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Archangel Michael – The Special Protector Angel
The Archangel Michael angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! If you are in need of protection, then it is the Archangel Michael that you need pray to.

He can give you the courage to go when you feel that you can’t which is an issue for many in these hard economic times.

Part of feeling safe in life is knowing that we only make decisions that are truly in our own best interests. Michael is the angel to turn to when you feel pushed around by others, emotionally terrorized, or somehow invaded by another person’s presence. Michael can help you regain control of your life and how you feel about these people.

Michael can also help you banish your inner critic and free yourself from fear of the future. This angel strengthens your faith in your self, especially when it comes to helping you handle whatever obstacle fate throws your way. He also rules repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification.

Externally, Archangel Michael is thought to protect individuals from all physical and spiritual aggression, including accidents, diseases, crime, and astral attacks. He is the angel to pray to if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, have made a huge mistake and need to have it fixed or feel that you are the victim of another person’s addiction, mental illness, or injustice.

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic writings, the Archangel Michael ranks as one the greatest of all angels. In Christian imagery, he is often depicted as winged, with an unsheathed sword. This is the sword of righteousness that slays dragons both inner and outer dragons and demons.

Archangel Michael is often associated with a steely blue or laser blue light. In cases of emergency, just imagining surrounding yourself in a bubble of this blue light is thought to offer protection. Michael is also explosive in his actions and is thought to be related to thunder and especially lightening. When you get news that seems like “a bolt from the blue,” often Michael is behind it.

Michael also likes mirrors. He is also the angel who reflects your own actions back to you. His miracles tend to occur swiftly and suddenly. He is also known for his sense of humor and is related to the phrase “humor destroys all karma.”

The next time you do something wrong and it comes right back to you, the Archangel Michael is probably behind it.

Michael is also thought to like heights. People are thought to be most connected to him when they are standing at the peak of a mountain, the top of a skyscraper, or in an airplane.

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By joanne, Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:23:10 PM
dear Archangel Michael i have been hurt alot in my life judged for things i never did now i need help in someone out there that will give me a fairgo in geting my Serious Injury Certificate i won fourcaes but the only one i need i lost over a pack of lies i was told that i faild to marrages and i was a drugo sir i never took any pills befor i hurt my back the night befor i hurt my back i was told my little brother was braindead in hospital and i was a mess that day of the coust caes but befor the coutscaes i was told by me QC just to say yes no or cant remmber so i did but as i was siting there i was picking up all the lies and to scard to stick up for myself as you will fine out why when you read on but i'm no liea sir and no nut just been hurt alot in life and i'm not to brigh as i have had no schooling but i'm still a person i just dont understand out of all the courtscases i won the only one i needed it i lost over lies i went in there for my back sir but it was like this is your life thay even hit that low to bring my mum and dad in it but both are dead all i'm asking is for a fairgo here if the pain is in my hhead then why now has my doctor put me on cancer pills thats how strong my pills are now sir i'm on oxynorm and oxycontin my doctor said to keep fighting as i have been wrongy missed judged please helpme as i'm at a lost to were togo to get the truth told and i wontgive up my lawyes have dump me anyway this is wot happenpart of it as to why i left my hubbys and part of my life the only thing i have evendid wrong in life sir is trusting and careing for ppl this is my book please help me sir god blessaddress 15 wirilda crs Frankston north Melbourne Vic 3200 21 July 2007 story of my life ill name it street. Angels house devils I was born in qldsland come from a big family of 13 7 boys 5 girls my dad was a hard man I never really got along with my mum and I was always in trouble but I only did it to make them laugh most times it did. My dad always called me big mouth cant remember much before the age of 5 years old we were always moving we had a lot of bad stuff that happen to us younger girls buy our older brothers but my sister Liz she the one that coped the with his pecker my other brother got me and my little sister one day my mum and dad went to the racers he put me and my little sister behind a walrobe to play with his picker he told us if we told anyone he would