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Ask the Angels: Your Questions Answered (July 11)
Ask The Angels - Questions Answered! angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have a question for your angel? SpiritNow is your place to get your answer. Click here to ask the angels a question. Check back in the Angels section on SpiritNow for answers each week. Here are the latest answers for July 11, 2008.

What is my angels name and am I saying the right things when I speak to my angel?

Anyone can discover their angel's name by sitting quietly and then by simply asking,  "Angel, what is your name?" Your angel will respond to you and all you have to do is  listen. Just say whatever is in your heart to your angel -- they are always there to  listen!

Can I see my angels or the angels around me or my family, at anytime I want? What do I have to do to see them?

Some people expect to see some grand or magical thing when they think of their  angels. Angels can be subtle and it can be more like a sensation. Your angels are  always around your family and loved ones.

Is my guardian angel my father or maternal great grandmother?

Your father and maternal great grandmother are most likely looking over you with  great love as they are now in spirit. But they are not angels, as angels are and were never human beings.

How can I hear my angels and connect with them?

Try just listening quietly and wait for your angels to communicate with you.  Sometimes your angels whisper to you and other times they send you signs or other symbols.

How many angels do I have with me?

Many people have more than one angel with them at once, so if you feel more than one  angel with you -- this is certainly not a surprise! Some believe that we often have  about three to six angels with us at all times.


You will know your angel by the sensations that you feel, just as you know the  sensations when someone you know walks in the room that is familiar to you. Feelings of peace, love and overall warmth are signs that your angel is near.

I was wondering if my 2 brothers are my guardian angels? I miss them so  much. Sometime I can almost feel my youngest brother around me.

Your two brothers are certainly looking over you with great love as they are in  spirit. People do not become angels, as angels were never human beings.

My puppy just died in my arms and I am wondering if he had angels to help him pass  over to the other side and if he will remember me.

Pets certainly have angels, just as people do! Your puppy definitely had angels with  him and he will always love you.

Am I truly receiving help from angels? Most of the time I feel alone.

Most people feel alone sometimes. The angels are always available to help us, try  asking your angels for help -- even just with the little things. The angels are  happy to help with your lonely feelings, just ask them for their help.

How do I get my angels to come around when I need them?

All you have to do is ask the angels to come and be near you - and they will be  right by your side in an instant. Your angels are always there whenever you need them.

Can some one that I knew briefly, but has recently passed, be my angel? I feel their presence. Is she trying to guide me?

You may feel this person's loving presence as she looks over you in spirit. People do not become angels, as angels are not human being.

How do I/can I communicate with the angels?

You can communicate with angels just the way you would communicate with anyone else! Try talking or simply speaking inside of your mind. Your angels will send you messages.

Are angels around you all the time of the day and night and watching over you?

Yes, your angels are always with you -- day and night. They are by your side constantly.

How do I get my angels to reveal themselves to me?

When some people think of their angels revealing themselves, they think of something  out of a Hollywood movie. Think of this as more gentle, more subtle. Your angels are there -- try sitting quietly and ask your angels to be with you.

Hi-I would like to know how to become more "receptive" to the surroundings of my angel(s) and can I know who they are? Thank You!

You can become more receptive to your angels simply by learning to listen. Sitting quietly for a few moments and asking your angels to be with you is an excellent first step. Your angels will introduce themselves -- ask them who they are!

How can I tell if my angel has heard my question?

Your angels always hear your questions. They are always listening to you. Remember
that angels are not like short order cooks that instantly deliver that order of
barbecued ribs exactly when we want it -- sometimes they bring you exactly what you
need that you never thought to ask for.

What can I do to see my angels and communicate with them?

Some people think of "seeing" their angels visually -- and often people actually do  not see their angels, they just sense their angelic presence. To communicate with  your angels, simply speak to your angels, "Hello angels, I would like to share with   you...." and then tell them what you wish.

What signs do you send to show that you are around me?

Angels often send us signs to let us know that they are around. What signs do you  think your angel has sent you? Sometimes we see something that catches our attention  -- and we second-guess ourselves. Trust your first instincts, if you think it is  from your angels, it is!

How do I know when the angels are sending me a message?

Your angels will send you messages all the time. But they will learn to communicate  with you in the way that gets your attention best. For some people this is words and  other people this is signs or images.

I want to know my angels. Is it possible to see you and talk to you? Please give me clarity to see you and know you.

Your angels would love to get to know you -- you can do this anytime you please. The best way to do this is to start by sitting quietly and just ask your angel, "What is  your name?" to begin your conversation.

How do I get angels to reveal?

