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Share Your Angel Experiences
Share Your Angel Experiences angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have you been touched by an angel?

Are angels surrounding you every day?

We’re looking for true life angel stories from people just like you!

If you have a story, please submit it to We’re looking for stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. Post your angel experience in the Comments section below.

Your story could include angel encounters and vistations, spiritual awakenings, angel dreams, guardian angel rescue, self discoveries, angel pictures, celestial voices and visions, inspiration, and healing miracles.

These stories told in your own words can affect not only on your life, but also the lives of friends, family, and visitors to SpiritNow. As a result, these stories offer thousands of people around the world a renewed sense of hope and spiritual strength.

We encourage you to share your angel experiences for the entire on Post your angel experiences below right now.

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By Dru, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 06:06:07 PM
I feel I have been tuched by angels many times in my life..The first time was in about 1974, I as riding with my sister to go and have coffee, back then seatbelts were not a law. So I was riding in the passenger seat turned somewhat sideways facing her, talking and laughing when out of no where a car darted out in front of us.We hit him broadside, but what I remember is hitting the windshield with terrific force... and yes a near death experince happened. I remember falling back into the seat everything happening in slow motion and then the perverbial light and I remember floating what appeared to be upward towards the light. I have NEVER felt such peace, yet so much comotion going an around, but I couldnt take my eyes off of the beautiful light..I kept moving closer and closer to it drawn almost magnetically... When about the time I heard voices saying "go back, it's not your time" it wasnt just one voice it was many and some seemed so familiar. All of a sudden, I felt blood dripping from my forehead and the voices of the commotion became louder and the voces from the light lessened. I came back and my thoughts were of what the voices had been saying to "go back, its not you time" and I believe those voices were my angels and perhaps some passed relatives. I will always remember the overwhelming peace. I will never forget. The second time, My husband was very ill and I was getting ready for work, I used to sit on the floor and with the light from the bathroom door would put on my make-up and get ready for work.. There was a time when out of the corner of my eye I would see a BEAUTIFUL man standin just in the bedroom doorway threshold looking at my husband sleeping in the bed. This went on for about 2 weeks, I can still describe him, he was tall, muscular had very long dark hair and was not clothed from the waist up and yet there was nothing from the waist down, like it was transparent. When I would look towards the door, I couldnt see him but when I would turn back towards the bathroom..I could see him from the corner of my eye... I didnt really know what to think, but on Novemeber 28th 2004 (Exactly 31 years from the day we met) and about two weeks of seeing this man at the bedroom door my beloved husband of 30 years passed away in his sleep in our bed... This leads me to the third encounter, the very night my husband died and all of the well wihers had left for the day, and I was quite alone... I went to ourbed and laid down exhausted...when in some sort of a dream state I remember be held by what I thought was my husband, his big stong arms around me.. and yet when I looked up to see his face,it was him only the eyes were dark, as if there were no eyes, everything else was the same except the eyes.. and as we know the eyes are the windows to the soul, I TRULY believe, this was angel holding and comforting me... I drifted off to sleep and have always remember that... there have been several other strange thing that have happed since then... but these are the things that stand out.... YES, I have been visited many times and believe in angels so much.
By Kathy, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 06:04:34 PM
When I lived in California, I was riding my bike to a friends house & I made the mistake by putting my little girl on the bike bar in front of me as I peddled & as we were riding, I hit a pot-hole in the road, which made the bike flip forward & me & my daughter were thrown in the air and we hit hard on the road. Someone called the ambulance & checked us out, but I was in shock & worrying about my daughter. And all of a sudden, a little girl appeared in front of me & I looked at her & she said: Don't worry, you'll little girl will be fine. She had a flower necklace around the top of her head & a yellow bright dress and the most peaceful smile, which made me feel at ease & all of a sudden, I looked at my daughter & looked back at the girl, but she was gone-VANISHED. I've never told nobody this story because I know she was an angel.
By annetta, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:56:21 PM
I tried to kill myself and I went to get a reading from a psychic shortly there after. She offered me a job as her personal housekeeper and I took the job. I could not work in order to go to college because I earned too much money at my previous job. She had (the psychic) instructed me to go back to school. I was still in a very fragile frame of mind at the time and really had not learned to care for my life but I took her advice and applied for school. As I went thru the financial aid process I discovered that I was still turned down for any federal money (pell) and that they would only give me a very small loan. Basically it meant that I could not go to school. As I left the school, I was so distraught that at that moment, giving up on my hopes and dreams was just what I was about to do. I walked down the street in tears and I went to a pay phone to call (the psychic) and tell her what had happened and as I searched for a quarter a lady just appeared out of nowhere. I just remember her blue eyes and blonde hair. And she said "don't worry, everything will work out for you, You will get your money to go to school, whether it is from friends or family or from work, don't give up." I said thank you ad then looked down to grab another quarter and then I looked up and she was gone. I didn't see her down the street, I didn't see her anywhere. There was this undeniable feeling of everything is going to be o.k. after she said that to me. Needless to say, I got into college, I got some money from my grandmother and re-applied for financial aid to go to school.
By Julee, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:55:56 PM
