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Angels That Bring Money
Angels That Bring Money angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! There are many different angelic beings that can help bring you wealth of all kinds. Some specialize in bringing you quick cash and others are more concerned with prosperity and investment matters. Still, other angels can help protect you from creditors or layoffs and also help you keep food on the table.

Azazel – This angel can bring you money or what you need immediately to sustain you. He saves those in the direst of circumstances whose situations seem hopeless. Pray to this angel when you feel you are very desperate and have no more recourse.

Barachiel – This angel, who is depicted as holding a basket of bread, can make sure that you always have bread on the table and want for nothing in life.

Chamuel – This is an angel of pure love who when appealed to can make sure that you have everything you need to be happy every day.  Pray to him if you do not want to worry about money anymore.

Gabriel – This angel can give you the savvy, discipline, and good sense that it takes to save money over a very long term. He is good to pray to if you want to save for an education or buy a house.

Gagiel – He is technically the angel associated with fish and water. Fish in Christian history symbolize faith and prosperity.

Harut – This angel protects you from the witchcraft of business rivals!

Israfel – This angel can help give you the kind of foresight that you need when you  doing business and need to make a lot of money by helping you see the big picture.

Jhudiel – He is the advisor and protector of all those who work in positions of great responsibility and assures that money is earned in an ethical way.

Jophiel – This angel of illumination can help you see the big picture of your business or career future and help you make difficult decisions if you are at some kind of crossroads in your life.

Malik – This Islamic angel protects you against bad business, terrible investments, and being taxed too much. He is an angel that prevents conflicts and protects policy makers. He is very concerned with ethical business practices.

Metatron –This angel is a scribe in heaven and can help you keep accurate records in your business.

Saint Michael – This angel can protect your business from thieves and robbers and haelp your creditors show mercy on you.

Rapheal – Raphael is a major archangel who takes pity on the poor and helps keep food on the table and necessary medicines and health treatments available to all who call for his help.

Uriel – This  major archangel is the angel of Peace and helps make sure that all of your professional relationships are running as smoothly as possible.

Zadkiel – Pray to this angel of joy if you feel you are having a hard time with money or legal problems in your business. He stands for justice, mercy, and eliminates feelings of dissatisfaction.

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By ellen, Friday, April 10, 2009 04:10:43 PM
i am praying to all the angels and asking to help heal my son Joshua of anixety and depression and give him back his job or a better one to live and not lose his self esteem and my dughter Stacee it seems no matter what she does she gets knocked down and nothing works for her she has a heart of gold and loves the lord with all of her heart help her find security and myself Ellen i ask for my health to be healed especially my knee so i wont have to have a knee replacement and most of all I have been alone for 9 yrs I would love to have my soul mate find me not to be alone anymore to be loved and love,im so me get to the right place to get out and meet him for its hard for me to get out sometimes.thank you all for hearing my prayers in Jesus name ilove you all thank you praise be to god the highest
By lawrence, Friday, April 10, 2009 08:44:06 AM
dear.azazel-i have been laid off since feb.12,of my job of 19 yrs.i haven been looking for a job but it is hard.i need your blessing to help me get money to pay off mortgage,and to be debt free.we were tricked into an adjustable rate.please help me and my wife get the money to get of this mess.please let the money flow into our life. as soon as possible. my god bless you,thank you azazel.........
By stephanie, Thursday, April 09, 2009 11:37:38 PM
To all the angels and God, Please help everyone on this message board. Everyone is in such a tough time right now. Please help all the hungry and the homeless. It is not all of our faults that the economy has collapesed and we are the ones paying dearly. Please help my mom find a job, please help my brother find a better job he's been looking so hard. I would pray for myself, but I know I will find a way. everyone else needs help. I pray everynight for things to get better for our whole country.
By Karin, Thursday, April 09, 2009 09:25:46 PM
dear azazel, i am praying for my son and ex-husband. they don't have enough money to pay their rent or utility bills. my son can't get a job and my ex only has a part-time job. Please help before my son just gives up on all of it.
By martha, Thursday, April 09, 2009 05:26:57 PM
Dear Azazel and Chamuel my appointment was postpon to tomorrow April 10 2009 which is Good Friday find it in you to Help Me get the much need money that I needto save myself and family from this nightmare. I just want to get out of this mess i ask you to please help me and all that are in the same situation i am in. We are losing everything and for me I am at my last rope. Please find it in you to help us. I am on borrowed time. I am so a fear of what will happen if i don't get you geniour help. Please find in you to help us all. Blessed you are make it be a better time for all of us in need. Bless you. Open up to all PLEASE. I want to Thabk you because my newphew got a job opportunity yesterday. So if he gets the just he will be in a better financial situation. THANK YOU SO MUCH continue your good work. Please hear our cries and have pitty on us AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Tammy, Thursday, April 09, 2009 03:47:34 PM
I pray to all the angels above that you help and provide them your guidance that we all so despertly are looking for right now. If you have anything left to provide me and my family please do. i have lost everything i have so tried to hold on to for 46years and now i have less then 72hours before they throw me out of my home due to a buisness decision my spouse had made with out me.....and i have lived in my home for 30 years with 4 generations at one the bank forclosed and i am at a ? for the first time in my life and have lost alot of trust in man kind. thanks for letting me pray for guidance and direction but also know their our families who need you more and have no one, i still have my 3 children and 2 dogs and oh yea kept my spouse = we all make mistakes i pray for you all to help the ones who need their prays answered and if you have anything left or just a little please send my way - love, hope and praying for you all. Slyvia says its going to start to get better in June, i have been holding on to that for a while and she has never let us down yet!
By Alison, Thursday, April 09, 2009 01:41:00 PM
Dear AZAZEL, I need your help. My mom is is a bad money situation and wants badly to buy a house. Please help her buy a nice suitable house by the middle of summer. She doesn't ask for much or want much except to have a house. We are in this situation where we live with a "friend" and he yells and just fights with my mom all the time. I don't want anything else but to be skinny and to have my mom to buy a nice house she wants before summer ends. i rather her have a house than to me to get skinny right away. Help her get her credit together and help her buy her special house in West Deptford,New Jersey. PLease help her and Thank you so much! And one more thing when she gets a house can you please help her not struggle emotionally and help her not to struggle financially. I appreciate this so much, THANK YOU! --ALISON :)
By starr, Thursday, April 09, 2009 11:12:58 AM
Reading about these different angles My first reaction was BARACHIEL tell AZAZEL to get busy! GAGIEL-I want to thank you for my faith and prosperity!
By Sharon, Thursday, April 09, 2009 10:02:32 AM
Dear Azazel, I recently became a widow and I am disabled. I own a house and have a real fear that I will not be able to finacially keep my house. Please help my find the way to stay in my home.
By, Thursday, April 09, 2009 09:36:08 AM
please i need the angels to help me be able to buy my dentures and be able to find an apartment of my own and be able to buy a cheap car. I really do not try to ask for much just the basics i lost my home a year ago and it has been hard getting back up on my feet. Please help me i have always felt that God never puts more on our shoulders than we can handle but I have a heavy load.Annette

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