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Types Of Angels In The Spiritual World
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Many people are aware that angels exist. But did you know that there are different types of angels on The Other Side? Each phylum performs different duties and you’ll want to be sure to call upon the different type of phylum depending on your exact need to define different angels.


Angels are the first phylum. Angels, specifically religious angels, radiate with the love and glory of the Holy Spirit. They appear with shining white light surrounding them.


Archangels are the second phylum of angels. They do not have individual names, my Spirit Guide Francine likes to suggest that we call all of them “Michael.” Archangels are the type of angels that carry the scepter of healing. This scepter is full of water from the pond near the Hall of Wisdom. An Archangel will touch someone gently on the heart chakra and send them healing.


The Cherubim and the Seraphim are levels three and four, respectively, of the angel phylum chart. The animal totem for both is the canary, known for its beautiful singing. The main difference between the two is that the Cherubim have beautiful singing voices and the Seraphim have vibrational and tonal abilities.


The Powers are the fifth phylum of angels on The Other Side. Healing is their main function. When they heal, they surround a person with their protective wings, giving off healing energy. Powers are usually large and sometimes can be enormous. 


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The Carrions are the sixth phylum of angels. Their purpose is to carry away the dark entities when they die. The Carrions only have one mission: to stand back until a dark entity is ready to pass into death. The Carrions act as protection for our world and also The Other Side. Because of The Carrions, dead dark entities don’t exist on earth.


The Virtues are the seventh phylum of angels. The Virtues help us with our life charts, and they help us make changes to our charts when needed. The Virtues also help us with our charts and with life on The Other Side before we come to earth.


The Dominions are the eighth phylum of angels. They watch over our good deeds and actions and record them permanently in the Akashic record. I consider The Dominions to be some of the busiest angels. They guide by informing which Angels would be of the most assistance to us. The Dominions typically do not act on our earth plane, but perform their work where they are on our behalf.


The Thrones and the Principalities are considered the “most high” of all of the angels. They are Mother and Father God’s armies. There are no other angels that are higher than them. The Thrones and Principalities are sent to us when we are in danger of any type. The Thrones are Azna’s (Mother God) Army and the Principalities are Om’s (Father God) Army.


These many angels are always ready to be of assistance to you! 

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By naomi, Thursday, December 18, 2008 01:06:23 PM
Deceptive people. Yes I have seen a person lie through their teeth in order to get money out of you. Pretending to be your friend until he or she gets the money out of your pockets. Then leave you standing there by yourself, after they have, without a care, stolen your money. I don't like deception. But looking into deceptive angels? That is weird, and not true. Do we have to look with skepticism at everything and everyone? Maybe. Nothing wrong with looking for answers. I beleive it when I see it. So far, I know angels only do good. But a dark entity can be deceptive, and may do whatever he can to confuse you. So yes there are deceptive dark entitys. But no there are NO dark angels. And once again. There is no such thing as the devil. That was a fictional character made for the old churches to keep their people in line. Study church history at the library, church encyclopedias. Also Sylvia has book and author reccommendations on her website, that explain the history of churchs and bibles and how ideas have changed and been rewritten over many many years.
By naomi, Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:51:24 PM
Novus Spiritus is a Church founded by Sylvia Browne. Find out more on her website
By naomi, Thursday, December 18, 2008 09:56:58 AM
Angels can never become spirits or people, and vice versa. People (and people's spirits) cannot become or be an Angel. Angels are a different phylum. Angels are a phylum of their own. Angels a direct disention from God. They are Gods workers, to protect us, and help us.
By kathy, Wednesday, December 17, 2008 10:05:07 PM
where is all the answers too all these ? .
By Claudia, Wednesday, December 17, 2008 02:43:07 AM
By Mark, Tuesday, December 16, 2008 07:51:34 PM
I love you Sylvia Browne.. your one of my greatest teachers and I think you are awesome.. I just wish I had as great of a psychic ability as you do! Mark, Vista California
By marilyn, Friday, December 05, 2008 10:50:40 PM
sylvia thanks so much for francine and you. i work in a laundymat and have a lady come in with her husband.she and i butt heads shes dark and i was really tired but stood up and thought i would try to deal with her i felt that unseen things were trying to crawl into all of my body parts and i couldnt handle it so i asked azna to sheild me with her mantle the lady left and came back 40 minutes later not getting near me again and havent seen her sence. i felt that i flunked my test but so protected by our mother.thank you for bringing her to us .and also the 2 marys ive always known and asked years back that the true story of our lords mother be told.sylvia we need a church for mother god think anyones ready for that ?marilyn
By Jane, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 07:34:43 AM
I found Sylvia Browne's article on the Types of Angels in The Spiritual World very informative and helpful. This past winter my husband, who unfortunately spends a lot of time in bed due to illness looked out of his window this past winter and noticed 4 very tall beings standing on the roadside by some tall trees. He said they were his angels as he had seen them before as a boy when he had contracted polio. The angel visitation at 5 years old was described by my hub as golden light filling the whole room everything was bathed with golden shining light. Then Jesus spoke to him and told him everything would be ok. There were other miracles that happened to him as well later in life. Angels perform the will of God on this plane of existence. They are powerful forces for good. The story about dark angels. The iconic black Nadonna was the Pope's John Paul II favourite religious relic and is a powerful prayer aid. The idea that colour means anything in the angel hierarchy is probably nil. The fact that "dark angels" refer to Satan or the devil is odd because Lucifer (name translates to light) was actually the brightest of light beings, and he confuses people because they think he is good because of this light emaniating from him. The deception of "light" as "good" is questioned. The one way to find out if the "being of light" is good or bad? Ask God or Jesus for discernment. Ask to know the difference. Then the angel will remain or quickly leave if it is not God's angel. Nothing can have the "precious blood of Jesus" or the "fear of the Lord" prayed over it if it is not of God/Jesus. The "angel" of deception will automatically disappear. Then the true angels appear to help. All it takes to call upon the angel is a prayer, "Angels of the Lord God (Jesus) please help me with (place prayer request here)". Another point, I do know that angels can take the form of humans (kindly strangers) or animals. Whenever there is a need the angels take on the most likely form so they will not to be noticed. When I fainted once a cat came over and licked my face. Also, a deer came to my window when I was asking for a favour from heaven. There are always angels about us, and our guardian angel is always on our shoulder watching over us. Protection is ours for the asking! Thank-goodness! Jane Jones Canada
By CHRISTINE, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 01:01:03 AM
Sylvia....... hello ok i have tried to ask and angel this question and i know that we are in trouble with money to pay a phone bill,Is that right that i did because we are in so much trouble i am staying down,i just though that what i have asked an angel on here if that was right?this is my first time doing this.
By michelle, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 10:20:00 PM
whoever can answer this i would like to know what type of angel my little brother is. he died in february of 2008 at 2 1/2 from shaken baby syndrome. We had adopted him. I know that his spirit is still around my home. I have seen him and so has my son. I am wondering if he is here to protect us or guide us or something. so anyone who might be able to anser this question that would be wonderful. tyvm shell

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