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Celebrity Dreams
Celebrity Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE!

Very often our subconscious is in tune with the outside world and its wonderful trappings of stardom. Our thoughts become wishes in our dream state. Celebrities seem to have it all. So why not dream of a celebrity’s outlandish lifestyle and the strength of character they seem to possess? It sure beats working in a bank or waiting on tables.


To be a well known, rich and privileged celebrity would be a dream come true for most of us. Lately, I’ve had dreams of The Soprano’s James Gandolfini. At first, I was disturbed, “Why him?” He whacks people and has a short fuse for women that want to run the show. We definitely would not hit it off. No way would he and I be a love match.

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After five different dreams later with him as the main celebrity character, I analyzed our connection. In all of the dreams, he was always gracious.He even handed me five one-hundred dollar bills. “Here kid, how much do you need for that trip to Florida?” During one of his sit downs with the boys, he invited me to attend. Even Paulie Walnuts was impressed with Tony's new girl. So on and so on. My dreams have been a series of different scenarios with a celebrity and me.


What was my dream saying? Tony is everything I dislike in a man. He’s domineering, corrupt, untrustworthy, a womanizer, and a murderer. Supposedly, celebrities represent aspects of our personalities that we are or would like to be. It can also mean it’s something you’re trying to grasp in your own life. 


What psychological characteristics and traits does this celebrity have that I need? Movie stars, musicians, authors, inventors, and entrepreneurs carry a great deal of symbolic energy. What power do they have that draws us to them? I believe in my own case that that my nightly visits with Tony Soprano is my subconscious talking to me loud and clear. I’ve always been attracted to men I could overpower. I was stronger and feistier.  Perhaps at this stage of my life, I need someone to take care of me. Tony does have some good traits. He throws the dough around as though he’s making it in the cellar. He does have a fierce protective streak in him, and he loves babies and horses. Maybe I want that in my life now.


When dreaming of a celebrity, it doesn’t always mean that you want to adopt their personalities or attain their famous lifestyles. When you dream of a celebrity, it can mean that you crave to surround yourself with the good and the strengths of that person, not necessarily to be well known, famous, rich, or privileged. Although, I must admit that would be a lifestyle I could easily learn to love.


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By Anica, Sunday, January 31, 2010 11:53:46 PM
I have been having a occurring dream about Seth Green and I'm not really a fan of his..well, after the dreams, I became, sort of, a fan. Anyhow, we always seem to bump into each other no matter where we go. Some how he found out that I was a screenplay writer and wanted me to evaluate something he had written. I said I'd look at it but I knew I was too busy to read it. When it was my time for me to except an award for best new screenplay writer of the year, he totally ignored me every single time we bumped into each other after I had won. With a strong career ahead of me, I had taken time for a vacation and decided to read his work. I read it and loved it and wanted to help him produce is movie, but every time I would try and talk to him, he would just ignore me and each time I saw him, he had a different girlfriend (I think it was his girlfriends) and he would snub me while he was with these girls. I made it clear to him, on our very last encounter, that I was not interested in him romantically in any way shape or form. After I told him that, he basically broke down and said that he really wanted a relationship with me. Weird huh? The first 3 or 4 dreams was him snubbing me with the different girls, and the last dream was him professing his love for me! This dream really didn't make sence to me, now or a couple of months ago. I really didn't know Seth as an actor or what he played in or that he was a script writer. But I can tell you this, after the last dream, I googled his name and found loads of stuff (movies, televison shows like Robot Chicken) that he did and slowly but surely, I know I will be one of his newest fans! I like his humor! Does anyone know the reasoning behind these dreams? Please let me know! One thing to keep in mind is that I didn't really know who he was before the dreams. Thanks!
By deanna, Sunday, January 31, 2010 09:44:38 AM
i keep having dreams of Elvis Costello! Yes, he is my favorite musician in the whole world and has been for a long time but why now????
By Catherine, Sunday, January 31, 2010 07:04:04 AM
SARAH, I got a kick out of your dreams w/ the Olsen twins! ROFL!!! Do you know the reason why you have those dreams? Just curious. CATHERINE Okay is it just my screen or does anyone else have problems reading our names?
By Catherine, Sunday, January 31, 2010 07:00:39 AM
My reoccuring celebrity dream is me and 50 cent. No lie! Crazy... --- CATHERINE
By sarah, Sunday, May 17, 2009 06:30:47 PM
I have dreams that I'm friends with the Olsen twins. Its a reoccuring dream for years. I guess I feel connected to them in some way; its actually slightly humurous.
By Anida, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 02:30:45 PM
Thani yoy I have had many dreams with different celeberties, and not know why. This clears up alot of it.
By Lori, Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:35:09 AM
I had a dream where I was outside and I kissed Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) on the lips. Unfortnately, he wasn't a real good kisser. In another dream, I was touching his naked back.
By dawn, Sunday, October 05, 2008 11:09:22 AM
by dawn altizer ihad adram iwas on the beach with kenny chesney the country singer it seemed so real icould feel the warm sun shine on my face could you please tell me what this means
By mary, Monday, August 25, 2008 03:12:09 PM
i had a dream last night of red foxx and his actor son when he played fred.g.sanford. as you know he died many years ago and his actor son is still alive. i dreamed red foxx was sitting in a chair i was standing up and all of a sudden the o-jays (singing group) came throught the door singing red foxx jumped up he was so happy and his actor son then came the choir behind them all of them where singing and red foxx and his actor son started doing the hustle dancing everyone was happy i just watched from the room in a cornor. what does this dream mean? mary jo axson
By Vanessa, Friday, August 08, 2008 11:19:07 AM
I drempt of Pam Anderson, my boyfriend of course says it has to do with sex. Get real... I agree with what was said about us wanting the same power, so to speak, that they have. She is a very intellegent women who is very business oriented and she is a good mother even though we only see when she's out having a good time, she is a very good mother and loves her children. I hope I can reach the goals I have just like she has..

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