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Connecting With The Archangel Gabriel For Guidance
Connect with the Angel Garbiel angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! "You have nothing to fear but fear itself" is the decree of this Archangel. However it could also be changed to "You have nothing to fear but yourself."

The Archangel Gabriel teaches us to stop getting in our own way and embrace the darkest parts of ourselves and the shadow sides of our personalities. Connecting to Gabriel's holy light is thought to purify and rinse the etheric body of negative emotions and feelings transferred to you from another person. His home in your body is the tummy or solar plexus, which is the center that connects us astral to other people. He is in charge of our gut instincts, our intuition and helps us make wise decisions and judgments.

Have you ever felt poisoned by the energies of another person? Do you constantly find yourself invaded or pushed around by angry, fearful, aggressive or controlling energies?  Gabriel is the Angel that can help you reform these relationships or detach from them completely. Gabriel can teach you to let go of people and situations that are unhealthy or bad for you. The energy of Gabriel can heal or replace gut instincts that have been injured by abusive childhoods, violence and traumatic stress. Gabriel is the light that you can take with you in the most challenging of situations and environments.

Gabriel is also the angel to pray to if you have done something wrong or find yourself in a fix and you just don't know how to get out of it. His light is associated with daybreak and the dawn of (satori) realization.

Gabriel is the s the one who can help you find your way out of the darkness. Gabriel also assists seekers in finding their correct spiritual path. He is one of the few angels that deals expressly with putting emotions and reactions in their proper places. Spiritually, Gabriel is the Grand Architect who rebuilds shattered souls and broken lives.

Practically Gabriel, he can help you with such mundane details as making to-do lists, scheduling, making long term plans, cleanliness, discipline, focus order and organization. He can make time accelerate or make it seem like it is standing still. He is also the angel to pray to if you are trying to achieve a long-term practical goal such as losing weight or saving money.

You can connect to this angel through nature. Gabriel is fond of butterflies and sunshine and can be seen in the twinkles of sunlight in the water. His gemstones are the yellow topaz and the diamond. Carrying a yellow topaz is thought to prevent healers and psychics from picking up negative energies from toxic clients. When you feel like you have been punched in the gut, or like you have butterflies in your stomach, that is Gabriel warning you of a momentous event.

Gabriel is also the Angel of Connecting to Others. To connect to him light a yellow, white or gold candle. He is the Third Ray and connected to the solar plexus.

