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Tarot Made Easy
The Meaning of Tarot Cards The 22 Major Arcana cards are an addition to what otherwise could be described as an ordinary playing deck that consists of four suits.

When you are first learning to read the Tarot cards, sometimes it is valuable to have a list of the card's abbreviated meanings to refer to while you are throwing the cards. Though not all diviner's use the same correspondent meanings.

Here is a cheaterís list of the classic meanings of each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

0 The Fool - choices offered, folly, going in circles
1 The Magician - creative energy, psychic power
2 The High Priestess - mystery, hidden influences, female supremacy
3 The Empress - abundance, fertility, motherhood
4 The Emperor - leadership, control, fatherhood
5 The Hierophant - convention, society, restrictions
6 The Lovers - love, relationships, intimacy
7 The Chariot - mind over matter, conflicts, war
8 Strength - courage, power, stamina
9 The Hermit - wisdom, spirituality, connection with Higher Self
10 Wheel of Fortune - unpredictability, changes of luck for good or bad

11 Justice - legal issues, balance, karmic return
12 Hanged Man - withdrawal, study, rest, waiting
13 Death - change, physical death, an ending
14 Temperance - moderation, adaptation, patience
15 The Devil - temptation, the material world, evil
16 The Tower - conflict, problems, devastation
17 The Star - hope, inspiration, happiness
18 The Moon - unseen troubles, black magic, female sexuality
19 The Sun - marriage, success, male sexuality
20 Judgment - awakening, renewal, the result of good or bad actions
21 The World - success, opportunity, a clean slate

If you subtract the extra 22 cards that comprise the Major Arcana from a Tarot deck, the Minor Arcana is what remains. The Minor Arcana of every Tarot deck contains 56 cards divided into four suits with each suit maintaining its own sphere of influence. The four suits are the Cups, Pentacles (also referred to Disks or Coins in some decks), Wands (sometimes referred to as Batons) and the Swords. In a deck of conventional playing cards the Cups related to the suit of Hearts, the Diamonds to Pentacles, the Wands to Clubs and the Swords to Spades.

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By Mary, Saturday, November 21, 2009 05:34:59 PM
I love Tarot Cards as a tool, and have always been drawn to them. How do I submit my question for the web class? Thanks, Mary
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