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Share Your Angel Experiences
Share Your Angel Experiences angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! Have you been touched by an angel?

Are angels surrounding you every day?

We’re looking for true life angel stories from people just like you!

If you have a story, please submit it to We’re looking for stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. Post your angel experience in the Comments section below.

Your story could include angel encounters and vistations, spiritual awakenings, angel dreams, guardian angel rescue, self discoveries, angel pictures, celestial voices and visions, inspiration, and healing miracles.

These stories told in your own words can affect not only on your life, but also the lives of friends, family, and visitors to SpiritNow. As a result, these stories offer thousands of people around the world a renewed sense of hope and spiritual strength.

We encourage you to share your angel experiences for the entire on Post your angel experiences below right now.

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By Erica, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 05:09:08 PM
Nearing the end of my first marriage to an abusive and alcoholic/drug dependant man, I was saved or felt something. My now ex was belligerent drunk and had fueled himself with hatred of a former employee and his mother for stealing from the store he owned with his mother. He decided he was going to kill them both, or at least the employee. I knew he was to drunk to drive or leave the trailer we were renting and hid the keys. He started to beat me and knocked me against our treadmill where I severely sprained my ankle. When he went out to the back of the trailer, I took the only keys to our truck and ran outside. I am a short and over weight woman who couldn't climb a tree, but here I was being lifted over a 4 1/2 ft fence to my truck. Unfortunately, he caught up with me and took over the truck. We ended up in town and every car he kept saying that if it was a cop car, the night would end in bloodshed. Needless to say, angels were there making sure the weren't the police. When we got into his store, the beatings began again. He would choke me and punch me until he finally pulled a gun on me. This time I had had it! I told him to shoot me! I told him I was no longer going to be afraid of him or any man on earth again except for God Almighty and he wasn't it. At that moment, a warmth of heat surrounded me as a shield. Til this day, all I could think was it were my angels protecting me. I got beaten more that night and another gun to my head, but I knew I was going to be safe.
By Gina, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:26:15 PM
I was driving home on a mountain road with my 2month old son when my car broke down. I pulled to the side and was panicking because it was getting dark and there was no one around. Suddenly, I small white car pulled up ahead of me. This young man dressed in white jeans and a white shirt with beautiful black hair came out and looked in my car and said. "oh my, you have a little one, just turn the car on and I will follow you out of this mountain road" I thought there is no way my car will start, it was dead. BUt it did. He followed behind me through the mountain road until I was just about to the end of the mountain road and I looked back in the rear view mirror and he was gone. I mean, there are no streets to turn into, no way he could have made a u turn so fast and left, because I kept looking back to see if he was still behind me all the time. I was shocked but we made it home all the way. Looking back, I really believe that was an angel.
By Donna, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:26:11 PM
I had worked late from home one evening and thought a walk around the block would refresh me around 11 PM. I left through my garage and left the garage door open. I turned the corner from my house and got about half way down the block. Then I heard a voice as plain as day that said in a commanding tone, "Turn around NOW and run home." I quickly turned on my heels to have the bright headlights from a white truck with two men in the cab, blaring music from their radio, hit me in the face. They yelled and screamed at me, did a frantic u-turn and one of the men jumped out and started chasing me. I got to the beginning of my driveway and looked behind me, the man's hand was inches from my shoulder. I blacked out. As I came to, I had the sensation I was flying parallel to my garage floor and watched the floor fly by as I looked at my outstretched arm, my hand hit the garage door button to close the door. As it came down I looked over my shoulder as I was still in the air, and the door shut in front of the man's feet. I collapsed to the floor in a heap and said, 'What happened?" The voice said, "We changed your molecular structure." The next day an article in the newspaper told of a woman kidnapped around midnight from the auto teller at a bank about 1/2 mile from my home by two men in a white truck. She was taken to the country, raped and murdered. God and the angles saved my life. This was not the only time I was to hear this voice. Another time this same voice told me to "Pull over and get in the slow lane". I did immediately. Then a speeding car passed me, hit the center divide, spiraled across 4 lanes of the freeway and over the side of a mountain. I would have been exactly in the wrong spot if I had not slowed down and hung back in the slow lane. Saved again by God and the angels. I believe we are all looked after all the time. God loves us.
