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The Archangels And Chakras
The Archangels and The Chakras angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! How do the archangels correspond to the chakras? The chakras are our inner lights and energy centers that can be lit up through the practice of meditation. They are often pictured in eastern religions as spinning wheels. The faster they spin the more you will be on the same astral plane as the archangels.

The concept behind this is that angels can be contacted through meditation and through the connections of each of the bodily chakras. These are energy centers when “spun” in circles make a vibrational call to heavenly beings above. They respond in kind by healing us or granting our requests.  Sometimes we also get messages from these angels in the areas of the chakras. This is particularly true of the crown, heart, and solar plexus chakras where we will routinely get intuitive hits.

Here is a list of the Archangels and the chakras that are their correspondences astrally.

The ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL is the love angel and corresponds to the color red. This is the color of your base or first chakra that has to do with grounding yourself and survival. Visualizing very red items, such as rubies, pomegranate juice, or roses can help you use chakra energy to connect to this angel of unconditional love. Red also corresponds to money in this case, particularly the circulation of it through our lives.

The ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL corresponds to the color violet and orange. The second and the crown chakras correspond to this angel, which is sometimes called the Angel of Joy. Meditating on these chakras and in particular the second chakra is all about sexual and social gratification. It is also about freedom of the both the soul and the body.

The ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL corresponds to the solar plexus, or third chakra. Visualizing objects that are yellow such as sunshine, lemons, or buttercups can help you connect your chakra energy to the enlightening energies of this angel.

The ARCHANGEL MICHAEL corresponds to the throat chakra. To contact this angel, activate your throat (fifth chakra) through meditating on objects that are blue in color, such as a blue sky or a blue gem like a sapphire.

The ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL corresponds to the chakra color green. The fourth chakra is the “heart chakra” that guides us through life and helps us open up our hearts so that we are more receptive to love. Picturing brilliant green objects such as limes, leaves, or emeralds can help us connect to the energies of that angel.

The ARCHANGEL URIEL corresponds to the colors purple and gold, which in terms of the chakras correlate to the third eye. The third eye chakra is about foresight, intuition, and connecting with the higher self.

The key here is to imagine each chakra center glowing in its appropriate color. The chakras produce rays of light that appeal to the archangels and that is how their blessings are brought down upon us.


