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Famous Psychics Predict End of the World
Psychics Predict End of the World Clergyman, contemporary psychics, and even ancient prophets agree: The years 2009-2012 will mark the beginning of a cataclysmic end to life as we know it, paving the way for a stunningly different world on December 23, 2012.

According to Reverend Marc Clement, an ultra-conservative Belgian evangelist, there will be a nuclear war in 2011 resulting in several million deaths and almost incomprehensible devastation. He is sourcing his prediction from the Book of Revelation, which talks about the world disappearing in a “lake of fire.”

Derek Clontz, a herbalist, psychic, and futurist from Atlanta, Georgia, says the world will feel like it is ending by July 1, 2011 when political chaos causes the dissolution of the United States that results in a war with the Middle East.

Not all psychics believe that there is going to be an end of the world. In Sylvia Browne’s new book prophecy, she insists that the world will not end in 2012 and that we are not entering Armageddon. The only thing that she really predicts is that there will be an increase in skin cancer and breathing problems in children by 2013. She also predicts that acid rain will become a regular part of our weather ecology by 2024.

By the late 2020, she predicts that glaciers will melt and destroy the glaciers destroying coastlines and causing plagues and rivers of red due to flooding and tidal waves.
A prophet of interest I found was in the book "Munich Playground" by Ernest R. Pope, published in 1941. Ernest R. Pope was an American newspaper reporter in Munich, Germany during World War II. This psychic accurately predicted the First World War. When it came to the end of the world he predicted a time of Universal Killing followed by a time of Universal Dying from starvation and disease. He also predicted a “White King” who would bring peace on earth.

Scotland Prophet Coinneach Odhar, the Brahan Seer, of the 1600s wrote many end of the world prophecies. His ominous prophecy for the future of Scotland is "black rain” that exterminates the people and animal life in Scotland. No date is predicted for this. Possibly this could be nuclear fallout in Scotland from World War 3?

Jean Dixon was an American psychic and writer, whose prophecies were followed with interest by the American public from the 1960s into the 1980s. She is well known for her prophecies to do with the antichrist.

She had a vision that on February 5, 1962, a child was born in the Middle East, who would transform the world by year 2000, creating a unifying world religion, and bringing world peace. She saw a cross growing above this man, until it covered the whole earth. This child was a descendant of the very beautiful Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and her Pharoah husband Amenhotep IV, or Akhenaten, an "enlightened" pharoah, who created a monotheistic sun-worship religion. This was to be a great leader that saves the world from Armageddon.

Also mentioned in "A Gift of Prophecy" is a Jean Dixon vision on July 14, 1952. Jean saw a vision of a large snake that was a very wise snake; its eyes were looking toward the East, with great wisdom. She felt that this snake knew all things. The snake told her that she too must look to the East for wisdom. And she felt that this snake was a bringer of peace on Earth and good will and great knowledge. Some scholars say that the snake was warning of the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

There are also the prophecies of John Titor, who claimed to be a time traveller from the future). He posted his messages about the future and time travel on the web. He said he lived in Florida in 2036. He predicts a civil war in the United States in 2012 and then a World War in 2015 that results in 3 billion deaths. The reason that this psychic was paid attention to is that he made many correct predictions about mad cow disease in the 1990s.

Miriam Ponder-Hulett is another new generation prophet and psychic. This British visionary predicted the death of Princess Diana. She has made some very dire predictions including that the hole in Earth's ozone layer quadruples in size, exposing virtually the entire Southern Hemisphere to lethal levels of ultraviolet radiation. This frying of the populace will cause the mass migration of more than a billion people north. Cities that once were comfortably populated will be crowded and starvation  and shortages will be the norm.

She also predicts that a nuclear arms test in India will go wrong resulting in a massive underground explosion that leaves a crater the size of Denmark and kills an estimated 55 million people.

There are also the prophecies of Mitar Tarabich, a peasant who had visions of the future, who lived in Serbia from 1829 to 1899. He predicted widespread environmental damage across the world, with the air and water supplies poisoned. In the country, away from the cities, people will take refuge in the "mountains with three crosses" where there will be fresh air and water. Then a worldwide famine will occur that kills billions.

According to Nostradamus, a doomsday comet will split the moon in two by 2012. Some scholars of Nostradamus say that this has already happened and that the quatrain about this is to be interpreted as the bringing back of the moon rocks from the moon in the 1960s.

Not all psychics believe the end of the world is going to be on 2011. According to Biblical scholar and psychic Harold Camping (who hails from Oakland, California), the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. This prediction is also based on a mathematical calculation based on the passage of timelines in the Bible.

