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Can Pets Be Angels in the Afterlife?
Can Pets Be Angels in the Afterlife? angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! If you have had a pet that has passed away, then you know that you can sometimes feel their presence with you. Many owners feel that the deceased pet is somehow watching over them or that the pet is somehow a permanent spiritual resident in their heart.

Given that so many people do feel this way about a pet that has passed away, it is more than probable that a pet could be an angel in the afterlife. This, of course, is a very subjective matter as many religions would say that a pet is not allowed to become an angel. However, there are other religions, mainly Eastern in nature, that see animals and spirits and would agree that a dead pet could act as a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel to its owner.

Millions of people have had the experience of feeling the dead pet’s presence with them, especially the light and love.

The following are many of the most frequently reported ways in which animals remind us that they are still with us.

- Hearing scratching or pawing at the door
- Hearing the padding of furry feet or clicking claws along floors
- Feeling the animal’s angelic presence pressing against the person's body with a definite feeling of weight
- Feeling the bed shake as if the animal jumping on or off it
- Hearing purring, mewing, barking, or snoring that reminds you of the animal
- Seeing paw prints that remind you of the animal
- Seeing a depression in a pillow or in the bed linens where the animal used to sleep
- Hearing a wagging tail beat against a floor or actually feel it against your leg
- Smelling pet odor in a place that is usually free of pet older
- Seeing the shape of animal in a light-body form that seems very real
- Feeling the tickle of the animal’s whiskers
- Feeling wet as if you have been licked by the animal

However, for the most part people feel as if the animal is with you. Other pets that may be missing that animal may actual behave as they are seeing the missing animal. You might even see your pet playing with the deceased pet as if he or she was invisible.

Another time when we tend to see these pet angels is when we are in trouble. Many people have been warned of imminent danger by their pets. This is especially true of people who have been guided by “dog angels” to safety through a storm or a dark forest. People in trouble have also heard “angel barking” that has caused them to turn around and change an action or direction that would have led them to harm or even death.

