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Common Dreams
The Meaning of Common Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! There are several different types of common dreams that are shared by everyone. Here is a rundown of the most common ones.

Fear of being caught naked is a common dream. In this type of dream, you are usually caught walking around in a public place like a mall wearing no clothes. In extreme versions of this type of dream, you are onstage. Low self esteem triggers the insecurity symbolizes in these dreams. Being naked in a dream is about feeling vulnerable, laughed at, or humiliated unless it is a sexual dream in which case it may be more about a desire to have sex or a desire to have a lover appreciate your body. Nudity can also symbolize being caught in a lie or off guard.

Another very common dream is the chase dream. If you dream about being chased, it can mean that your problems are really building up in your real life. It can symbolize evasive behavior on your part. You may have trouble dealing with a problem. One key to understanding these dreams is to identify whoever it is that is pursuing you in the dream. In terms of dream movies, these ones can have a flair to them that is as exciting as attending an adventure film.

Another common dream game with the subconscious is the dream that your teeth is falling out. Of course, reality usually wins in this case. Your teeth arenít really falling out. Common dream scenarios include having your teeth crumbling in your hands or your teeth falling out one by one when you touch them lightly. This is a dream about losing the foundation of your beliefs. Your teeth crumble because you believe that your life is crumbling in real life.

Loss of teeth can also mean sexual insecurity in a dream as smiling is used so much in flirting. It can mean fear of getting old or impotence. Sometimes dream pictures actually reveal who it is you are afraid of being humiliated in front of. Your teeth fall out in front of that person in the dream.

Yet another common dream is the one that you are falling. Falling dreams are significant as they can indicate ill health. They also can symbolize a loss of control over situation in your life. According to Freud, a falling dream can also symbolize giving in to a sexual urge.

Failing a test is also a very common dream. Experience the fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough. Dreams of this nature are an indication that you are being judged.

When practicing dream interpretation, it is important to remember that not all dreams mean the same thing for each individual even if the symbol is the same. The main thing that you need to remember is that one should never neglect the importance of your own personal history, which often figures heavily into these dreams.

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By Aries, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 06:20:18 PM
Nichole: Might wanna look up Pandergast, fire means a lot of things in dreams, mostly negative things. If there is a Pandergast of any sort in your life, then try and find out the negativity stemming from it.
By Aries, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 04:29:54 PM
Pam: Listen to what the call said, it's an important message.
By Pam, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 10:35:58 AM
I had a dream that my husband mother from Romania called on the telephone she has passed away over a year. Does this mean anything
By Nichole, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 09:20:24 AM
I keep having this dream where the word Pendergast is burning in flames in my hand. In my dream I am not scared or hurt, but I just sit there and wonder why. Im not sure if it is because I keep thinking about the dream and that is why I keep having it or what.
By ellen, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 05:03:07 AM
Hi Sylvia, While I was at work I heard this loud bang in my head. I thought it was a bom. But then I start rocking back and forth and was dizzy for a second. This all happend in seconds. Am I getting Ill or do I have some serious illness.
By Kristen, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 01:49:31 AM
When I dream, if i have a bad dream about someone, I will wake up not likeing them and feeling the feeling until I forget what I had dreamt about and the feeling fades.
By Tammy, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 12:42:09 PM
Hello again Sylvia , I had a dream that i was in a strange house with three of my children we were sitting on the couch by the front door when so men came in with guns. I kept my children safe but, I was shot. i could actually feel the warmth of the blood running down my back it woke me up. to this day i am so freaked out. I have had several similar dreams after that. one i was in a huge field only one house and a set of bleaches and there i was with two of my children running and trying to hide behind the bleachers from the gun fire it seemed like we were in a war field. please help me understand these dreams.
By Tammy, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 12:39:44 PM
Hello Sylvia, What does it mean to be fully awake and see people that are alive but not there with you? I was at home my son was sleeping on the couch and i had my 2year old in the room with me. no one else was home. I walked into the kitchen where i saw my 15 year old daughter standing there as i walked closer she ran away. I can see her like it was real down to what she was wearing. I am so afraid of what it means i will not allow her to wear anything close to what I saw her wearing.does this mean something bad is going to happen to her? I am terrified.
By Dartz, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:20:23 AM
Netizin: Our subconscious picks up things that our waking minds brush aside or don't notice at all. Even though we do know them, they need to be pointed out to bring it to our attention.
By netizen, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 05:27:48 AM
What's the importance of interpreting dreams? If they just reflect what you already know about yourself, how does it help? If it's about the subconscious, would the same meaning apply to everyone? My dreams just seem to reflect the fear I may have during the day - not being prepared for exams,for instance.

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