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By david, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 04:18:38 PM
An interesting article. Many of these predictions can be interpitted according to the opion of the reader. The only predictions I have seen that were truly acurate were from psychic Ron Bard. He made accurate predictions from Osama Bin Laden being captured, the new york subway system being devastated to predictions about jennifer aniston finding true love. Please keep posting your articles,I find all this information interesting and informative. David
By Stephanie, Saturday, September 22, 2012 04:21:59 PM
Ah- I've been having lots of dreams that kinda confuse me. Mostly, I'm showing my classmates a map- it's very different, because most of the United States is missing, replaced by blue. I've had the same dream seventeen times, but I was showing the map to different people each time; I think I was teaching them about something.
By theresa, Tuesday, January 25, 2011 12:38:38 AM
my predictions always come true i never do believe to be a pyshic and my dreams have never lied to me some i couldn't understand others i could but I told my family members the truth now I think my youngest kid inherited the gifts which i wished she didn't some can be troublesome only a few members get it from generations to generations some of the gifts r sensing emotions on another person ,sensing a good person from a bad ,sensing who lives and dies ,I know I get past lives and futured stuff hard to explain but my youngest seems more sensitive what is happening around her and yeah the world is a scary place today but i am hoping my youngest can control her gifts and learn to shut them off people think we r crazy enough but my gifts i kept under controled and learned to hide them they can sometimes be annoying and yes very draining as well I do not want to ever scary my six yr old but having gifts like what happens next gets people annoyed so I never want that fate on my kid or my other two either which r older kids but so far these specail gifts only come to certain people in my family donot know why like my mom can communicate with her deceased parents especailly if she is known to do something stupid like she always does her mom yells at her and her dad then tells her not to do it again it wakes my mom up from a sound sleep and she won't go back to sleep for a few days it disturbs her .me I got twelve gifts or more I duly ignore cause they disturb me sometimes deeply 1 dream predictions sometimes they r good and sometimes bad or both 2 healing power with my hands I hug a person I can heal thier pain my guys mom loves this gift she always gets a hug from me and her back feels better for weeks my kid got the same thing and many more i cannot rember but some r draining gifts as well so how do we either control or get rid of em r they good or curses too ??
By J. Paola, Monday, January 24, 2011 01:58:07 PM
I agree with your comments about being positive, I am so sick and tire of hearing about it. What ever happens, the only thing we can do is prepare ourselves. I have a child who is so worried that he can't even sleep because of all this talk. What we are doing is scaring our kids and teaching them that there is no future to think about so why should we even bother to get things done. Let's think positive and this way maybe our children will learn to fight for a better future. To me 2012 is a new age, a new way of thinking and a new begining where we will be united and find ourselve not as separete nations but as one.
By Sandra, Friday, July 02, 2010 11:50:30 AM
This is a dream I had a couple of years ago. I think it brings a message that although time is running out, it is still not too late to do something. If anyone has a better interpretation, please let me know. I dreamed of a world where it was dark everywhere. However, even though the world appeared to be breaking up, through the darkness pinpoints of Light shone through. I was no longer “solid” and was able to move anywhere I chose or was directed. There were wars, one was much larger than the others and seemed to be near the equator as seen from a distance, or looking at a globe. Many people were harming others either without realizing, or caring what their actions were doing to others and the world. During all of this, an angel was by my side and I seemed to be surrounded by Light and always the pinpoints of Light shown through, some brighter than others. When I woke up, I was guided to write the following: “When all is dark upon the Earth and past and future intertwine, Heaven and Hell shall be as one. The body transforms and ascension begins with one. The veils of mist shall lift and all will see the truth. All will see, many with disbelief. The Light will shine in great relief for all to carry forth and save the world from true Hell on Earth. The Light will bring you home.” 2/5/08 11:18pm I think the darkness describes the fear and negativity in the world. The world is made up of all that has happened in the past as well as what will happen in the future. The Light is the Divine Light of the Creator, shining forth from the Lightworkers on Earth and from the Earth herself.
By T, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 01:35:45 PM
I've had a dream the world was on fire also, I could see it viewing it from space but I don't always take dreams literally. Besides, isn't the book of revelations what John dreamed? I did receive a message from Defenders of Wildlife yesterday who said that the oil spill in the Gulf is being 'maintained' by fire so that contact with the shore could be softened. However, numerous animals are being burned to death in the process. I would like to say that the lake of fire bit in revelations is more like a description of the energy that will be felt, used, and exhibited in 2012 - not a literal, the world is on fire, bit. I believe the churches are chakras so to me, it's more of a awakening not a literal form of rapture. More spiritual and soulful which will spark physical evolution. My thoughts are on positivity and bliss for 2012 - not doom and gloom and if so - "we'll be back"!
By christine, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 09:48:01 AM
The comments in this article suggest gloom and doom, yet I've heard other predictions about how there is going to be a shifting of the more aggressive male manifestation to a softer female orientation during this next era. I think we should focus on the positive vs. the negative. As in the 100th monkey theory, when a number of entities are focusing on the same thought at the same time, changes occur. Let's put our thoughts on positive change during this new era of life and experience the love, peace, and joy that we are meant to be living. Blessings.
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