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Types Of Angels In The Spiritual World
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Many people are aware that angels exist. But did you know that there are different types of angels on The Other Side? Each phylum performs different duties and you’ll want to be sure to call upon the different type of phylum depending on your exact need to define different angels.


Angels are the first phylum. Angels, specifically religious angels, radiate with the love and glory of the Holy Spirit. They appear with shining white light surrounding them.


Archangels are the second phylum of angels. They do not have individual names, my Spirit Guide Francine likes to suggest that we call all of them “Michael.” Archangels are the type of angels that carry the scepter of healing. This scepter is full of water from the pond near the Hall of Wisdom. An Archangel will touch someone gently on the heart chakra and send them healing.


The Cherubim and the Seraphim are levels three and four, respectively, of the angel phylum chart. The animal totem for both is the canary, known for its beautiful singing. The main difference between the two is that the Cherubim have beautiful singing voices and the Seraphim have vibrational and tonal abilities.


The Powers are the fifth phylum of angels on The Other Side. Healing is their main function. When they heal, they surround a person with their protective wings, giving off healing energy. Powers are usually large and sometimes can be enormous. 


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The Carrions are the sixth phylum of angels. Their purpose is to carry away the dark entities when they die. The Carrions only have one mission: to stand back until a dark entity is ready to pass into death. The Carrions act as protection for our world and also The Other Side. Because of The Carrions, dead dark entities don’t exist on earth.


The Virtues are the seventh phylum of angels. The Virtues help us with our life charts, and they help us make changes to our charts when needed. The Virtues also help us with our charts and with life on The Other Side before we come to earth.


The Dominions are the eighth phylum of angels. They watch over our good deeds and actions and record them permanently in the Akashic record. I consider The Dominions to be some of the busiest angels. They guide by informing which Angels would be of the most assistance to us. The Dominions typically do not act on our earth plane, but perform their work where they are on our behalf.


The Thrones and the Principalities are considered the “most high” of all of the angels. They are Mother and Father God’s armies. There are no other angels that are higher than them. The Thrones and Principalities are sent to us when we are in danger of any type. The Thrones are Azna’s (Mother God) Army and the Principalities are Om’s (Father God) Army.


These many angels are always ready to be of assistance to you! 

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By virginia, Friday, January 29, 2010 09:07:02 PM
Dear Saint Michael...Please surround my sons James, and Jerrel with your wisdom and protection. May you keep them safe from harm at all times. Thank you. Please may their spirit guides and their angels help them find permanent work. Please also bless my grandson Jakob, and may his guardian angel surround him at all times in protection. Thank you...
By virginia, Friday, January 29, 2010 09:02:39 PM
Dear Lupe, my heart goes out to you...I do not ever want to feel the pain in your heart right a mother I know that the bond we have with our kids is beyond understanding. Your baby girl is in GOD's Kingdom, and she is in her glory...Please just don't give up on GOD because only he knows why these horrible things happen. My prayers are with you, and may your Angels and God above all give you the strength to take it day by day. GOD BLESS
By lynn, Monday, November 30, 2009 02:59:31 AM
Michael.” Archangels who carry the scepter of healing. This scepter is full of water from the pond near the Hall of Wisdom. I ask that Micheal Archangel will touch my Husband and myself and children gently on the heart chakra and send us healing. and that all of the test that come back well be good news i have been bleeding from my rectal and the doctor are testing me husband for cancer let my husband and myself be healed from what ever is going on with are bodies and my daughter to be held from the pain in her body and our sons to be healed in there body to please touch us all and let us be Healed and i thank you Jesus and god to for letting your angels heal us along with you lord we know you send them down to us thank you for your blessing amen
By chauncey, Sunday, June 07, 2009 06:47:08 PM
i still like to know if god loves all of us which he created then why are there so much hatred against those who are different from ourselves? whether it be race or sexual attraction?god did not create us all blonde hair blue eyed robots!but instead gave us the gift of indivisuality!
By Patricia and Bill, Friday, May 29, 2009 10:52:52 AM
hi i need your help my son that is in jail and needs help my husband and i have 4 son all older and 4 grand kids i boy and 3 girls my other needs a rehub to and the rest of us are really really depressed
By Dennis, Saturday, May 23, 2009 05:46:10 PM
sylvia i have read most all of your books. good job keep up the good work Dennis from colorado.
By Pattie, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 09:45:05 PM
Dear Lupe, I am so sorry for the Loss of your daughter. Through reading your letter and story about Melissa's pain, hopefully her message will be Spread Far & Wide! This is very Humbling in itself, and it is my hope to continue to be. Thank You for sharing & making many of us see the realities, the Truth & Light of God through your letter. P.K.
By Naomi, Monday, May 18, 2009 03:24:17 PM
I do truly believe in the power of angels and their infinite, love, compassion, glory and how quickly they can respond to your healing needs in the way that they only can. It is easier to link up with angels, if people only believe. The belief system is the only way. But you can ask them to bring belief into your life if you never had it, or to bring it back if you forsake it. Along the way as we can all lose our faith no matter how strong. Ask your angel to restore your love and belief back into your life and you can be sure they most defineately will. May the glory of your angels light shine upon you and always.
By Jim, Monday, May 18, 2009 02:53:59 PM
Since I have read book of angels,i have have alot of contact with these wonderful beings.They can help in ways that you cant believe.I am so fortunate to have these wonderful angels.
By Martha, Monday, May 18, 2009 07:12:34 AM

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