come kill us in our sleep I was 5 my little sister was 3 I had bad eardrums when I was born and there was always a bad smell coming from my ears no one would sleep in the same from as me as it was a bad smell and very painful my mum had to clean my pillows a lot over one night. You see I had holes in my eardrums wish made them leak puss a lot but as I got older the skin grow over them but have been good .my dad was a hard man. And he always hit me around my head witch made my ears play up more. He was a root rat always played up on my mum. Never knew it back then but now I do. And he was always in and out of jail .my mum once told me he married another woman wile still married to my mum witch put him in jail for two years. I got this memory of waiting at the gate for him to come home one-day .now that im older I now know why he was coming home from jail. As I got older I ask my mum why she put up with him doing that to her. Her reply was to feed you kids. He was always taking off if my mum family come to stay but if it was his family boy the house had to be so clean you could eat off the floods. For his family but not my mum's I was 11 years old one day I come home from school to hear someone crying in the bathroom the rest of the house was empty so I went in and open the door it was my dad he was raping my older sister he told me get come back in my sister was crying and so was I he said if you tell anyone ill hurt you to. I ran under the house crying and waited for my sister to come out and we both just hugged each other so you see my family was not a good family I was pulled out of school at 14 to be put to work I worked there for 8 years but when I was 16 I rang the navy to see if I could get in there the man on the phone said I could but I need my mum and dad's to sine the papers I ask and my dad said yes I was so happy everyday I would come home and ask if the papers got here yet this went on for weeks until one night I looked under the laugh to look at the TV week and there they were my navy papers I was so mad I want right in and said who open my letter my dad said me and no your not going into the navy no daughter of mine is going to be used as a whit sheet's I knew then I was stuck in a cold fruit drink place to work. And I meet a lot of good ppl there they were better then my family even the big bosses were good to me but I still had to go home one night 1 was 15 got home late from work so I had a shower I was washing my hair and turn around to find my brother standing there looking at me in the shower he was playing with him self I hated going home one day I stayed at a mates place for the weekend my older brother was told to come pick me up when I seen his van pull up I was scared to get it at first but I did as soon as I got in he tried to rape me I jump out of the car and ran he pulled and said he was sorry this time I hope into the back of the van I went home and told me mum but once again I was the slut never the boy's and he had a girlfriend . I member one night my older sister putt some fishing line from her bed to us younger ones beds and she had it put around her noe so if any of them come in our room it would wake her up .my older sister was 23 when she found out she was having a baby. I was in the car that day when my mum come out with her and my dad gave her a good hiding and my mum called her a slut but her boyfriend was a nice man I liked him he was part abbo my dad went in the house and punch the living hell out of him then kicked him out he never even got to see his baby. And when my sister left home he would not let her take her baby I help her get her cloths out you see wot I did was I put two sets of her clothes on under mine and it worked till she got the lot at she try so hard to get her baby but some how her baby was put into my mum and dad's name so she got her when she was 15 that was sad. And another time one of my brothers had a girlfriend stay with us she was nice she had a little girl this one day she went out all of us did and Brian watch her baby girl but when we got home that poor little girl was black and blue he said she fell off the bed I never believed that he did it I know he did he was the one that got me and my little sister play with his pecker you were sometimes to scared to sleep sometime in that house .I started to smoke at the age of 15 I knew if my dad found out I was dead come home from work one day and put my bag in the kitchen my mum must have looked in it she yell at me to get in here so I did and she ask who's smokes are threes I said mine she then said you just wait till your dad gets home but he just hit me across the head and said not to bye them no more I said ok I wont so I just took them out of his packet and you know he never found out it was me taking them. I had real long hair at 16 but I don't know why I did it I went down to the hairdressers and ask them to give me a skinhead boy did I copy a good floggings for that one but I never cared no more but I never got into any trouble or drink or take drugs it was one messed up family any When I was 17 I meet this man at work he ask me out but I had to ask my dad if it was ok but he said no so I waited till