Your angels will reveal themselves in the way they think would make you the most comfortable. For some people this is sending you signs, others this is an auditory message and others this is some type of image.

Can you help me in a relationship?

The angels can help you with any relationship in your life! Simply ask the angels for guidance with this relationship and listen for what you should do -- they will help you gladly!

I am wondering if my dad is an angel? And is he watching over our family and my  mother. My mother thinks of my dad all the time and wants to know if he appears to her. Cause things happen to her that what my dad used to do to her.

Your dad certainly watches over you, your mom and family with great love in spirit.  People do not become angels, as angels were never human beings.  

I've never felt any angels around me. How do I know if they are really there?

This is common, as many people just don't "feel" the angels around them. But your angels are there for you. Start by just trusting that they are there and start talking with them.

How do I know when my angels are speaking to me?

Angels will communicate in the way that gets your attention the best. For some people this is sending you auditory messages, others this may be giving a sign to interpret and for others this may be sending an image.

Where are my angels?

Your angels are always with you. Our angels are always with us and they surround us with their love and protection day and night. Ask your angels to come closer so you can feel their love.

Can my angels also surround my family members and protect them if I ask them to do it?

Yes! Your angels can surround your family members with love and protection anytime you ask them. You can also ask for additional angels to be sent to your family membersí aid -- you don't have to send your own angels to their aid.

I talk to my angels and ask for their help with some problems...have not got a  message or sign. Am I worthy of asking my angelÖMaybe I am not a good person. Help Me.

Please know that many people feel like they haven't gotten a message or a sign.  Sometimes the message or sign is us running into the right person or making the right connection -- and we just don't connect this to the angels, we chalk it up to  being "lucky." You are a good person and your angels surround you with love and protection always. Just ask them for their love and protection and they will be there.

I'm deaf, how would I know if angel is around or with me?

Angels will communicate with you in the way that you are most comfortable. So your angel will send you messages that you can see or perhaps understand in another way.  When your angel is near you often feel a strong sense of love and calm wash over you. Ask your angels to come closer to you, and you'll feel this sensation.

How do I get my angels to reveal themselves to me?

The angels do not "reveal" themselves often in dramatic ways -- even though we often see that in movies or television. Simply ask your angels to send you a sign to show you that they are there for you -- and they will!

Do I have an angel? How can I tell?

Everyone has at least one angel and most people have several. You can tell by sitting quietly and asking your angels to surround you and let you feel their love and protection.

Is my father one of my angels thatís around me?

Your father surrounds you with love in spirit but he is not an angel. Angels have never been human before and human beings do not become angels.

Can my angels help my husband?

The angels can help your husband, they can help anyone! Simply ask the angels for help and they will come to your husband's aid.

Will my angel be there for me when I die? Because I am so scared right now.

Your angels will be there for you when you die. They will surround you with love and  great comfort and show you the way home. God is with you now.

How do I get my angels to reveal themselves to me?

Your angels are always with you. Sometimes it is more learning to trust that they  are there and learning to interpret their way of communicating with us. This can often be very gentle and subtle.

If an angel or angels are with me, why do I feel so alone and sad most of the time?  I think the sadness comes from being alone so much but I'm not sure.

The angels are always with you and they can help you with these sad and alone feelings. Ask your angels to come closer so you can feel them and for their advice as to what you should do to feel less sad and to combat the loneliness.

Is it ethical to ask angels to help with Earthly problems like debt relief, financial freedom?

What an interesting question! Well the word "angel" means "messenger of God." Angels are here to help us and they are God's messengers, giving us messages of love and comfort. It would make practical sense that they help us with Earthly problems, as these are the challenges that we face.

Do I have more than one angel with me at all times?

Often we do. Most people seem to have three to six angels with them at any given time. So if you feel more than one angel with you, you are certainly correct!

How can I tell the difference between what Angels are telling me and my own thoughts?

Often when the angels speak to you -- it comes very quickly, it feels quicker than your own thoughts. All angel messages bring comfort and are full of love and they always bring peace to your heart.

What happens when you are living in the country and white doves are not always around and you are at a birthday party and a pure white dove falls out of the sky and hits me in the head and lands on the birthday cake? Did and angels drop it? Or was it something else?

What a unique story! Perhaps the dove was a sign from the angels as some sort of special birthday message. Doves have been known as a sign of peace and harmony -- what could peace and harmony have to do with this particular birthday?

Do I have an angel that can help turn things around in life?

Yes, you have an angel that is helping you -- just as everyone has angels that help them with their lives. All you have to do is ask your angel for help and listen for
their guidance.

Am I really hearing you? Sometimes I think Iím just imaging it! Am I suppose to write my book?

