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Ask the Angels: Your Questions Answered (October 1)
Ask The Angels - Your Questions Answered angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have a question for your angel? SpiritNow is your place to get your answer. Click here to ask the angels a question. Check back in the Angels section on SpiritNow for answers each week. Here are the latest answers for October 1, 2008.

Are we going to get out of this money problem?

Invite the angels to surround you and your family with love and support during this time. Ask the angels for their guidance as to what is the best thing for you to do right now to turn this situation around. They will guide you to financial success and healing.

Dear Angel, what can I do to get myself back to being a more healthy person, able to walk, cook, clean, have fun and be the wife my wonderful husband deserves?

The angels will always help you to improve your health, to have fun and to have a harmonious relationship with your husband. Ask that the angels come to you – and as you sit quietly ask them what you should do today to improve your life and relationship.

I would like to know if I should continue in my current love interest or if I should let it go. Am I hoping for something that will never materialize into what I want in order to feel fulfilled?

Angels make great matchmakers! The angels can help you decide if this is the best relationship for you, or if you are truly meant for someone else. Call your angels to you and ask for their guidance with this love relationship and they will help you find true love.

I want to be guided in furthering my decision in becoming a model and actress. I really need some guidance. Thanks. I really do believe.

Your angels always want you to be successful and happy. Sit quietly and ask that your angels surround you. Listen to their guidance and they will inspire you to take wise steps for your modeling and acting career.

Can you help me with the sale of my art and become recognized internationally and in the U.S.?

The angels can help you with your art and bring it to the countries it is meant to be enjoyed the most! Ask your angels for inspiration on how you should sell and market your artwork for both local and international sales.

Will I be happy and find that special person in my life? I would like to know if I will do good in school after 30 years of going back to school?

The angels always want us to be happy – at whatever we decide to do. If you desire love or going back to school, ask your angels to surround you with love and support as you work towards these goals. They will guide you along the way.

I had an awesome dream about 2 yrs ago. I was the only adult surrounded by children, but all the children were angels. We where all running around and laughing. And it was a very peaceful dream. What was the meaning behind it?

What a beautiful dream! Perhaps you were dreaming about angels in some way, to describe it as a very peaceful dream. Or it could be a dream about the “angelic” children in your life!

I hate my job but have no ideal what I want to do with my life. Can you tell me what job would be good for me?

Your angels are happy to guide you whenever you feel you need a little extra direction. Ask your angels to help you at your current job, to make you happier for the moment. Additionally ask them to help you find what inspires you – to help you find your chosen career.

I truly want to know my Angel or Angels name(s) I want my Angel(s) to assist me in buying a house for me and my family and for others in need.

It is very easy to discover your angel’s name, just ask them! Your angel is happy to help give you love, support and guidance as you buy a home for your family.

I really want to give my life purpose, to love what I do... I have so much passion, sometimes I don't know where to put it.

Invite the angels into your life and ask that they help direct the passion that you have towards your life purpose. Your angels will help you find your way.

What can I do now to get myself back on track? Thank you.

Your angels are always with you, happy to guide and inspire you. Listen to their guidance and inspiration to get back on track and they will help you every moment. 

How can I salvage my long term relationship at home with my other half? I have been praying for guidance from them and God.

Surround the two of you with angels and ask for love and support for this relationship. Spend time with your angels each day, asking them what you should do or understand about this relationship to salvage it.

Will my angel help me to make it on my own and will my angel help me to find a true soul mate?

Your angels help you everyday and they will help you make it on your own and to find your true soul mate. Tell your angels your desires and they will help guide you along the way.

Do I know my angel?

When some people ask this, they are wondering if their angel is a deceased loved one or someone that is alive in their lives acting as an angel would. Angels have never been human beings. But you always “know” your angel, as their energy is very familiar to you – they have been with you since you first began.

