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Feng Shui Family Household Living
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Every family wants harmony and balance in the household. That is the key to Feng Shui living.

The Feng Shui secret to achieving this harmony is to evaluate the essence of the home. We must know how to implement Feng Shui secrets into the home to create a balanced environment.


First, we look to see if the home itself creates a healthy environment. Checking the door and windows are important. The windows in a house represent children and the doors represent the parents. So, if there are too many windows in a house, then the children may overrun the house. Whereas, a lack of doors might mean lack of parental authority. The key is balance. We must investigate each home to match it to each family.

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Feng Shui teaches that family harmony starts by having a good kitchen and dining area. It is important to nourish the family. Family rooms or living rooms should be a place for the family to be together. The idea is for everyone to be able to live and hang out together and not be sent off to their rooms. Having the computers out in the open allows group participation. There is also less likelihood of other things happening that do not promote family activity. We must think of participating in one another’s lives – we are really here to help each other.


Placement of bedrooms is important for Feng Shui living. Younger children should be closer to mom and dad to promote feelings of safety and comfort. As the bonds grow between parents and children, they can be further apart, but not so far apart the child feels as though they have been banished.


One of the biggest problems in creating a strong family unit is technology being the additional member of the household. Every time a child is on the phone, playing a video game, or alone watching TV, they are directing their energies elsewhere. Go out and buy a big plasma TV and watch it together. Discuss the programs with each other to increase interaction with your children.


Create family time. I-Pods and other earphone devices are for alone time. Share your lives! Make time to talk at the end of the day. It creates a sense of warmth that only people that care can give. Set the intention for a happy, loving family and reinforce it in your home through Feng Shui. You will see how the energy in your home can change. Let Mother Nature help, and the connectedness that we all long for in our hearts can be achieved.

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By C, Thursday, June 26, 2008 12:45:55 PM
Small 8 sided mirrors facing out the windows pushes away negative energy. You can find these along with hanging crystals to deflect energy out and away too in small Chinese stores where they sell also bamboo plants. I find my feng shui items at an Asian /chinese store in the area where many live and shop next door to an accupuncturist too. You might look in your NY neighbor hood or call around to locate one of these. I had noisy next door neighbors who partied alot. Hanging small 6 inch 8 sided/ green/ red with little mirrors in the middle of them, facing these people has made a tremendous difference. the mirrors deflect the energy. I also have two little lions in the front porch facing out to deflect the negative energy away from me. One hanging crystal in my living room in the middle helps me too. carmen san diego
By Green, Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:16:06 AM
There is nothing as good as having a happy, healthy and loving family. It is of utmost importance to bring the family together and make sure the whole family does things together such as eating, watching tv and having fun. This is a very interesting article. I really like the idea of putting computers in the living room to make sure you children use it out in the open. This will reduce the risk of them doing things you don't know about when the computer is in the privacy of their room.
By Laura, Monday, June 16, 2008 02:21:45 PM
Having a life that is balanced is very important. being able to have close relationships with children are a great thing. But there needs to be boundaries set and followed. Having a pleasing environment makes for a happy environment.
By melisa, Saturday, June 14, 2008 10:39:50 PM
My kichen and living room has no wall to saperate them and i have 3 doors in this space, a front door a side door and a back door, is this good?
By caroldean, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:34:06 PM
good article
By carla, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 12:58:00 PM
life is suppose to be easy. dont get stressed out. think positive. keep your head up high. you are only one person raising two kids. do the best that you can.
By Joan, Wednesday, May 28, 2008 10:05:27 PM
DR.Bell, my home is in need of harmony and balance. The apartment has 11 windows, and 6 doors(small window on back door). I am a single mom of a 8yr old & 24yr old sons. They both think that they are the boss and run the house. My youngset sleeps in the bedroom near me so he feels security. WE do have family bonding reading, playing games, watching tv. I try to be the best parent i can be, not overly strict(probably too soft). I do instill high morals and character traits in them. I there a flower or something to put in the home to create Feng Shui living, positive energy and harmony?? Distressed in NY, Joanie

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