is divided into months of 20 days, years of 360 days, a katun of 7200 days, and a baktun of 144,000 days. According to this ancient civilization, the world will last for exactly 13 baktun cycles. Their calendar started on 3114-AUG-13 BCE with the birth of Venus and they expected the world to end during the Winter Solstice of 2012.

There has been a declaration from the Catholic Church that this will happen in the yer 1514 from Pope Leo IX. He wrote The Mayan calendar is divided into months of 20 days, years of 360 days, katun of 7200 days and a baktun of 144,000 days. According to this ancient civilization the world will last for exactly 13 baktun cycles. Their calendar started on 3114-AUG-13 BCE with the birth of Venus and they expected the world to end during the Winter Solstice of 2012.

Another significant end of the world date is 2028, which is Mystical Number 666. Initially, Eli Eshoh predicted that, based on his investigation into the Mystical Number 666, the world would end in 1998. This religious guru had a very explanation for why we did not notice that The Rapture took place on June 6, 1998. It was because only 603,729 people were taken up, so out of a world population of 6,660,603,729 persons, it wasnít obvious.

Of course, those who did not make it up through the Rapture were not saintly enough to be asked to join God. However, according to Eli Eshoh, you still have time to prove your worth to God.

Also, according to Eshoh, the antichrist was born on June 6, 1998 and the world will go into chaos on June 6,2028 when he turns thirty.

According to the Quran, the world is supposed to end in 2280. The first indication will be the splitting of the moon in half. Some scholars believe that this metaphorically happened when astronauts brought back moon rocks.

The Quran has predicted that at the right time God would produce a creature that would be instrumental in unveiling His signs. This was fulfilled, the creature was the computer, which was instrumental in unveiling the Quran's numerical code, and proclaiming that the world has neglected God's message.

French physician and astrologer Nostradamus (1503-1566) wrote a collection of prophecies, entitled Centuries, which were published in 1555. Worryingly, many of these prophecies, which predict events from the mid-1500s through the end of the world, have a habit of coming true. One prediction from him was that the world would end in 1998 and obviously it hasnít.

Not every prediction for the end of the world comes from a religion. Scientists have made calculations that have suggested that asteroid 1997 XF11 will pass dangerously close to the Earth and would result in its destruction.

However, current analyses suggest that it will come no closer than 591,000 miles or about 2.5 times farther than the moon. If these latest predictions are correct, then the probability that the asteroid will impact the Earth is zero!

Another theory is that gamma rays are what will get us in the end. Gamma Ray bursts occur naturally in the Galaxy due to events, such as neutron star binary in spirals. These occur every million years or so and produce a gamma ray flux which exceed even the largest solar flares. The absorption of this radiation into our atmosphere will increase nitric oxide concentrations and greatly reduce ozone concentrations resulting in the extinction of life on Earth.

Donít worry too much. There have been many predictions about the end of the world that have never come true. During the year 53, a rumor spread like wildfire, amongst the Thessalonians, that the day of reckoning was about to happen and widespread panic ensued.

In the year 234 A.D. theologian and martyr Hippolytus prophesized that the appearance of the Antichrist which would be followed by the Lordís return. He believed that the world had a life span of 6,000 years and since Adam was born 5,500 years before Christ, then the world would end by 500 A.D. Obviously it didnít.

When the end of the first millennium approached, many in the world thought the return of Christ was near. In 999, criminals were released from prisons, people stopped planting their crops and pilgrims headed east to meet the Lord when he returned at Jerusalem.

1666 was another year in which the end of the world was supposed to be foreshadowed by bubonic plague and the Great Fire of London.

The Jehovahís witnesses have never quite got it right either. The Jehovah's Witnesses predicted doomsday as 1984. However, as they got it wrong in 1874, 1878, 1881, 1910, 1914, 1918, 1925 and 1975.

The world was also supposed to end in 2000. If you divide 2000 by 3, you will get the devil's number 666.66666666666666666666. Coupled with the fact that all computers were probably going to crash on the stroke of midnight the end of the world was thought to be a fact. Thankfully it was just a rumor!

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