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By Michelle, Monday, May 23, 2011 11:02:28 PM
My Dearest Archangel Gabriel, please help me to face my own darkness and shadow self! Help me to get through my last 5 months of probation without the temptations that plague my mind! Help me to graduate from my probation without going to jail for falling to temptation! Help me to let go of all negativity and others who are negative and are haters that wish ill will on me! Please help me to be a good mother to my precious son!! Help me to be a good daughter! Help me to get over my mother's death! I have lots of pain in my heart! And please, Dearest Archangel Gabriel, please help my mental state and help me to start school to better myself for myself and my son!! Love, Michelle A.
By Glenda, Wednesday, May 18, 2011 01:24:17 PM
Gabriel light of my Solar Plexes 3rd I give to you my intutitve thought only to bear the Fruit that I have and letting my fear over rule me again.I wish to have this balance in force so I can obtain the things in my chart I came to do without the fears of myself. As reading so many other issues in this collume I wish all of you a higher intutive energy to come and replace the darker of your sources as mine. Gabriel is just one of the ArchAngels that will help you help yourself as Gabriel many times has helped me look at my own fears and by doing so I remove the negativity in my life. Remain in focus to receive what ails us all.
By Vivian, Tuesday, May 10, 2011 07:51:02 PM
I pray Archangel Gabriel to help guide me through and protect me from the negative energy that has devoured my life. I ask for help in getting my SSI and help in relieving my physical pain I endure every day. I ask that my husband gets work soon and that we are able to move into our own home before the year is out. I ask that we are able to move closer to my children as I miss them and need them to close to me.
By Ashley, Thursday, May 05, 2011 03:57:29 PM
Archangel Gabriel please get chuck and me through this difficult time in our lives. please make the negativity go away and replace it with love and positivity. Help us with grieving for our friend,help us with our money problems,help our relationship,help guide us to the path we need to be on, get us out of the darkness and into the light,protect us always,help me ge my health insurance back real soon,help us to get married, help me to lose the weight that I gained real soon, we need your help with so much please answer my prayers. love ashley
By Debra, Wednesday, April 21, 2010 07:25:53 AM
Dear Gabriel: Please help me to develop good relationships with my co-workers. I am starting a new job on Saturday and I want to perform to the best of my ability. Help me to keep my personal feelings and business to myself. I have a difficult time keeping my emotions in tack, I just want to do a good job and stay out of office polistics! Please keep my health stable so that I am able to keep my job. I don't want to lose this opportunity. This job will give me the ability to take better care of my family. I will also be able to give to my favorite charities. Please keep me protected from people that are haters, that don't want to see me suceed in life. Love you,
By martha, Wednesday, January 27, 2010 08:03:02 AM
Dear Gabriel I am here once again to ask you to guide on this da for I have to go to this inportant place. Protect us and help solve this problem once and for all so we can live a peacefull live as a famil once again, I know that you along with the other will be by our side. Thank ou so much for all ou have done for us M.S
By martha, Saturday, January 23, 2010 12:04:16 AM
Dear Gabriel I come to you at this moment to ask you for help for you know that I have done wrong and in big trouble please help me and for give me for the sake of my children and husband find it in you to give me another chance at life. I really am not a bad person and have never gotten into trouble before help me with this problem I have right now, I am very greatfull for all that all of you have done but I still not over this yet, Please continue to guide me and my family and let no harm come to us anymore give this family a peace of mind. Forgive me. Blessed you are. Thank you and I will never for get you as long as I live. Give of peace and joy for It has been a very bad year and we need a good change in our lives. Love M.S
By Alma, Saturday, January 16, 2010 03:13:42 PM
Dear Gabriel, that other thing I am worried about - you know that very unjust traffic ticket given to me on Nov l5 - please make it all go away, one of my spiritual counsellors I think was referring to this, weeks ago, but I really would like to be sure - I have no money to pay out for nothing - that was an unjust ticket! Please - make it all go away (I have not heard anything about it yet after I pled not guilty,)but I still can't be sure. Thank you so much, and please make it so - in the name of Jesus. Love, alma
By Alma, Saturday, January 16, 2010 02:55:18 PM
Dear Gabriel, I forgot to tell you that I no longer have my yellow topaz ring, which is my birthstone - robbers broke into my home and stole it along with a lot of other jewelry - I was wondering if a yellow citrine would be the same - I do have that stone which I acquired lately. thanks for letting me know - through intuition, I suppose.
By Alma, Saturday, January 16, 2010 02:51:49 PM
Dear Angel Gabriel, I think that you are the one I should be praying to! I have made such stupid mistakes in the past like selling the home I bought 30 or so years ago - now I am renting someone else's apartment. That house would have gone up in value about l0 times over by now. I had a gut feeling that I should not be selling it at that time - but I didn't listen - maybe it was you advising me then, since I had that gut feeling. I still have gut feelings of things and especially when something bad is going to happen I feel it - all nervous inside. Anyway what I would like to ask you now is to please, please, please guide me the rest of the way, please help me to make the right decisions, the balance my budget and to plan for those long time goals of saving money and for just one more trip in my life and for a good car - since mine is old and I can't depend on it too much longer? Please help me since I need to move soon, to make the right decisions and no more errors - please, I am too old now to go on making stupid mistakes. I ask you kind blessings, and help dear Gabriel. Love, Alma

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