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By Brenda, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 07:22:35 PM
Wonder what it means to have a shot gun put in my face and then woke mad and tried to get back in it to see who it was. I just lost a very close friend on 8-1-08 in his sleep a few hrs. after talking to him. Why would it be in my face and most my dreams lately people have no face? I understand most of them but this one has me puzzled.. HrlyBren
By geri, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 05:28:26 PM
By Teresa, Monday, August 11, 2008 11:02:19 PM
I used to have these dreams, or I think they were dreams bcuz they seemed so real, anyways, the dreams were never the same but when I would be sleeping I would feel like I was going really fast than in a flash it would stop. After that I have scary dreams, for instance: I was in the olden days and I walked through this door that was full of cobb webs and when I entered the room there people who were trying to get me but they couldn't. I got so scared but I could not wake from this dream. In order for me to wake up I have to talk myself out of the dream by thinking of calming myself down and as I do that I feel like wind or the sound of a sea shell in my ear. After I wake up I'm all shakey. I told my sister about it a long time ago but she think anything of it and then I told an employee of it, but her response was that my mind is falling asleep faster than what my body is??? I haven't had those types of dreams in a long time or whatever they are.
By linda, Sunday, August 10, 2008 04:26:48 PM
i dreamed alot of colorfull baby birds what does that mean
By Teresa, Saturday, August 09, 2008 01:40:59 AM
teresa gilbert since i was a young girl I say maybe 5 or 6 and now 39 i have always have had dreams about dead people chasing me and right when there about to catch me i get away. But they never want to hurt me but i think they are. and i alwaays dream that im in this house with a bunch of doors and stairs and they all lead to a different place.
By sarah, Friday, August 08, 2008 03:35:41 PM
Hello Sylvia, My Name is sarah and i Have a friend that had died in june of 2008 and named Brandon. That night when he got in the car accedent and got killed I was angury at him bc he never showed up to visit me so i thought he stood me up. I am talking to his sister and she said she is haveing dreams about Brandon crying?? The only dream i have had is that i seen him threw a window and he had a very sad look on his face? Would you please help me find the reasons to these dreams? Thank - you p.s Your an amazeing woman my great aunt judy and I watch you on montel as much as we can we just love you.! thanxs again.
By Tammy, Friday, August 08, 2008 11:56:09 AM
What does it mean to be fully awake and see people that are alive but not there with you? I was at home my son was sleeping on the couch and i had my 2year old in the room with me. no one else was home. I walked into the kitchen where i saw my 15 year old daughter standing there as i walked closer she ran away. I can see her like it was real down to what she was wearing. I am so afraid of what it means i will not allow her to wear anything close to what I saw her wearing.does this mean something bad is going to happen to her? I am terrified.
By Tammy, Friday, August 08, 2008 11:51:27 AM
I had a dream that i was in a strange house with three of my children we were sitting on the couch by the front door when so men came in with guns. I kept my children safe but, I was shot. i could actually feel the warmth of the blood running down my back it woke me up. to this day i am so freaked out. I have had several similar dreams after that. one i was in a huge field only one house and a set of bleaches and there i was with two of my children running and trying to hide behind the bleachers from the gun fire it seemed like we were in a war field. please help me understand these dreams.
By Valerie, Friday, August 08, 2008 08:59:32 AM
Wow, Yolanda's story sounds just like my aunts. As for me, I've had dreams of people and they show up or call. This time I was woken up w/ a dream about my brother-in-law. The worst part of the dream was that, he picked up my 4yr old niece and KICKED her, in the body, because she got up, in the night. I also had a dream a while ago, that I walked in and he was in her barbie bed w/ her, and I took a picture. My family tells me that it's nothing. I feel ashamed, I want to like and trust him, but then the dreams and his behaviors make me sick to my stomach. What do I do?
By Yolanda, Sunday, August 03, 2008 02:57:43 AM
As a kid I would have dreams of people I never met, or places I've never been to. I once had a dream of a little girl who had been kidnapped, and the next day on the news I saw the same exact girl and I right away mentioned to my mom that the little girl had been strangled and abandoned about 2 miles away from her home. Later that night on the news, the little girl had been found dead near her home and was strangled just like I mentioned to my mom. Within that month I had some other dreams that had to deal with missing people, or fatal accidents that occured, then I would hear about it on the news the next day. I feel that I should be doing something about this, but not exactly sure what? Any suggestions?

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