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By ginger, Monday, October 20, 2008 09:32:55 AM
20 years ago, my husband and I adopted a daughter. At 15 she got pregnant and married without our signature, then divorced 2 years later. She then moved back home with us for 2 years. She has since moved out with her new fiancee and his parents. She treats her mother (me) with much disrespect and ingratitude. She wants things that happen to be someone elses fault, never her own doing. She is prideful and must always have the last word. She tells us that we have never done anything for her like the present family has that she now lives with. Do I, as her mother just back away and leave her alone and not be concerned with seeing my grandchildren. These little children are all close to my heart, and she knows this well, and uses it to hurt and get her way. What would my angels have to tell me about this matter?
By kathy, Sunday, October 19, 2008 07:26:27 AM
this is tho the woman who is under going a custody battle. i have never had to go threw that my self but i do have some experience with lawyers, plus if you just need a friend or some shoulder to cry on i would be more than happy to lend an ear maybe we could find a way to talk to one another kathy p.s. i am not sure just how safe it is to give you my email address or phone # on this page?
By elizabeth, Sunday, October 19, 2008 02:02:23 AM
These are the same questions from last month.I asked the angels if they could help guide me through this tough custody battle i'm going through. I'ts so hard because i'm doing this with my ex-mother in law and she is so mean.I just need some strengh because sometimes i just lay in bed and cry and other times i pray all night long i even pray for her to be able to understand that i'm there mother and she cant take my kids away from me.I dont know what to do.ALL i know is i think this lady is a dark entity as sylvia brown might say.PLEASE HELP
By Lisa Tully, Saturday, October 18, 2008 11:26:37 AM
To Linda Montana, sometimes we find the answer in unanswered prayers, it doesn't matter if this Angel site never answers your prayers, You are not evil! I am sure their are so many questions that people ask on this site and don't get answered for a while. God and the Angels always listen to your prayers, they are not always clear cut answers that we want. They give us messages in other ways that we don't always pay attention to. I may be the message to your prayer sense I am responding to your question, They work through all ways of communicating with us, through people, through street signs, dreams, through music, body sensations like getting the chills when something rings true to you. Pay attention and you will see your guides and Angels are giving you messages all the time! You are not evil, there is truly no evil, that is an illusion. Just allot of sleeping souls who forgot who they really are but they will wake up someday when it is there time. You are A Beautiful and Divine soul and perfect in every way and you are loved, never forget that! God does not make mistakes and there are no coincidences, positive or negative for you are on the earth school now and someday you will go home. The truth lies within my sweet friend and only love is real and that's who you really are. Talk to your Angels often and pay attention and you will find that they are answering you and have never left your side! Many Bright Blessings to you Linda! Love and Light Lisa (wildhipichld)
By linda, Saturday, October 18, 2008 07:38:09 AM
how come my questions are never answered? Does that mean i have evil in me? Linda montana
By Diane, Friday, October 17, 2008 09:57:11 PM
Yesterday I was reading about angels and then read the posts that are listed here. My prayers are for all the people who feel pain and anguish for their personal troubles. When I ask my angels for help, it also helps to have a best friend or family mamber to pray with you, and while your praying get on your knees and recite " Satian I rebuke you!" In the Name of Jeasus Crist Our Lord. Praise him over and over again. Praise Good, Praise Jesus! And ask for your angles to surround you with the divine power and love of our Lord. And no matter what your situation is, No matter what, Pay it Forward to someone in Crises. You will find your angel in an unusual place right here in the physical world. It may be your neighbor and may be the grocer or the elderly ladly down the street. Angels work through the flesh ' the flesh that we can touch and see, And you must be open and ready to accept this and you will actually see the little things change and then the things that seem to Great. May God Bless YOU all.
By Jan, Friday, October 17, 2008 07:32:53 PM
is the angels with me at all when i need something I ask them to help me but nothing ever happens. M'I that bad JanG
By Bonnie, Friday, October 17, 2008 02:57:44 PM
I, 12 years ago was in an extreme abusive relationship and "just knew" that I had to get away from him before I ended up a statistic. My life was in a shambles, my sons were staying with my parents where they were safe(where I placed them) and I honestly thought that I was going to die at the hands of this terrible husband but, things changed- I did get away and feel that an Angel brought my new husband & I together. Life is good now- I have my self-worth and confidence back with the help of my new husband. My life has been turned around for the good and now I am even being the artist that I have always wanted to be! We, in our wedding vows even put in our verse that an Angel from Heaven had brought us together. I also believe that we are soul mates. I ask the angels to please guide the so many women, men & innocent children who are in need to escape violence and abuse in their everyday life. GOD BLESS! Bonnie from Ontario
By linda, Friday, October 17, 2008 02:48:09 PM
By Tara, Thursday, October 16, 2008 07:31:55 PM
please help find Caylee Anthony a little 3 year old angel from Forida. She has benn missing since June. Can an angel tell us where he body is so the rest of her family can be in peace? I am not related or involed just someone who cares about the well being of all children. They are innocent and need people to watch out for them even hundreds of miles away.

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