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How to Recognize A Psychic Dream
Recognize Your Psychic Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Researchers say the average person will have at least 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Types of dreams can range from the after life to a near death experience to talks to the dead. Some nights, you may feel as if you were in a dream marathon, as you experience one after another with different themes. You awaken exhausted and depleted, unsure of the meaning of your dreams.

Psychic dreams are very different. These snapshot visions of the future are so clear. The sense of reality is profound. Colors and sounds are illuminated.  It's like you can touch, smell and hear all of the visions. Loved ones who have passed to The Other Side will make communication during a psychic dream. You can sense their presence, and the feeling is extraordinary.

I've had many precognitive (warning) dreams. They are eerily precise, with incredible clarity. The events in my precognitive dreams are exactly what will eventually transpire in reality. In one dream, I envisioned my boyfriend dying and I had to identify his body at the hospital. My vision was an exact account of what happened in reality.

How and why these psychic dreams take place are still a mystery. Psychic phenomenon is just that - phenomenal. Lifesaving dreams should be acknowledged. When your psyche talks, you must listen. The dream state produces an electrical brain impulse, transporting you into an altered state. It's the state a psychic is in while doing a psychic reading. Psychics are in another place and dimension when connecting with the afterlife. In a psychic dream, receiving information from the after life is like watching a movie, only you are the star.

Predicting the future while you snooze can be done - easily. You must be open to it before going to sleep. This will unlock the door to The Other Side. And the messages will come. Also, keep a journal and refer to it. You'll be amazed at the pertinent information you'll obtain from your psychic dreams.

I believe that all precognitive dreams arise to supply us with greater information and resources to better handle future events and choices. It seems that our survival mechanism and our psychic abilities are closely linked when sleep. There are no boundaries in an unconscious state. Space, time and life don't exist.

Finally, no psychic dream is more emotionally compelling than a good-bye vision of the recently departed. I've experienced this personal. The finality gives you a sense of inexplicable loss. But, then I think to myself, I can have a psychic dream and the sense of reality, the snapshot vision, and the after life connection comforts me. As long as we can dream, we can communicate with the beyond.