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By Robert, Monday, January 27, 2014 09:08:20 PM
One of my Rottweiler dogs just passed away a week ago due to a brain tumor which shut down both her 2 right legs. Her name was Sugar. We had her for 10 years. We had to put her to sleep so she would no longer be in pain and suffering. She was such a great dog. I could not have asked for a better dog. She was the most magnificent dog ever! She was intelligent, well-behaved, and always nice to everybody that came over to our family's house. I've never cried so hard in my life. I cried for a week straight. But, then something miraculous happened! Sugar Bear communicated with me from the supernatural realm exactly 1 week after she passed away! It gave me comfort to know her spirit would be with me eternally! I could not believe it! Sugar had activated the process known as Ascension within me! She also activated some psychic abilities within me called Clairaudience, which is the ability to hear supernatural sounds, and Clairsentience, the ability to feel vibrations within my body from the supernatural realm! I never knew I had these abilities until Sugar Bear died! It gave me relief to know my dog, Sugar Bear was reaching out to me from the spirit world! I've never experienced anything like this in my life! I just want to let everybody out there know that there really is a supernatural realm that we will experience after we die and we will reunite with our lost loved ones whether they be humans or pets! Sugar Bear is the proof within me that the spirit realm exists and it's truly an amazing experience! This is what I would call a phenomenon! I've just had a spiritual awakening and it feels great! I'd like to thank Sugar Bear for being the light to guide me to Heaven and I can't wait to meet her again one day in the spirit realm! God bless everyone and I hope my story has given everyone hope and inspiration that have lost either a pet or person that was close to them in life.
By Samantha, Thursday, January 03, 2013 09:13:57 PM
What about non pet guardian animals? Ever since I was young I beleaved (and I still do) that I have a wolf as a gaurdian angel. In most of my dreams I see a black wolf with icy blue eyes by my side. I also have the same carectorisrics of a wolf such as strong hearing, seeing, and sense of smell. I've been saved by my guardian angel about twice now. Is it possible to have a wild animal as a guardian angel or is he/she just taking the form of one?
By Cheri, Sunday, December 16, 2012 02:45:30 PM
I lost my boy Frodo when I brought him to the vet. It was unexpected and very traumatic for me:-( well since that day Nov 13,2012 he has visited oftenO:-) I was lying in bed and I saw this little black image from the corner of my eyes and felt right away it was Frodo next thing I felt my cheek get cold and my nose and my arm as if he was laying on me and licking my face. It was the only spot on my body that felt the cold and no other part of my body was cold and it felt so good and angelic 3 I also hear him moving around in my room just like he did wen he was alive. I've smelled him I've seen him in the upstairs hall where he would lay and then I turned the light on and he wasn't there. I see his marks in the rug just yesterday 12-15 12 and I sat there just missing him. I also heard barking downstairs last night and I was like no way but it was him and I knew he was there. We hear him sighing like he did all the time. I've smelled him a few times. I know my boy is here and always will be even in my photos I saw an orb with an animal face in it. He was an angelic dog in life and I know he's an angel in heaven who is still protecting his family to this dayO:-) we love and miss you more then words can ever say my FrodoO:-) mommy loves you so much3 I just want to let pet lovers and owners stay away from banfield pet hospital!! My boys life was cut short and I'm not sure it had to be:'( read the reviews about them please3 there in petsmart and please take your pet elsewhere. I don't want anyone to go through what we did so plz trust in me and keep your family members away from banfield pet hospital:-C god bless our little protectors ;-) god bless you;-) merry Christmas O:-)
By Gina, Wednesday, October 17, 2012 07:18:27 PM
My beloved cocker spaniel, Buffie, Passed away 12 years ago yesterday. I just brought up a basket of clean laundry, one of my shirts smelled just like her ears when they got infected. it did not smell good. But oh how i missed that smell. I put it on right away. None of the other clothes smelled that way. I know she was with me. within 2 hours the smell vanished. I miss her so much. October 17,2012 Gina
By Patricia, Sunday, July 24, 2011 12:41:13 PM
My Rotweiller, Roxxy was with me 24/7. We were blessed to have her for 10 years. Since her passing 2 weeks ago, I have felt her presence with me. She knows her passing was so unexpected and quickly, that she is guiding me through the transition. She was my angel on earth, and I feel she will always be with me. Thank you Lord, for such a great blessing!
By Debra, Friday, June 24, 2011 03:49:33 PM
My beloved angel snowball, I think about you every day. I carry you in my heart. Star and ace and the kids miss you so much. We will always love you.
By Michelle, Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:24:11 AM
That is just a beautiful article! My mother always said that her departed pets would come back for her when her time was near and I believe her! I also believe that she saw her loving pets, Punky and Sasha, from time to time at her bedroom door or at the foot of her bed! God Bless my mother, may she rest in peace with her beloved pets!!! Love, Michelle A.
By Ethel, Tuesday, April 05, 2011 05:49:17 PM
i feel 4 cats in my house . I HAD ONE NAMED TABBY MANIFESTED. my gr--daughter talks to all 4 . one of these cats is a male and has a bad energy . HE IS BEING REMOVED FROM MY HOUSE . none of these have ever been my pets . but they are now .i love em .. even the bad one ..
By Eve, Wednesday, August 25, 2010 02:49:30 PM
My beloved cat Cleo, died 3/23/10 after a terrible extremely short bout from throat cancer. The next day I cried and cried - the loneliness was so awful. That night, in the living room where Cleo died, I saw 2 dark brown spots and thought they were dirt my husband or I had tracked in. I went to clean the 2 spots and found that they were really dark brown cat hair - apparently left there by Cleo. These two tufts of cat hair were in the very same place on the floor where her little body had lain after passing to the Rainbow Bridge. That night after I went to bed, I also heard her usual Siamese cry. I think she wanted to let me know she was OK. When I lost my beloved Sheltie 5 years ago, she barked and woke me up a few nights later to let me know she was OK.
By Eve, Wednesday, August 25, 2010 02:43:53 PM

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