I turn 18 then my mum said you better go on the pill so I went down to the doctors to get on the pill when I got home my mum said were you been I then said I went down to get on the pill and boy did I copy a hiding and she called me a dirty slut that hurt me as I was still a virgin. Anyway I broth this man home he was 19 I was 18anyway my mum and dad had a party my brother peter got drunk and put his hand throw a window there was blood running like a tap from his wrist so mark witch was my hubby at this time knock him out to get him to a hospital a free weeks later marks brother ask me to watch his kid little girl Tara I said ok np he came back a couple of hours later then left but at about 9 that night 3 of my brothers came and knocked on my door they said my brother brain was bash up by marks brothers I said no way he was here I watch his little girl and he had to do a job he did a job alright on my brother I went to see brain but was told to leave they blame me for it I rang my mum house one day and my brother tom pick up the phone I said hi he said who is this I said your sister Joanne he then said sorry my sister Joanne died and my mum to that broke my heart and that was the end of my family from then on I was the outcast I ask mark if he knew about it he said no I then said if I ever find out you did it mite take 3.5.10 years the day I fine out you knew of this im leaving you I was having his baby just found out I had a baby boy john then I had Kelly my baby girl .I was working at mr juicy in qld worked there for 2 years but one day I dropped Kelly of and she started to screaming that bad its frighting me so I knocked on the babysitters door and said im not going to work today Kelly was only 2 then john 4.I went home and ask john wot do ya do at the babysitters house john was a boy that kept to him self just play mummy and wot about Kelly he then said the big boy looks after us I then said wot boy mate well its turn out her son was watching my kids most time not her and john said he hurt Kelly mum in wot way john I ask don't know mum but he locked Kelly in the room with him by this time I was feeling sick I rang there dad up and ask him to go see her son he was 16 but mark said ya just cant knock on someone's door and accuse them I said o yes you can but he never so I then left that job to stay with my kid. I waited till they were of school age. Then I got a cleaning job I would start my day off at 4am I would go cleaned this old school I worked for a cleaning company in qld its was an old building but boy in the dark in was scary im telling ya from there I had to go clean out size some shops wash them down then I go to clean centreline toilets but mark helped me there get back to get the kids off to school then go to work at at the milk bar I worked there with my mate she owned the shop I make the kids lunches out st Kevin's in qld.picked my kids up from school to go cleaned this little office up but the kids come with me and help me and at night I would clean the racv in qld but we all did that and the kids loved it. But all the work I was doing it was going on his drink and but one night I was cooking in the kitchen to hear my hubby and his brother talking I herd mark and his brother talking its was about bashing my brother up and they were laughing so I went out and said so you ask grant to bash my brother up so I got the kids and left him plus he was a bad drunk and I was working 4 jobs for his beer I took the kids to Melbourne but my son john was daddy boy and he wanted to go with his dad so I let him go it broke my heart but I let him he was 8 then .but then I meted Stephen Seabrook and that's were it all started from there its was like a nightmare but at first he gave me and Kelly I world until we moved in with him Stephen Seabrook he was in the army I moved to Sydney me and Kelly .it was a dump of a flat but I did my best to make it a home after about two weeks one of my brothers rang me to say hi and one of his mate got on the phone witch I have know for years .I looked at Stephen Seabrook face and he was punching his potato on his plate and his face looked so mad but when I hung up he went into Kelly room and pulled her out of her sleep to make her watch me get a bashing he locked us in this flat for about 4 days before I let out I knew no there and I felt real sick so I went down to the doctors to fine out I was having his baby Samantha but that never stop the bashing from him .two weeks before Sam was born the army rang me and ask me to come down to the vd clinic. I went down to fine out I had nsu don't ask me wot that is the doctor said I just started to get it but your husband was full blowed he also said if I never had it checked your baby would have been born blind. That's when he told me he was playing around with other woman and he said sorry. But I was to scare of him but this time that night the hospital kept me in to keep an eye on the baby and me as the baby was showing sands of stress. But I had to get home I was worried about Kelly anyway Sam was born in 1986 three days after I left the hospital he started getting mad so I went for a walk only to see him pull up in his car I said were are