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By Nadia, Thursday, March 26, 2009 12:19:20 PM
I dream long time ago when I was young around.That it was night time and I walk up to this hill and there were dead people, hundreds of them like zoombies walking around and around this hill and when I looked up at the top of the hill was a tall hotel. I told my family about it and several days later the September 11 incident had occured. It was so sad because there are soo much spirits there and they don't know where to go they just keep walking like they were train to do so or something. I don't know. It was a strange dream
By Lisa, Friday, February 20, 2009 01:41:44 AM
I have had so many dreams come true, but there is a larger time difference when I have the dream to the real life events that mirror the dream. Usually the people in the dream are just 'stand ins' for people I have yet to meet. I have had the good bye dream about my mother since I was about 13. It was horrid, colored my daytime with darkness for at least a couple of days. The actual event took place in August 2008. How everything transpired did not match my dream in any way and I was greatly relieved.
By Dantaya, Monday, February 09, 2009 09:00:20 PM
A while ago, I had a strange dream and I don't know if it's a psychic dream or not. In this dream, I'm asleep in a bed, I woke up, went down stairs, and saw a man in my kitchen. I asked him who he was. He laughed and said I'm your husband. I couldn't make out his face. This dream is strange because I don't have a husband. Any thoughts? feel free to email me at
By Glenda, Saturday, January 24, 2009 01:28:25 PM
Back around Mar of 1982 I had a Dream 3 nights in a row of the devastating Earthquake that hit the Fault in So. Ca. and brought building and bridges tumbling down in Oakland, Ca. I am sorry I acannot remember the name of this Quake, but the visual affects in my dream had me sweating and trembling within of people screaming and ones left for dead.
By Regina, Thursday, January 22, 2009 05:05:56 PM
In the past I've had dreams where what happened in the dream came true the next day. Like a long time ago I dreamed that I some guy I knew wasn't going to be in the next day due to an injury well he wasn't at school and the next day he had a cast because he hurt himself at the basketball game he was playing in. And I've had other dreams like that, except now I like someone and I've had dreams we will end up together but to this day he's still with his girlfriend. So they don't always come true..LOL
By Rainbow, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:24:43 AM
There is this one dream that feels very real and it was repetitive. I worked with kids in hotels and had to sleep in different hotels watching kids, which was difficult for me being so sensitive to energies. one night I had a dream that I was laying in bed and as I opened my eyes I saw the girl I was working with standing above me. She had the phone in her hands and smashed it into my head. i felt everything even the blood trickling down my face and slipping in and out of conciousness. I slid down the wall next to my bed and woke up. I looked around the room and everything was as it was in my dream. except the girl lay deep asleep and I was unharmed. the next night I was in another dream and in everything again in the room was in its place but this time I saw a man in a plaid shirt and he had a black dog with him. He was sitting on the couch in front of me. I panicked and knew i was dreaming but had a hard time to wake up or even move off the bed. the third night I again dreamt of the room everything in its place but this time i knew something was there with me but i couldn't see it. I struggled and screamed in my dream hoping to make my body move or make some noise so the young girl would here me and wake me up. finally I began to pray for the creator to help me and wake me up and then i did. I smudged the room and stayed on more night there but that last night I felt afraid to sleep and so i watched movies all night instead and never spent another night in that room again. There is no apparent history to the room about anyone else having experiences in that room but there is a room down the hall that has alot of activity. I dont know what to make of it, but it was definitely not a fun experience.
By jocelyn, Friday, January 09, 2009 03:41:11 AM
it is one morning in the hotel where me and my fiancee stays for processing the documents for our marriage,then he told me why he got an angry face when he woke-up...he said in his dream i am happy with other guy who seems love me so much. 4 days after the wedding he went back to other country to work and i had a chance to call my ex-boyfriend to apologize that i get married without breaking -up with him..that he have to forget me and move on.But instead,i felt that we still love each other and i still love him so much that he forgive me for what happend..since i am not really happy with my husband,i told him,i need to talk to him....we are getting divorced.I feel sorry for what happend but it is much better than to live in a lies.
By karen, Tuesday, January 06, 2009 04:47:48 PM
I have had dream's that i was falling off a cliff and i would wake up crying. I have had a dream where my mom came to say she love's me and when i woke up and got ready for the day i got a call saying your mom has passed away. I had a awake dream,i had to put my dog's to sleep and i thought i was going to die, I could not stop crying and i was having a hard time breathing and i got in to my friend's truck to leave when everything went black and i could see my dog's running to my mom. she was calling them and i had this great feelling over me that it was going to be o.k. ......... karen w
By zenia, Friday, January 02, 2009 06:35:34 PM
I had this dream of my boyfriend maybe 3 weeks after he died. We was lying in my bed and I asked him why did he leave me? He said ... (my name) We talked about this before He said think about the goog times. And then we just turned to each other and holding each other I or we start crying. After the dream I had awaking myself by crying saying we never talked about this . This dream seem so real to me.
By Paula, Saturday, December 27, 2008 12:42:58 PM
I was 28 years old in 1986 when I gave birth to my only child, a fine, healthy boy. I was the third daughter in a family where my mother and each daughter all, unintentionally, gave birth to their first child at age 28. We had a little brother, Danny, the only boy and the youngest, and the night before he was born, my father's father died. When my son was born, we were released from the hospital two days later, my parents came to see their latest and youngest daughter's first child, and they had barely gotten there when we got a phone call that my father answered: my little brother was dead. Killed in a totally senseless accident. My dad didn't say anything, his face went white and he collapsed, thank God there was a chair there he dropped into, my mother said, "Oh my God, Danny's dead", and I held tight to my son and started screaming, "NO!!!!!!" Nobody told us, we knew. The first time I went to my parent's home when I was recovered enough from childbirth, I stayed in what used to be my brother's room (also at one time was mine). That first night, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt very strange. Saw what I could not identify as male or female, but luminescent, crystal looking, flowing gowns and beautiful, radiating light - i felt it was female, but she bent down to me, kissed me on the lips, took my hand and with a look, beckoned me to follow, which i did. i got out of bed and followed her through the door, down the hall, out into the livingroom, and there were my parents, in their chairs, watching tv as usual, and my brother was standing at the front door with his prom date, all dressed up ready to go. he turned and gave me a big smile and hugged me and told me, "I know I never said it, but I love you very much, my sister, and I know how much you love me." The worst thing about losing my brother was not knowing if he knew how much I loved him - this was not a dream. I have another story that involves my brother's spirit visiting my mother, I just can't talk about that so soon after reliving this memory. paulamcm

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