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Contacting A Far Away Person In A Dream
Contacting Someone Far Away in a Dream Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! The simplest way to contact a person who is far away is to practice a form of dream contact called soul talk. This makes it possibly to actually have a conversation in your mind with the other person. The recommended method is to picture the person's face. If you don't know what they look like, as is the case with those who have online lovers, let the image just form in your mind.

His first step is to picture the individual physically. The second step is to figure out their vibe. How do they "feel" to you? Do you sense a lot of resistance to you contacting him or her? Are you greeted with familiarity and warmth? What is their posture or the expression on their face?

The next step is to picture this individual coming towards you and smiling at you.This may particularly difficult with individuals that donít want to see you, but it is a necessary part of the exercise. By picturing the smile, you are subtly increasing their receptivity to the message you are sending.

Once you have completely imagined the individual smiling at you, the next step is to picture a beam of light, shooting from your heart, to the individual's heart. This beam of light can be pictured as a laser beam, a cascade of shimmering light, or a long silver thread. Use whatever image feels the most comfortable to you.

Picture a tiny sun or ball of light, several feet above your own head. This is your Soul Light or your Higher Self. Above that, picture an even higher light. The best way to picture this supreme light is as a small shining sun that hovers about half-way between yourself and the individual with whom you are "soul talking." This third light represents the Divine, or the holiness that connects all souls together. This is the Highest Sun, or the source of all creativity, imagination, and manifestation.   

Picture the Highest Sun sending a beam to your Soul Light and down to your Heart Light. Many individuals feel a warm glow around their chest if they are doing this correctly. However, if you don't feel this, don't worry, as often it is enough to just picture the light in order for the communication to be successful.

The person that you are picturing also has a Soul Light hovering about three feet above their head. Like you, the Higher Sun is sending pulsating energy to their Heart Light. At this point, you will note that you have created a kind of triangle between yourself and the other person with the Higher Sun Light at the top connecting both of your Soul Lights and the bottom line connecting your Heart Lights.

You are now going to attempt to communicate with the person soul to soul by sending a beam of light that connects your Soul Light to the other person. Many might feel a click or connection with a person before they reach this part of the visualization.

Once you have connected with the individual, you can tell the person what you would like and why it would be a good thing by verbally expressing it in your mind, or you can send those different colors and quality of light. There is no correct way and some may want to use a combination of verbal communication and light emanation. Do whatever seems right to you.

Verbally expressing your thoughts is a direct and simple way to make soul contact, and attuned individuals may hear messages back from the other person's soul. The important thing here is that you make your request and listen quietly and patient for the answer.

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By susan, Monday, April 29, 2013 01:30:20 AM
This is awesome, I wonder if it works if that person is on your mind all the time, I have been seeing some one for almost 4 yrs he is like a soul mate I looked it up and it says that, he is my soul mate But there are some things standing in our way to real Happiness, Fred is a wonderful man and he is a workaholic, he is 10 yrs older too, And he is a diabetic and I worry , and he knows I do, I do give him his space when he s not at work, But he s in My Heart and he knows I love him,
By Phyllis, Saturday, September 18, 2010 03:42:00 PM
I know that the mind is a powerful thing. You can think about a person hard enough you will dream of them or you may see them physically. Maybe a phone call. pv
By Crystal, Saturday, July 18, 2009 04:07:23 AM
I've been trying real hard to get this down and perfect it. I think I can hear him talking back to me, but can't be completely sure. Any other useful tips? Any would be greatly appreciated.
By Francisco, Friday, June 05, 2009 03:13:21 PM
What if you try to talk to two people at once, is that possible?
By Madison, Sunday, May 31, 2009 12:16:05 PM
To Patricia: Love this article and love your questions! You can ask your angels for anything and they will try as hard as they possibly can. However, if you do not have that much experience with angels and spirits and stuff then it may not happen. Your sister may be ill. I can't tell; I'm not a doctor or a phyciatrist. You may want to ask a doctor or phyciatrist if she is ill. I know you were expecting Sylvia, but I hope I helped! ~Madison =)
By Patricia, Tuesday, May 26, 2009 09:45:54 PM
I have been going through many stresses this year, but one thing has kept me going has been my dreams. I have dreams of winning the lottery and buying this house, and the house always looks familiar. Last couple nights i couldn't sleep due to family problems, then i could smell lavender and fell off to sleep. Last night i was lying away with pain in my stomach from stress, i had a dream of me marrying my husband and my dad and i had a dance which was our first. He wasn't living when i was married. This morning when i got to work the photocopier turned on by itself which doesn't happen when the switch is turned off. I just knew i had spirits beside me knowing i'm going through rough times trying to relax me. I beleive i see these spirits in my dreams and feel their presence in my room because my sister is not well. She has been having really eratic behaviour this last 6 months almost anger issues and she takes it out on us. So i have been asking for help. The spirits in this house love having me around and don't like it when she threatens me to make me move out. Can i call on them to make peace in the house, and also is my sister ill
By Eric, Thursday, May 07, 2009 08:59:23 PM
Is it possible to be so connected to a person that you don't need to picture all the connections?
By Deborah, Friday, May 01, 2009 02:14:09 PM
I did this once a few years ago with my husband who died last month. He was camping in the desert in Nevada for a few days (we live in California). It was bedtime and I talked to him in my mind. When he returned from his trip, he told me that he had heard my voice that night as he lay in his sleeping bag. We had established contact. I did the same thing with him before he died (he was in a coma, but I kept feeling like is soul hovered at the head of his bed). The night before he died, he told me his body was dying the next day and of course it did.
By Hawk, Friday, May 01, 2009 08:45:11 AM
Wow this is amazing!
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