the kids there ok he said hope in we need to talk so I did but he went right past our house I said were you going just for a drive I then said Sam need a feed but he never answer me he drove me to the back of the army base and put this knife to my neck he was crying like a baby saying he was going to kill me that's the day I lose all my nerves this went on for 3 to 4 hours he then made me beg for my life so I did he then said ok but start the car and the same thing all over again it was just a big head game to him after it he was laughing anyway got back home I ran inside to fine Sam crying so bad and Kelly was in her room to scared to come out I was feeding Sam and I herd Kelly crying I ran into the bathroom to see him brushing her teethes so hard I pulled him away from her but he just punch me and keep doing it by poor little girl mouth was full of blood and over the next fee week her little mouth so full of sores she went down to the milk bar for me with the little girls next door she come back home he seen her chewing on something he ask her were you get that from the change she said he pulled her into the bath room and bashed her with a fishing rod I had to send Kelly to her real dad's to keep her safe I knew he would never hit her. Time past I had another baby to him that pill would never work for me but I still loved me baby boy I name him Patrick the day he told me to take the kids for a 3 day brake so I did but I got a phone call on the last day from him saying he never loved me and he wanted out boy that was the best day of my like I went back to fine there was a letter from the army saying I had 3 weeks to get out of the army house I had no family to turn to so I went down to see this man witch got me and the kids this new home in Melbourne .that all me kids with me we were so happy but a knock at the door one night it was him he found me with a private eye and here I was a shaking mess well Kelly and john went back to there dad's don't ask me why I keep letting him back I know to this day why but I do know one thing the police were always to late every time I got a bashing I got raped one police man say to me to kill him and put a knife in his hand but imp not like that I like ppl being happy he was living in the army base I let him have his kids for one day but he never broth them back the army was hiding them in the base for 3 days im going back now my mine is anyway back when he was in the army the prist always come to pray with me one day he walk in and found me with my head on the prist lap praying went he left I got a bashing for that he said I was giving the prist a head job so you see imp so stuffed up so the army prist took me to a doctors and the doctor gave the prist a letter if he hit me anymore this letter was to be giving to some top nob in the army but he was two steps ahead of them he got out now imp going back again the day he had the kids he put them on a plant and send them to his mum in Tassie I went to the family court and the judge said every police officer was to help me get me kids back he gave me the paper work he also said he don't want to see another john Dow here so I walk till 1am in the city to make sure the police could get the papers the next day I got a plan flight to Tassie I got a taxi to the airport the taxi driver was a nice man I got talking to him and when I got to the airport he said to me it was 50 dollars and for me to keep it for my kids I said no but ty anyway I go into Tassie the police meet me there I was told to sit in the car and not to say a word we pulled up at side his mum's house two police man had my kids in there arms he mum was calling me names but I just listen to her as I was told not to say anything got back to the airport in Melbourne and the police took me home I was so scared I rand my dad he said go see a church so you see I was on my own two days went buy I had a girlfriend stay with me for a week but within two days its was about 2am a knock at the door it was him I told him to go away or ill ring the police he was laughing my girlfriend was going to the back door to get us help as he did something to the phone so I could not ring out but as she when to unlock it there was another man at the back door so us two buy this stage was a mess lucky the man next door herd us yelling and he rang the police but once again he was gone .my girlfriend said she was sorry but she not staying here no more I said I unshod ppl don't know how scared I was of this man if he said jump I would weeks went by and I never heard from him till one day a knock at the door it was him he said he was all fixed up and he would never hurt me no more but stupid me believed him he just con me he sais it was the army doing this to him so he was getting out he said we could build a house in Tassie its cheap over there for land I had 12000 from the police running into the back of my car so I pack up hoping at last I could be happy but as soon as the boat got into Tassie he words were payback such a bitch I knew then I was in for it he would wait till I take a shower and come pee on me and day thing like your just a pig or if he did number 2 he would lock me and the kids in with him .you see were we were now was all his family I was never aloud to have my to kids together one day his mum and dad was there for holidays he had a fight with his mum and started to punch into me his mum yell out for his dad to stop him but all his dad said Stephen stop that or I will disown you and that's all it was said but he was still kicking into me .when ever he had a fight with his mum I would cope a bashing I had to thing of my little girl Kelly swell its got that bad I had a op on one of my boobs he waited till I got out of hospital on the way home he punch me right in that boob witch stuffed it up altogether his mum come down one day them to always fight but this night was a bad bashing he busted both my ear drums and pull me by my hair into the bed room were he raped me and put a wine bottler in my privet parts I went to the doctors he was the one to tell me to get out I had no money I put it into the house we were building so I pinch 500 from his bank the next day he took my baby boy with him and I gave him the biggest hug crying my eyes out I dropped my little girl at school still crying me eyes out I knew I would never see my babies grow up I got in the car I left a letter and a tape for my kids begging him to play it to my kids it had the song from dolly parton I will always love you. I put in the letter to please play it for the kids as I cant take no more I knew I was con just to get the kids over there I got in that car and I drove to the police and told him wot I was doing I ask him would he just keep an eye on my kids please but never did I go back into Melbourne went to my mum and dad house my mum said see you stuffed another marriage up so I hope back into the car I seeped in the car for 2 months till I had the money to get a flat I got a house me and Kelly no one could hurt us no more he got wot he wanted you see I lost the fight in me I now shake like a washing machine but I lost my kids my home me and Kelly had yip but we got bye in the 16 years I would ring to see if he would let him talk to the kids one day he said yes I was so happy so was Kelly but he said ring the next day at 4pm I rand right on 4 but he said no he change his mine I rang the police in Tassie to ask them if they could go check on my kids but he said he could not just knock on someone door like that I would ring the school to get someone to talk to the kids or even just a photo of them but all I got was a no no I could not get the money to go see them and I was to scared of him I am to this day 16 years later I lose of my kids growing up I missed it all then one day my nice rang Kelly and said she was talking to someone on msn and this boy knew my son Patrick the next night it was my son on msn typing and ask his mum name that never knew my name that just broke my heart and they never got my tape but he ask for his date of birth I said 26 may 1988 and it was my son the next day my daughter rang me Sam she was crying I was we all were it was the happiest day of my life Sam said mum its ok I remember him pulling you into the bed room .but wot hurt the most he did it to his own kids he pulled Sam out of bed to make her watch Patrick getting bashed Sam and Patrick said mum there was no pic of you in the house no letter dad told them I left them course there no good and I woman in the school I was ringing to ask for a pic of my kids he was dating. It was the best birthday gift I could have got to have all my kids with me im doing this to help other woman please if a man hit you once leave him as it gets harder each time know there will be people out there that will judge me if so then you can but I know god know the hole truth and I will be judged from him if I did wrong but I had to get out you see his was of a fun day out was taking us for a drive and wakening Kelly up as kids fall asleep in cars and say to Kelly im going to kill your mum now then you .or he wait in the dark as I was walking to the house he would trip me over it was funny to him to hurt us but to tell Sam and patio that he took me to the back of the army base to kill me that day I cant believe it its just like a joke to him if its wrong to hate someone and wished them dead then im going to hell I have sleep in schools in peoples bushes in there houses so he could not fine me I would love to have someone to put me to sleep as I have blocked a lot out of my mine .all I ever wanted in life was to be loved money never worried me or posh stuff I just wanted me and my kids to be loved. And I always said he was a street angel and a house devil. But I can truly say the only one in my family that has stuck by my side is my sister Liz she came stay with him when I was bedridden she was the only one that would come and help me if I needed any thing had a knock at the door one day my nice Karen come to tell me that my dad had died I went to see him dead on the lounge but could not cry don't know why but I never I see ppl with mum and dad's that give there kids so much but the kids treat them like dirt if I had a good mum and dad I would love them to death I cry a lot for my sister as I know she had it hard and if I very win lotto or anything she be the one ill look after as she