By Linda, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:13:45 PM
When I was six years old (I'll be 50 this year) I contracted the measles or chicken pox (I've had both). My mother kept me out of school until I got better. When I was well enough, my mother sent me to school. She was unaware that school was out for Christmas break. It was the dead of winter. It was cold and there was about 5-6" of snow on the ground. Unfortunately, I was wearing a skirt so my legs were exposed to the elements. I walked the 7 or 8 blocks to school. Once I got there, I couldn't get in so I walked back home. At that time we lived on a blvd. that had an island in the middle. I was almost home. I got to the island in the middle of the street and my exposed legs were so cold that I couldn't move. I just stood in the snow crying. All of a sudden, a man that I didn't see coming asked "What's the matter little girl?" I told him that I was cold. He told me that I should go on and walk home. I told him that I couldn't move. He picked me up and carried me all the rest of the way home. Once we got to my home, he told my mother that school was closed for winter break and that he found me on the island. I did not realize until some time last year that this could have been an angel sent to keep me from freezing to death.
By Janie, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:11:09 PM
Like many of the people here,I have had many encounters with own and those of my children. The first one happened when I was taking a neighbor's day care child to school. I had my youngest daughter(3yrs old) in the car with me that day. Now she was not one to stay in her car seat no matter what I did to secure her in it. That day she got out of her car seat and sat quietly which was unusual for her. After I had dropped the child off at school, I began to make my way back home. I was about to enter the main road from the side street I was on. After checking traffic on both sides(2 cars on the left side had their turn signals on to turn where I was coming out of),I proceeded to enter the intersection and got smacked by the 2nd car broadside. My car raised up on its side and then suddenly went back on all 4 wheels. Now my daughter did not have a seat belt on and I was shaken but felt okay enough to tell we were okay. Then a woman appeared at my door(the window had been shattered) and asked me if I had any towels or a blanket in my car as I was bleeding pretty badly. I told her I had a comforter in the back seat. She grabbed it nad gave it to me and told me to hold it over my eye so I did. My daughter was hysterical and crying and I told her that I was okay,that she was okay too. When the paramedics got there I realized that I had tried to console my daughter with a protruding eye. I asked the paramedics to thank the lady for me and they said there was only a young guy who had called in the accident.After I was released and went home I found out just how lucky I was. My dad and brothers told me that from the damage to my car I should have died in that accident. My car's alignment was busted in 4 places. Later I asked my daughter if she was scared and she said"No mommy, the lady Angel in a red dress held me so I wouldn't get hurt". I said what did her wings look like and she said "She had gold wings that were very long and touched the ground".So that day not only did I have an Angel but so did my daughter. The most recent one was from my older daughter in 2006. My daughter and her friends had been at a friends house warming party drinking.My daughter was not of legal age to drink at the time as were many of the others that were involved. My daughter's best friend had been given a truck to drive from her friend. As my daughter,her friend, and her cousins were leaving to return back to the apartment they were staying at, things spiraled out of control. My daughter's friend was driving way too fast(abt 80mph)and was arguing with her boyfriend(my nephew).He tried to get her to pull over and give him her keys but she refused.Instead she tried to cut him off as he started to get alongside of her. She clipped his front end which sent the truck spinning and it hit 2 trees causing both my daughter and her best friend to be thrown from the truck.The Angel safely landed my daughter on the dirt against a fence....her friend wasn't so lucky. She landed in the street.Both girls were rushed to the trauma center where they called us the parents. My daughter had scrapes up and down both arms and deep road rash from bout the middle of her back around to her side(hip).Her best friend the Doctors said probably wasn't going to make it. My daughter and I cried when I told her the horrible news.She wanted to know where her friends Angel was and why they didn't help her. I had no answers for that.My daughter's friend died about 2 weeks later from her head trauma. The weeks leading up to her death we found out the mother had been an Atheist and said there was no God,no Angels,and no Heaven.I asked my daughter what her friends religious views were and she said that she believed in a higher being. So I told my daughter that her friend was with God and happy now.I thank God and the Angels every day for saving my daughter and we mourn/celebrate the life that was lost that night.
By gracia, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:05:22 PM