I've had a few other life saving experinces over the years and now am aware why I am here and what my purpose is with my spiritual path and helping people. I'd like the share this eye opening experience with you all. Some years back I was working as a consultant for a weightloss company, and it was my turn to buy milk for our coffee break. Now to get to this coffee shop I had to cross over a four car lane crossing without traffic lights, instead there was a garden divider in the middle with a huge tree, and small shrubs to seperate them into two divided lanes. On the corner of this pedestrian crossing was a small car yard, where the owner if outside would always have a quick chat to you as you walked by, which he did that morning to me. After our quick chat I proceeded to the corner which was always busy and waited for the cars to stop so I could cross. I had just passed the second car when out of nowhere a third car decided it would try overtaking the two cars that had stopped for remember this crossing was only wide enough for two cars which would have made this car go up onto the road divider..somehow? I walked past the first car, and was just passing the second car when out of nowhere I feel this incredible warmth pressing against my stomach, which held me back back from taking the next step. I did'nt see the third car, I only felt the breeze as it passed by me and heard the screech of the tyres breaking to a holt just past me. Unsure what just happened and somewhat dazed, I proceed to the middle of the divider and looked over at the driver of the third car who had his head in his hands and was looking back at me shaking his head side to side. The two other cars were still at the crossing motionless, and just looking over at me and probably thinking the same thing I was...How did that woman walk away from that! Shaken and still alittle dazed with what just happened, I continued across the second crossing and over to the coffee shop, buying the milk and heading back to work all the while the senario was going over and over in my mind. I was asking myself what just happened? Did I really feel that hand touch me? And why was I saved? Little did I know the car yard owner had witnessed it all as he rushed over to me. Oh my goodness he said, have you a guardian angel watching over you this morning!! I just witnessed the whole crossing incident, how did you walk away from that? I said, I don't now as I'm still in shock that I did walk away from it. To this day I can still remember how that loving hand felt with it's intense warmth and love. That day divine love and intervention stepped in and saved my life, and I'm still here to tell this story...I truly do feel very blessed and loved. With light.
By cat, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:44:56 PM
Yes I have been touched by an angel. Many years ago I am on my bed talking on the phone to my girlfriend and for no reason I said I have to GO. I hung up walked down stairs, thru the house out the garage door to find my older brother in need of help. I did not know how or why until on Sylvia's show she explained our angels. I thought it was his spirit that came to me, but her explaintion makes more sense. Yes I have angels Cathy
By Vickie, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:44:56 PM
I believe I have had a guardian angel that looks after me because I have been in six car accidents and each one I have walked away from them.The worst one and I hsould have not gotten out alive is when i went through a wind shield of a car and came back in. Ended up with only a black eye and a three in scar on my forehead above my brow.
By Deborah, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:43:33 PM
I'm not sure if what I saw was Angel or not because it did not meet my expectations on what I thought I would experience or see. I was in bed and woke up suddenly around 2am. When I opened my eyes I realized there was a dark shape hovering to the right side of the bed about 3 feet off the ground. I blinked and the shape came into focus and began to take on dark muted colors/blues,greens,reds,purples and details began to emerge. It never faced me. It just seemed to stare off into nowhere. It looked like a statue of a Greek God. The hair was short and curly like you would see on a statue from the Greek or Roman Period. And on his back were wings held close to his body. I didn't feel the need to be scared. I guess the feeling was more static in nature. I feel baffled because it looked like the statue of an Angel. I expected Angels to be bright and glowing. As I continued to try to rationalize what I was seeing it faded away. I guess all that I can do is think God for the gift and except what I was shown. Maybe one day it will all be clear.
By Anna, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:28:43 PM
When I was about 12 years old I lived in a very rough part of Atlanta and I was afraid all the time that someone would brake into our home, because people were seen sneaking around out side at night, so I PRAYED and ask God to protect us and let nothing bad happen,after I finished praying I was told to go into the front room which was my bedroom and there standing by the front door was an Angel, he had a sword in his hand it was streched out across the door, and I was told not to fear for I was protected. I am now 63 years old and I have never forgot that God does answer you when you ask him.
By Jan, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:23:20 PM
Dear Friends, I have been blessed with several Angel experiences thoughout the course of my 51 years. Fisrt, at age 3 or 4, I remember floating above the bed I was sharing with my little sister and seeing the most glorious, brilliant, dazzeling, irredescent, opalisant angel that filled the whole wall of the room watching over us. The Angel was in 3D and all of her colors were in motion. I remember her wings as they went up and out and then down. I will never forget her. Secondly, I received a visitation from a Georgous male angel who came to my hospital bed when I was dying of Pneumonia at the age of 26. I had refused to take a medication called Thurador (?) that was supposed to help my bronchial passages open up. However, a very severe vertigo was the side effect causing me to feel as though I was spinning Hard to my left. This very handsome man came to speak with me one night wearing a pristine white lab coat and explaining to me that I had to take the medicine or I would not be able to recover. He told me it was the same dosage that is given to newborns. I was appalled to find out that newborns were made to suffer from this medication as I was and told him so. I agreed to take the medicine and fell back to sleep as he left my bedside. The next day when I took the medicine without problem the nurse asked me what had changed. I told her about the Doctor's visit in the night and she had me describe him and said there wasn't anyone let alone a doctor working there that fit the description. Thirdly, I was in absolute despair and planning my suicide when I heard out loud from behind my left ear, a male voice say "this too shall pass" and it echoed a few times before it went away. Keep the faith and never stop believing, Jan
By JoEllen, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:22:45 PM
On January 29, 2008 I had a brain aneurysm burst. I was sent to the U of M for surgary where they put a coil in. After surgary they told my family I had a 3-5% chance of surviving the next 24 hr. Which I did. They had me in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. I got pnemona from the resperator. They told my family that 50% of the people that get this don't survive. The odds were totally against me, but I did pull through it ok. After they brought me out of the coma, they told my husband that I would be in the hospital for a month, and then I would be in the re-hab hospital for 1-2 months. When they found out that I worked as and accountant they said it would be at least 1 yr. before I could go back to work. By February 29, 2008 I was discharged from the re-hab hospital (only 30 days total) I went back to work the middle of April 2008, after 2 week of begging the Dr. for a note to return to work. Most people don't survive an aneurysm, and the few that do are not all there mentally and/or physically. I have made a full recovery thanks to prayer and angels.

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