did for me but as for the rest of my family they are no more I cant take no more hurt I thing if and you know im not in any family pitchers and that hurts me to all I ever wanted was to be loved like my sister Liz my sister got a tumour in her brain now and I pray for her every night that god will look after her and get her better her car is a heap of junk so I rang one of my brother to ask him to help me help to get her car fixed I also said to him don't wait till some dies to help help wile there still here but it was a big no so I told him were to go to I hurt my back at work and it ended up in court I have a mir that showed I have a dice bog and 3 dice's have gone but my life was brute up in that court that day saying I was an unfit mum for leaving to kids if they only knew the truth but before the court case I was told to say yes no or cant member So I did and this qc was yelling out me and I was shaking like I always do but he said I was a drug go and a unfit mum and its was the drugs that made me shake I never took any pills before I hurt my back the night before the court case the only brother it was good to me was my little brother and I got a phone call saying he was brain-dead in hospital in Qld so I was in a mess that day and all the lies about me but I was to scared to stick up for my self if a man yell I shake even more im in this wheelchair now im hoping ill get up and walk one day but when I put my hand on a bible I tell the truth I have never liked liars or cheaters but out of 4 court case I won but the only one I needed I lost over a pack of lies and to scared to stick up for myself so and to get a phone call say if I had $40.000 they could help me they knew my Lawyers I could never come up with that money. But the part I don't understand is it was a no win no charge so why did my lawyers after wining four courts cases keep fighting for me I was just dumped and he also said the only reason I lost my case is that I got a Jeff kennit judge so I just let it go but now after nee 4 years have past I feel like sometimes I was put here just to me kicked around I had witch I thorn were mate knew them for 15 years but got 25.000 for pain and suffering from my back had heaps of mates then till the money rand out I don't go out much now only to the shops that's about it only one it comes to see me is my sister Liz and her friend Chris but I set here crying mose days just waiting for my pills to kick in to stop the pain I have meet a lot of nice people in my like and I have always love the old people as they got the best story you can hear. So you see my life is one mess's up one and I will keep going as I know god had something good for me at the end of this mess .my son Patrick coming to live with ya on Tuesday his my baby and his a lot like me in his ways but I hope he like it here got 16 years to make up to him but wot hurts me the most is my x hubby family never told my kids about me but wot gets be by is there are a lot lot of other people you there more messed up then me. Don't know wot I did to my daughter Samantha but I rang her the other night her boyfriend said she had a headache that was 3 days ago may be im not wot she wants in a mum I can understand that if I was a kid I would not want me for a mum nether with wot going on in my head now. All I can give my kids is love cant be like another mum's now as it really hurts with all the pain .u know im thinking back now and I hurt a lot in side why me. I was I one the to be pushed out of my family I know I I say it as it is maybe that's why don't know but after all this all I want now is to be at peace. And for all the woman out there with kids if this is happening to by your boyfriend or hubby is doing this to you get out now and if you still got the fight in you witch I lost take your kids and don't look back and stay strong please don't end up like me if I had three wishers I would love them all for my daughter Kelly im feeling a bit low as my kids keep telling me all the lies his been telling them that hurts me as he told my kids that I was a slut today I told my son who is 19 wot his dad did to me but he words were how can a hubby rape his wife and he laughed when he was told that his ad put a wine botter in my private bits so in my head now im starting to think his like his dad to laugh about that just made me feel sick. Someone ask my son if your dad was here right now bashing into your mum wot would you do his reply was I don't know I mite be wrong but I feel like his just here to see wot im doing as his been his a free weeks now and all his wants to-do it party not to get to know me so again im all mixed up I just feel like running in a cave and just living the rest of my time there just to get some peace as im not getting it here im head cant take much more. But son went shopping with me the other day but I felt like he was pushing me away from him its so hard to make them see wot there dad did to me .the only way I think its best is just to pull up all my court records and show them some of the stuff he did to us. This nice woman rang me today her name was Jan from wayys I send her a copy of my book she helping me with my rent as its so hard to pay 