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Ask the Angels: Your Questions Answered (July 16)
Ask The Angels - Questions Answered angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have a question for your angel? SpiritNow is your place to get your answer. Click here to ask the angels a question. Check back in the Angels section on SpiritNow for answers each week. Here are the latest answers for July 16, 2008.

Why can I not hear my angel messages? I talk to them all of the time. Am I not pure of heart enough?

Very often angel messages are subtle and gentle. Some people expect them to be like conversations with other people -- as if someone is talking to you. Pay attention to the subtleties in life.

Is my angel my son who died on Sept 27 2001?

Our loved ones very often look over us with love and great care. Angels have never been human beings; they are as if an entirely different species.

Are my angels helping me with my current love relationship?

The angels very often help us with our relationships! You can always ask the angels for help with your relationships, they are glad to help.

Do I have angels for each aspect of my life? Like personal relationships, work, money or financial, etc. or do they all work together on all areas of my life? Do lighting candles help with communicating with them? Are certain times of the day more powerful than others in talking and asking your angels for help?

Sometimes angels seem to specialize in various areas of our life -- but most often, the angels are simply happy to help you in any area of your life. Once you get to know your angels, you can get to know which ones tend to come forward when you are asking for help with different areas of your life. There is no "magic" time of day to communicate with your angels - any time you feel like connecting with them is the best time!

Is an angel with my mom who has passed?

Your mom is certainly looking over you with great love in spirit. People do not become angels and angels do not become people.

How can I feel your presence more?

Some people seem to think that they will feel something dramatic when their angels are around. Try becoming still and being quiet and full of peace, this is a good time to notice sensations or your angel's love for you.

Am I hearing my angelís messages that they have for me?

Angels pass along messages in different ways -- from auditory communication to signs that you can interpret. Learn to trust the messages as they come to you.

Is my big brother Neil my angel?

Your big brother Neil certainly looks down on you with great love and care. People do not become angels and angels were never human beings.

Can angels help with financial difficulties?

Feel free to ask the angels for help with any problem that you have. The angels can help you with financial difficulties, finding a job, investments or any other abundance concern.

I need the guidance of my angel ... how do I know how to ask for help from them?

Simply learn to become peaceful and still and then ask your angels for their help. Your heart-felt requests are always heard and responded to.

How do I get my angel to reveal themselves?

Your angels reveal themselves in subtle and everyday ways. Sometimes they show themselves by helping you run into the right person or connecting to the right information. Look for the little things -- and there is your angel!

What is the best way to communicate with my angels?

Any way you feel would connect you the best way is ideal. You can speak aloud as if you were having a conversation with them. You can speak inside your mind to them. Choose the way you feel is best for you!

How do I get my angel to reveal themselves to me?

Your angels are always around you. Sometimes your angels reveal themselves by the help they have given you. Look at all of the good and "lucky" things that have happened -- could these things have come from help from your angel?

What does my angel want me to know?

Ask your angel what they want you to know and they will gladly tell you? Sit quietly and ask them -- try talking to them everyday and soon you'll develop strong communication with your angels.

I'm around angels because I see little lights all the time.

Some people see things or just feel things -- sometimes they just "know" with all of their heart. Even if you did not see the little lights -- your angels are around you all the time and they send you love.

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By Andrea, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 04:49:39 PM
While I have not yet learned my angel's name, I do believe that I have at least one around me. When will I learn my angel's name?
By Paula, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 03:52:16 PM
Can I ask now for help reconnecting with an old friend Cathy, she is mad at me.Please help us

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