It was a couple of days before Christmas and my mother in law and sister in law were visiting from back East, which was always such a challenging time for me. My oldest, a senior in high school, was going through a very difficult time and was "out of control". I was raising 5 children almost single handedly (my hubby traveled a lot for work) and my little 5 year old was admitted into the hospital for pneumonia and a bad bout with his asthma. Emotionally, physically and mentally, I felt as if I had reached my limit. I spent my days at the hospital with my little boy, while my husband spent the nights with him. On one of my days with my little boy in the hospital, I was trying not to fall into despair by reading a book by Mother Theresa. Normally, these writings could uplift my mind and spirit, but not today. I was finally able to get my little boy to sleep and I picked up Mother Theresa's book again, hoping for a shred of light and guidance. Feeling too anxious and tense to get "into" the book, I closed the book, hesitantly placing it on the side table. Suddenly, there was someone in the room with me. I didn't "see" anything, per se, but my whole being felt a definite presence in the room saying, "It's okay dear one, things will be fine. I am with you all the time and I will never leave you alone. It's going to be all right". Before I realized it, the flood gates opened, my emotions poured out and I started crying hysterically, bawling and sobbing uncontrollably, trying to muffle my sounds so I wouldn't wake my little son. But these were not tears of desperation... they were cleansing tears. This big wave of love, warmth and comfort came over me. It was as if someone came to me, enveloped me in their arms, embraced me and let me have a good cry on their chest. I knew in my heart that I was not alone nor would I ever be alone and that things were going to be ok. Whoever or whatever it was that came to me that day was from my Mother and Father God and I will never forget that day when I truly felt "salvation".
By joni, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:04:18 PM
in 2005 right before thanksgiving i lost my youngest daughter in an auto accident. she was 21 and left behind a 3 month old daughter. i had a very hard time dealing with this. one night she came to me in a dream. i embraced her and told her how much i loved her. she said she had to go as friends were expecting her. i realized she didnt know she had passed. i said sara you have died and you need to go to the other side. she looked so confused my heart broke...out of the sky i saw a streak of lite coming down an angel appeared behind sara and enfolded her in its shot straight up into the i watched at the height of its flight the light exploded into glorious fireworks and a beautiful phoenix appeared in the sky....i knew my sara had arrived home.
By Ann Marie, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 04:00:31 PM
I was driving on the freeway doing 60 MPH behind a truck on the right side. Out of the clear blue, a full sheet of plywood comes flying straight at me from underneath the truck. I had no time to do anything except duck. The plywood hit the front hood of my minivan and deflected directly over the roof behind me. Thank god there was no one driving right behind me. I swear to this day that it was my Angel that was there protecting me other wise, this plywood sheet would have come directly through the front window. And you know what? There was no damage done to the front hood of my minivan from where it hit!!
By Naomi, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 03:48:55 PM
One night as I lie on my bed, because I had grown tired unuasually early that evening, at my living room window I kept seeing a sparkle at my window, constantly and it wouldn't stop. If it did stop it would only come right back to sparkle again. It was Maura my angel. That's her MO. Anytime she wishes for me to know she is there, she sparkles like white-silvery glitter. She knows that I know that trick and it's her way of saying you are cherished if only by me. I commented to my companion Jim of how she kept sparkling and he knows because he has seen her sparkle also. I said to I think she's trying to tell me something. Maybe another 9-1-1. But no it was much more personal for a few days after that heavnely contact, the other window in my kitchen on the outside start shooting out sparks, from faulty wiring. I had been living in a slumlord's apartment and everything was bad and dangerous there. she was trying to tell me my life and everyone else's life was in danger. A few days later or less, I reported the incident to L and I of the township and they fixed the situation by enforcing George to update the elertical wiring. An angels love and guidiance is like a mother's: never ending, never faltering. There to help, guide and save your life, every steop of the way! Every month there should be a guardian angels worship day with everyone dressed as angels, doing good deeds and saying prayers that they will always be blessed to be a part of our eternal lives!
By Georgia, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 03:48:52 PM
While flying over to England after my husband died I was coming back from custums. I had 2 very heavy bags and i was wondering how I was going to pick them up, a man, not a attendent saw my struggle, since i was alone. He came over picked up both bags, and put them in the trolly. I had a very bad back at the time and I was pleased for any help I could get. As i turn to thank him he vanish into thin air, he was dress in all white with a purple tie so if he had been in the hold area he would of been easy to see. Since only passagers and agents are allowed in there. I do believe he was an helping Angel, knowing my lost and pain and was there for me that day.

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