180 aweek from wot I get from my pension But I get by always do I always thank the lord for help me as I never seem to hit rock bottom. I pray to do his don't end up like his dad that man needs to be locked up for taking 21 years of my kids and me. People say put an police order on him they don't work them sort of man don't listen to that once the police leave his back I told me son I know I can go to my grave knowing I have not lied about anything. You know I think back and I cant remember one time I deserved a bashing from him one any think. I keep the house so clean my kids were always clean his diner would be on the table when he was there most of the time he was with other woman .one night I was real sick and we had roast lamb the night before I made roast lamb toasted sandwich's for tea he put my face in the plate and just went right off he pulled and smash ever think in the kitchen and push me on the floor and then said to clean it. I did as sick as a dog I still did it got sick of asking for help there was no help one time the police put me and the kids in a ridded van to take us to a woman rouges I have lived in a lot of them im sick of living them them places I would be happy in a cave along as im happy. Just tied now I have a life polices on my life so if I do die at least me kids get abit of money not much but it will help them abit I hope's was talking to a good mate of mine today and he told me he was talking to my son Patrick and Patrick told him that his dad put a belt around his neck and punch him in the guts but my son said his dad brought him up to me strong but when he told me son that his dad raped me son said how can a hubby rape his wife and he also laugh then my mate told him this and now im worried his just like his dad .it hurt me so much to see my son laugh at that as if it was a joke to him .his not even trying to get close to me and he wont help me with anything. I sometime think is this just another head game as my daughter Samantha said mum please becarefull of Patrick I ask Sam why would you say that she said them two did it to me all the time I just don't know what to do next .I bring my dog in my room to watch over me as I sleep I know he would kill for me I love my dog but all Patrick wants to do is party .the other night he ask me why do I lock the doors as he could not get out I said why would you want to get out at 12midnight .you see were my mine is coming from I was so scared this was when I was asleep my mine was thinking he was trying to let his dad in. my friend ask him one day what would you do if you seen your dad now kicking into your mum he said I don't know his my dad so you see .why im so scared but I will always love my now on this new drug its oxynorm capsules and ox Contin capsules and solone 25 mill as the pain is spreading down my legs now im at the stage now were I just don't care no more and some days I feel like just taking the lot and then ill be at peace from pain I rang up my new case mangers from q.g.b and ask him about my wheelchair as this one is falling apart and his words were to me that we look after the people we need to pay first then we look at your so now you see im just in the two hard basket. So I rang this nice lady up from work cover and I got talking to her and she said she was over righting there stuff as I was to have had this new wheelchair in march but she said its now august so im praying she mite help me as I fine it so hard to do thinks and I feel like give up they send me to all the places to me fitted for this stuff but I never get it and it was all past to get my wheelchair in from C.G.U they were nice to me at cgu years ago my doctors ask for home help im still waiting for that I kicked my son out as I woke up one night and found him on my new lounge with this girl I don't know and I just don't like that stuff in my home so I said to him your just like your dad you think with your pecker and not with your heart and he was talking to me like he dad did and my dog went to bite him as he come out me I was so scared he was going to hit me .he is eating me out of house and home I pay 180 a week for this house and its so cold I cant even a ford to bye a heater .and he just made a mess and if he see me in bad pain he just laughs like his dad did so think he is like his dad like my daughter Samantha said mum be careful of him now I know why she said it so I'm here with me and my dog now but im telling ya its so hard to live and I just don't trust people no more .but I wont give up till the truth come out Myers did this to my back and all the lies I just wont give up I'm sending this out to anyone that can help me get to the judge and the courts so the truth can come out ..But I can't talk to a man by myself no more only a woman as I just don't trust any man no more. The other day it just got to much for me with all the pain and them trying to save some rich person a dollar I just felt like chewing on this tablet as it said if you chew on them it can cause death in my mine now I just don't care no more. I'm not asking people to feel sorry for me I just need help to fight the truth as I'm so dumb I cant even spell right so I fine it hard to right