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By Sue, Friday, May 29, 2009 01:41:38 PM
Dear Lupe, I'm sorry for your loss.
By Anita, Monday, May 25, 2009 08:36:30 AM
Lupe, today I read your story, and also so saddened that children are so mistreated in schools today, they can be so cruel if not raised the right way. Your daughter was raised the right way, with love, compassion and the knowledge to know right from wrong. I know she was a beautiful person, as are you! I know that God took her home to prevent more pain for her, and that now her life will have meaning. She had a purpose here, as we all do, and her purpose was to teach others, as she has well done. I feel the tears welling up inside as I write this to you, in hopes you can be comforted by my words. Many Blessings to you and your family, Anita
By MaryJo, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:13:11 PM
Lupe I am so sorry of your loss. I dont know you but I read your story and was very saddened. I hope you are doing okay for your other childrens sake.
By lupe, Friday, March 13, 2009 10:51:24 PM
i ask why?????????????????????????????????????????????? Newspaper article full version In 3 more days it will have been two months since Meli's death, and her departure pains me today just as it did that very moment that i found her cold and lifeless. It is as if each second of my life someone is cutting open my heart in two and adding salt to that wound. It feels as if my soul died with her. Every time that I go into her room, which is countless times a day, I relive that horror of her leaving; I ask God where he was. Why didn't he allow me to save her? Why didn't he let me find her in time? Why didn't he choose me to take her place? I would have been ready to do that for her; I would do the same for any of my other children. As I write this, I am in her bedroom asking for answers to questions as I read over letters that she left me at different times. I tremble from pain and from anger at the futility of it all. It is so ironic, just a few months ago she and I had a long conversation about life, death, injustice, and the hypocrisy with which she was living through at that time;the pain that her boyfriend and another teen caused her. I remember that I told her: "Look, this flower; it is very pretty and so are you. Neither you nor any one else should cry over someone. You can do better than that." Her answer was: "It is not fairl everything that is happening to me. I hate going to school. I hate the schools here in Andrews. If you don't have money, if you're not the son or daughter of a rich person, if you are not of the right color, and if you are not the teacher's pet then you are nothing. You are left out. And they take away what you once had an what you worked so hard to achieve." I told her that in life nothing was fair; but, but that there was always an answer, and that things had a way of working out. I told her that death was no solution. She smiled at me and said: "Mami, there is no answer in standing up for myself against some people, I was sent to Saturday school. In cheer leading I was taken out even though I used to get up at 4:00 am to get ready to go to practice; then they replaced me with someone who used to miss countless times. But since she was seen as more favorable. Since then my world started crashing. I sure hope Crystal doesn't have to go through this" "It also isn't fair, Mami, all the times you have gone to school asking for help and they don't give it to you. The school does things as it sees fit. It is like my coach said when I lost my place at Nationals and was placed as an alternate, 'I hope it's ok because if not, you can get out. There are several that can take your place.'" "You see, Mami. I am tired of being hurt, tired of constantly coming home crying. I am tired of putting on a happy face and pretending that nothing matters after being hurt countless times. I lock myself in my room so that no one sees my pain." Many saw my daughter; she went through thousands of things, but only I saw her tears, her pain and her disenchantment. Many people contributed to her decision. Even I myself contributed to it because in the beginning when I found the first letters some months back in which she said goodbye, I did ask for help. That person that I reached to for help told me: "I guarantee that she is not going to do anything. She just wants attention." I hope that professional who told me that saw the obituary so that she can see if my daughter is now getting her attention. I wonder if all that is sufficient for that person. If she is paying, maybe she will not give such advice again. Hopefully the school is paying closer attention. Meli with her death, ironic as it is, has saved already more than one life. She has also opened a Pandora's box. Andrews is going to realize that indeed there is a problem in our schools with some of the personnel, some of the leaders, and with our youth. Like Meli said: "If we all dropped the act and the injustice; if instead we worked together, we would change not only Andrews but the entire world." I remember her smiling as she told me: "Why can't we all instead be friends, Mami?" I only hope that through her death others can identify their own feelings. If they too are suffering, hopefully they will not ignore it because the pain will remain. Choosing to ignore problems and pain will not make them go away. The problem will grow each day like a monster. So I ask that everyone help our youth. Don't allow a single young person to die in this manner. Don't let another mother die from pain as she continues living. Right now I am not sure hot to go about living; I sometimes don't want to go on. My life has been changed forever. I feel empty. I am in tears and in pain. I do not wish this on my worst enemy. Right now I should be saving for her Christmas present which was going to be the down payment on her new Avalanche. Instead, I'm saving for her tombstone. I should be seeing that her college applications be sent in on time and not putting flowers at her grave. May God hold my princess in His arms. May He give her peace and the justice that no one here wanted to give her. Melissa's mom, Lupe Flores
By Glenda, Friday, January 16, 2009 02:32:14 PM
By Gayle, Wednesday, November 26, 2008 08:40:54 AM
I would like to see Gabriel in the Chakras section. He has been left out in the seven archangels. Why!
By kathy, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 09:05:45 PM
When I was pregnaunt with my daughter my favorite color was green and I knew I was painting her room green only I felt the color purple resinate in me. I have never felt a color before or since. Has anyone else felt this. When I tell people about this, they think I'm weird.
By Linda, Saturday, November 22, 2008 01:08:51 PM
What about Gabriel, I have always felt his presence in my life? Blessings LD
By rose, Thursday, November 20, 2008 08:44:00 PM
more information on angels please. i am a late commer and would appreciate more information. i want to continue to believe in angels ..but sometimes life hardens us and we feel lost and alone.thank you rose in antioch
By Gale, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 07:31:15 PM
May I change the subject? If I have had past lives, whom will meet me "in the tunnel" when my time comes? gp

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