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Archangel Michael – The Special Protector Angel
The Archangel Michael angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! If you are in need of protection, then it is the Archangel Michael that you need pray to.

He can give you the courage to go when you feel that you can’t which is an issue for many in these hard economic times.

Part of feeling safe in life is knowing that we only make decisions that are truly in our own best interests. Michael is the angel to turn to when you feel pushed around by others, emotionally terrorized, or somehow invaded by another person’s presence. Michael can help you regain control of your life and how you feel about these people.

Michael can also help you banish your inner critic and free yourself from fear of the future. This angel strengthens your faith in your self, especially when it comes to helping you handle whatever obstacle fate throws your way. He also rules repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification.

Externally, Archangel Michael is thought to protect individuals from all physical and spiritual aggression, including accidents, diseases, crime, and astral attacks. He is the angel to pray to if you feel you are being treated unfairly at work, have made a huge mistake and need to have it fixed or feel that you are the victim of another person’s addiction, mental illness, or injustice.

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic writings, the Archangel Michael ranks as one the greatest of all angels. In Christian imagery, he is often depicted as winged, with an unsheathed sword. This is the sword of righteousness that slays dragons both inner and outer dragons and demons.

Archangel Michael is often associated with a steely blue or laser blue light. In cases of emergency, just imagining surrounding yourself in a bubble of this blue light is thought to offer protection. Michael is also explosive in his actions and is thought to be related to thunder and especially lightening. When you get news that seems like “a bolt from the blue,” often Michael is behind it.

Michael also likes mirrors. He is also the angel who reflects your own actions back to you. His miracles tend to occur swiftly and suddenly. He is also known for his sense of humor and is related to the phrase “humor destroys all karma.”

The next time you do something wrong and it comes right back to you, the Archangel Michael is probably behind it.

Michael is also thought to like heights. People are thought to be most connected to him when they are standing at the peak of a mountain, the top of a skyscraper, or in an airplane.

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By Genevieve, Wednesday, February 11, 2009 01:54:19 PM
When I read the article about Archangel Michael I just cry. There is no joy in my life since my husband died last year. I just feel empty, sad, lonely all the time. Help me to get through the day St. Michael. Jean S.
By Alicia, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:56:36 PM
Archangel Michael help me with my mother she has dementia first stages. I need your strenght and help to deal with her she won't drink water anymore I have to remind her every 30 minsl Please help me. thank you
By margaret, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 09:37:08 PM
Nicole,I'm sorry you're having such a hard time at work. By all means,call on Michael for help. Also ask to be surrounded by the white light and imagin mirrors surrounding you facing outward when this mean boss is around. Also feel free to ask Mother God for help. She can help.,she likes to be asked. Good luck.
By Nicole, Tuesday, February 10, 2009 07:09:19 PM
I enjoyed this article about calling upon archangel Michael, I especailly need his help at work, for they are treating me unfarily, and there is a certain supervisor that always gives us a bad time like never letting us go on our breaks on time, please help me Michael deal with this mean supervisor? I need your extra proection against her; to maybe find favor with her or with my boss, because I'm not happy there at work anymore, please Michael send some help rigt away!

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