long words to ask for help. I keep asking for help but no one gets back to me so im at a lost now but I feel like something inside me is saying don't give up it will come like god said if you ask it will come so now I'm asking is there anyone out there that can help me .I'm no unfit mum I'm not nut I'm no drugo as that QC put it and I wont let it rest till the people know the truth about myer's. And now im sending it all around the world till someone listens to me. People don't care about people no more only money. Well in my eyes we were all put here to help each other but some how money has made people forget wot god put his son to death for just think about it money is taking to many life's and im one of them they took my life so please do ya best to help me fight this and to let Aust know please im begging you please do your best Joanne
By Lauren, Saturday, February 21, 2009 07:57:22 AM
Archangel Michael: Please protect me from all the evil things at work. Please help me keep my job in this time of crisis. There is an evil woman trying to get me fired and she pretends she is my friend. Please let it go back on her. Also Michael please help my sister Liz she is married and has a totally changed personality and has become money hungry it is to the point where I do not want to be around her. All she does is put me down with all her accomplishments thrown in my face to make me feel bad. I pray to you to bring my sister back to herself and heal her and protect her from any harm that is being sent to her or abuse by her husband. Please help my family to be protected from harm in this hard time. Please help me from being harmed by other people that are jealous and unkind. Please help my brother who is married to an Alcoholic that is abusing her and her children by her addiction. Help her see that she has a horrible addiction and it is hurting her family. Thank you Michael for your protection and help. Thank you Archangel Michael for helping me and my family
By ELIZABETH, Friday, February 20, 2009 03:33:40 PM
By Graziella, Friday, February 20, 2009 11:50:06 AM
Archangel Michael, I feel overwhelmed with my son's health, personality and attitude problems. I also feel emotionally alone and confused, should I just accept and don't keep trying? I realize I am not the only one, but If you could help me just a little, I can do the rest with the strength you provide me. Thank you for allowing me to seek you favor
By michael, Thursday, February 19, 2009 07:58:52 PM
Dear Archangel Michael, I am confused hurt and broken for what I thing and feel is going on in my home... my wife and my kid's specially Eric. I don't know what to do or which way to turn. I have hurt and pain in my heart, I have evil in my heart.. I don't know exactly what to do or to pray for, so I want to pray to you to help, give me vision, strength, and wisdom.. give me answer's and more so i pray for peace and happiness.. I have no idea, why this is going on nor do I know why my wife is were she is in doing this... dear lord Jesus in the name of your ArchAngel Michael... I ask you to help me in this matter bring it to pass and for there to be happier day's with my wife and I. for us to work through this together and to remain together... I pray to you ArchAngel Michael that the child My wife is carrying belong to ME.. And the she is a very beautiful and healthy girl.. Thank you Archangel Michael and I love you
By Martha, Thursday, February 19, 2009 07:58:02 AM
Archangel Micheal I ask for your help in protecting me and my home,automobiles.Also give me peace since I lost my husband suddenly on Dec2nd 2008 and I am so void and broken hearted.I love my husband so much and I am alone for 3 of his kids have abandoned me and the one that is for me is in the carcerated because of drugs years ago.Someone has been messing with my car and the trailer my husband built and I want to catch them. I pray for your help for me to find peace within myself again because I am so unhappy.Thank you Martha
By Patty, Thursday, February 19, 2009 07:57:20 AM
Archangel Michael please surround my three children with protecion and guidance,and please help with my marriage to protect and make it stronger. Thank you Love you
By Lee, Tuesday, February 17, 2009 10:11:46 PM
Dearest Michael The Archangel, I ask you to please surround us with your protection and guidance for my two teenage sons and myself. Just last year my oldest son was diagnosed with depression and our family has been going through very difficult times mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. We sincerely need your intervention. Please embrace and heal us with your grace. I love you Michael, please help us. Amen.
By Shirley, Tuesday, February 17, 2009 04:15:33 PM
By dalia, Monday, February 16, 2009 09:45:01 AM
dear sylvia. i read the page about the angels and i must say that i enjoyed it. and i pry for god to sent me an angel toprotecy me from the evill people from my family that waant to destroy and to harm my life !!! i ask with mercy that at least some angels will protecy me !! AND BRING ME A LITTLE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE. from n.b

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