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Zodiac Motherís Day Guide for 2011
Mother's Day Zodiac Guide angels, psychic, psychics, find a free psychic, online psychic, find a online psychic free!  Live psychics, psychic medium, psychic predictions, ask now free! If you are not sure what to get Mom for Motherís Day, you can always find a few hints in this Motherís Day Zodiac Guide that can help you pick out something perfect.


The Aries mom wants something practical that will assist her with her fitness regime or her soaring career. Several planets in her sign mean that she is going to be energized the rest of 2011 and require all the latest technology. A new smartphone is in order.  She is also going to want to stay in shape, so a membership to a gym is a great idea. To keep her organized, you might want to consider buying her a new lap top, organizer or daytime.


The Taurus mom loves anything hand made by a child or a grandchild, so do not hesitate to see what kind of crafts you could make her. The Taurus woman is very domestic, so gifts of cookware or gardening tools also please her. If your mom is a gardener, consider giving her some rare seeds or a collection of herbs or pepper plants to help flavor her normally excellent cooking. A nice collection of gourmet spices or sauces is also a nice gift for a bull.


The Gemini mom loves a good gadget, so you should keep your eye on the ďAs Seen on TVĒ type ads or The Shopping Channel for gizmos like carpet steamers, curling irons, and designer bras. The Gemini also loves anything cultural, so tickets to a show or a big festival of some kind give her something to be very excited about. This intellectual sign also appreciates a good book or the latest board game, so she can play it with her children and grandchildren.


The Cancer mom is sensitive, emotional, and does best if you give her a more sentimental gift that commemorates her family history.  Framed photos of loved ones or a trip to a family photographer is a good gift. This sign is a bit materialistic as well and they love to show off any jeweler they have been given to friend; if the piece is signature somehow and engraved it will be sure to capture her heart.


The Lion loves adventure so any short trip that has a touch of athleticism to it, such as a hike up a local mountain or a sojourn to an interesting park or museum is likely to bring a big smile to her face. The Lion also likes to be pampered and to shop, so a gift certificate to a salon or a high end clothing store is also likely to make her day. The perfect gift is a designer pair of sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun.


Virgo moms are very practical and they do not always appreciate you wasting money on them. The Virgo likes a gift that somehow gives back to you. This means that if you live far away then it might be a good idea to buy her long distance minutes. If you live close by, then get her a membership to a video store so the two of you can watch movies together.


This is a very kind sign that is honored most if you donate some money in her name to a favorite charity. Many Libras love pets so donating to a wildlife or animal rescue facility is a good idea. The Libra mom also loves works of art, antiques, and clothing that you have sewn or knitted with your own hands. This musical sign might also appreciate the gift of a new musical instrument.


Women born under this sign love clothing and accessories that make them feel sexy and mysterious. An expensive bottle of perfume or a designer bag is greatly appreciated. They also tend to be very artistic people so a camera is also a welcome gift. The Scorpio mom enjoys a gourmet food item or a fine bottle of wine (if she drinks).


The very best gift you could ever give a Sagittarius is the opportunity to travel, even if it is just for a day trip out to an antique market. They also love exotic foods and new experiences so taking her to a restaurant that serves unusual fare is a very good idea.  Zodiac moms also would enjoy the idea of making some kind of family video on Motherís Day, as most of them are very creative as well as sentimental at the same time.


If your mother is a Goat, then you better get your wallet out. This sign does see love as something that should be translated into dollar signs. If you do buy her something on sale, make sure it is of very high quality. Capricorn moms love a trip to a fine restaurant and gifts of fine jewels, especially if the piece is engraved. They also like phones and accessories for their car such as GPS units, back supports, and CDs to listen to while commuting.


This charming and creative sign likes unusual gadgets, especially if they have to do with spirituality or the occult. Dreamcatchers, chimes, and singing crystal bowls are nice collectibles for this sign. They also love technology, so a new television or a computer can really help her feel loved on this holiday. This intellectual and airy sign also joins reading the latest best-seller, especially if it is about new age spiritually.


The Mom who is a Fish loves to be pampered. A day at a spa with plenty of water features, patting down with special potions, and a nice lunch after is a perfect gift. Preferably this friendly sign would like the two of you to spend the day together, but if that is not possible then buy her a certificate to the nicest day spa you can afford. The Pisces native love photography so buying them  a smart phone with a camera or a new camera is a great idea.

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