Angel messages are full of love and joy -- they will fill your heart with peace.  Trust the love-filled messages that you hear are from the angels. If writing a book  makes you happy then ask your angels for help with this project.

How do I know when you are trying to reach me?

Sometimes we question if the angels are trying to talk with us. Tell the angels that you would like messages that are easier to understand. They want to communicate with you and will work with you. It is important for you also to learn to sit quietly to receive messages.

How can I hear what my angels are telling me? I try to open myself to them and ask them to let me know what it is they are trying to tell me but I need to know if I can somehow hear better than what I am (which isn't much). I want to ask them questions and want to know if they will give me the answers.

To hear your angels more effectively, try sitting quietly and simply ask, "Angels,  what would you like to tell me?" Listen for the answers as the angels will communicate with you.

Loved ones that have passed can be our angels right?

Our loved ones in spirit certainly do watch over us with great love and often do
guide and communicate with us. But they do not become angels, angels have never been
human before.

How do I know my angels hear me?

Your angels are always with you at all times -- day and night. They hear you every
time you speak to them. Trust that your messages are always received.

Does my dog have a guardian angel?

Yes! People and pets have guardian angels. All beings have angels that guide and
protect them with love and light.

How can I see you?

Sometimes the way to see angels is to look for the little things in your life. When
you run into the right people or make the right connections -- this often comes from
the angels. Angels are often subtle and gentle, not dramatic and bold. 

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By mary, Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:27:15 AM
when my sasha was 2 years old (poodle) i took a picture of her and when the pictures came back there where these huge orbes they where so big they where beautiful blue and beautiful white. they where the size of my hand. the orbes where coming from me like a tunnel hitting the my kitchen floor when the blue orbe it my floor it changed into something can't tell what it is. i was suppose to come on the montel show in 2002 for you to see the picture. my husband wouldn't let come to new york by myself. was that angles? i would love for you to see this picute.mary jo
By norma, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 10:06:51 PM
Can Angels really help me forget about my past?
By Showana, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 02:50:59 PM
Sylvia, god bless you. I have a child that can see and hear the dead,(family and Friends) it is truly a blessing. She can hear and see her spirit guide, she calls him Tom, she can hear his boots(cowboy)when he wants to get her attention. She told me he can be annoying because he is always following her. I told her to let him know and he would back off and he did. She use to be afraid but the more she understands the other side ,the easier it seems for her. I always tell her, anything that you see or hear that you can't handle, I told her to ask god for guidance and understanding, tell him what you can and can not handle, I see dark figures at times when I'm not feeling my best.It's reassuring to me that everything is going to be all right. I think this is wonderful what you do, explaining or helping others understand the things we can and can not see. Showana C, Ga.
By Yolanda, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 01:50:42 PM
I have been thinking about getting a loan to attend massage school but don't know if it is a wise choice or not. Angels should I get this loan? Love, Yolanda
By Carla, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 10:51:36 AM
One day, in my car, I found a medal which says, your guardian angel is with you. Did my angel do this?? Don't know how the medal got into the floor in the car.I now carry with me in my bag every day. Also years, ago I found a medal of the Blessed Mother under my foot upside down. Which I have pinned in my bag. Can you explain this?? Carla
By Jodie, Monday, July 14, 2008 06:27:18 PM
Are there times that the angels around me are angry with me? Dissappointed in me? Does it anger them if they send me a sign and I dont see it?
By melanie, Monday, July 14, 2008 06:09:31 PM
Hi, Can you tell me if i will have a romantic relationship again and how will I know it is the right one? My angel guide said would have one soon and didnt know if i was imagining it or not, but sure seemed real... thank you!
By evelyn, Monday, July 14, 2008 04:07:42 PM
I do ask my angel to help me find me a job in phlebotomie. My passion is to work again in healtcare with and for the people in patient-care. I went to school to do my certificate in phlebotomie but I just don't know of how to sell myself over the internet and no face to face interview. I was on of the 6 people who graduated out of 18. I know I am good and need a chance. Please my angel if you can help me. Thank you so so much
By Susan, Monday, July 14, 2008 02:20:53 PM
I just joined and am looking very forward to your session on July 17th!!! I have read (3) of your books, while traveling the last few weeks. I am in a quandry as to what career path to take after my kids return to school in August. Any clues? Love You, Susan,
By Athena, Monday, July 14, 2008 07:21:42 AM
Sylvia God bless you as I was in deep griff and suddenly discoverying you by chance in a library near my neighbourhood somewhere in Athens/Greece and yes you are right because Angels sent us mssges !!!much love Athena

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