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Ask the Angels: Your Questions Answered (July 22)
Ask The Angels angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have a question for your angel? SpiritNow is your place to get your answer. Click here to ask the angels a question. Check back in the Angels section on SpiritNow for answers each week. Here are the latest answers for July 22, 2008.

When I pray at night for God to send "extra" angels to watch over us, especially my kids, do more really come, or just the ones assigned to us throughout our lives?

By asking for more angels -- God truly does send more angels! He always sends more angels when you ask for them to watch over your children, or for any other reason.

I want to know if my angel is around or if I have one and how can I find out?

Everyone has at least one angel and most people have at least three to six angels. You can connect with your angel by sitting quietly and asking your angel to connect with you.

When I asked my angel's name, I noticed that several of the statues of angels in the house all had the same name. Is it my angels name sometimes when I call for her? I here these wind chimes in my house where there is no wind is this her? Should I call her by name?

Perhaps you were first attracted to these statues because they do have your angel's name! Of course, call your angel by name, as you now know it.

Is our dog (Cooper) going to find a good home? He is a Rottweiler mix but he is very gentle, kind and loving. He was abused and we took him in, but could not keep him. Can (will) our angels please find him a good home?

The angels would be happy to help your dog -- or any other animal -- find a loving home. Simply ask that Cooper's angels help him find the best home for him and that they surround him with love and protection during this time.

Do I have an angel and will the angel help me with my relationship and money issues?

Yes, you have a guardian angel and several other angels with you at all times. The angels would be happy to help you with your relationship and money issues -- ask them for help!

Tell me please where are my angels when bad things are happening to me? Why would they not intervene even when I ask?

Sometimes we all feel frustrated when "bad things" happen or things just don't go our way. But the angels are always with us. There is a song by Garth Brooks called Answered Prayer about when it feels like God and the angels aren't listening to us, but in reality -- they do have our best interests at heart.

Are the angels helping me to bring romance into my life?

Yes, the angels can help to bring romance into your life. Ask the angels for guidance about your love relationships as they progress. They will guide you along the way.

Can my angels help bring my soulmate to me, and is it the person I want to be with because I feel he is my soul mate?

The angels can help to connect you with your soulmate, simply ask for their help. They will help you find your true love.

Do you know if I will find real love soon? I've been asking my angel to send me a love one for a long time, and to help me find some financial freedom, to be able to save. I donít hear anything or donít see any signs?

Sometimes the angels send signs, but we simply don't notice them. Ask the angels to give you clearer signs to help you. Do your part and take a little time being more aware of your surroundings to notice angel messages.

I would like to ask my angel what is my career path. What can I do to achieve it?

The angels can help you find your career path and connect you with the skills, jobs and people you need to meet. Ask them for their help with your career and listen for signs.

My husband is going thru a bad time in his life. It is like a dark force has overtaken him. Can I ask the angels to help him?

Angels are always with us. Ask the angels to surround him with their love and protection. Consider asking for additional angels to surround him with love and protection during this time.

What is the difference between a guardian angel and a spirit guide?

Experts will have different answers. It is my understanding that an angel has never been a human being and that many people believe that a spirit guide at one point had an incarnation here on earth.

Are my Angels helping to guide my future? And are my Angels helping me to write my book?

The angels are always hard at work for us, and they are certainly helping you with your future. Angels help us with many projects, so it doesn't surprise me that they would help to write a book!

I know my angels are with me trying to communicate....I feel sensations often. How do I figure out what they are trying to get through to me? I'm a very fast-paced personality and I have a very hard time slowing my mind down. How can I fully understand them and not try to control the direction? I want more than anything to communicate with them for the highest good and to go forward for my life purpose.

Feeling your angels' presence is a first step, be gentle with yourself and take communication one step at a time. You might find meditation relaxing and you can ask your angels to join you in meditation to connect with them. Let communication develop naturally. It will come!

I would like to know if I do indeed have an angel and how I know the right question to ask?

You have angels, everyone has angels! The right question to ask is the one that is in your heart. Sometimes it is a big question and other times it is a much smaller question. Your angels are happy to hear from you all the time.

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By kimberly, Saturday, September 20, 2008 10:25:52 PM
everyone wants to go home.
By kimberly, Saturday, September 20, 2008 10:25:22 PM
By kimberly, Saturday, September 20, 2008 10:24:08 PM
Victoria- I love you. I know you want to go home. The time is just not right.
By mary, Monday, August 25, 2008 03:29:01 PM
what are my angels names or name? thanks mary jo
By Elizabeth, Saturday, July 26, 2008 09:29:40 PM
Hi could you please tell me who is my Spirit Guide and who are my Guardian Angels are Thanks Elizabeth
By MaryAnne, Friday, July 25, 2008 06:48:45 AM
My husband's and my life the last 12 years has become increasingly hard - financially as well as my health has deteriorated greatly. We pray daily for help, and have faith and hope, but nothing seems to happen to improve things. Are our angels able to help us - and also our two grown children. I pray to them often during the day for help and protection - will things improve for us? Thank you so very much for giving all the love you do to us! MaryAnne
By lily, Friday, July 25, 2008 06:22:32 AM
By Gloria, Friday, July 25, 2008 03:52:39 AM
Will the angels find Stacey Peterson & bring closure to her family?
By nancy, Thursday, July 24, 2008 07:21:54 PM
My Dear Sylvia, I know the Groups of angels tht you brake down in your book on Angels. I love to use your meditations of sending healings to people like my mother, and Mother God really doesn't hold punches, she sends Thrones and a multitude of whatever she chooses. Such power you feel turing over some thing that you want done, "Now". I love to lay at night and praise our Angel helpers that are here just for that purpose, that is their special built-in mission. I read and re-read your books and learn new things each time. My mind doesn't hold stuff as easily as other people, I have to digest it, read again and again and it goes into my mind. My books are so marked up each page, as I come accross helpful words, pen in hand I go to work, as I re-read I am amazed at some parts that I did not mark, they jump out at me. Any one that wants ? answered-READ SYLVIA BROWNE'S BOOKS, she did this so we have her answers at our finger tips, it doesn't replace hearing and seeing her, but in her books she visits with you personally one-on-one as her words are read. "BUY HER BOOKS!!!!!" I know people write ?'s that I know the answers are in her books. Thank God that her Son Chris helps do readings, she is 7 yrs. booked in advance. IN DEMAND. Just love her and do not get so up set about not getting the ? answered, John Edward says, "The ones that are to get it will get it (the read) so you are to be patient." Peace and LOL to you. Nancy (New Oxford,Pa)
By Sheree, Thursday, July 24, 2008 03:05:01 PM
I guess i'm kind of confused!! I've got spirits around me (4-6). I can tell them all apart You know what I just answered my own question I wanted to know if there is/could be a angel in one of them Each day --I get more and more smarter**** Thank you for being here with love Sheree

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