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How to Recognize A Psychic Dream
Recognize Your Psychic Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Researchers say the average person will have at least 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Types of dreams can range from the after life to a near death experience to talks to the dead. Some nights, you may feel as if you were in a dream marathon, as you experience one after another with different themes. You awaken exhausted and depleted, unsure of the meaning of your dreams.

Psychic dreams are very different. These snapshot visions of the future are so clear. The sense of reality is profound. Colors and sounds are illuminated.  It's like you can touch, smell and hear all of the visions. Loved ones who have passed to The Other Side will make communication during a psychic dream. You can sense their presence, and the feeling is extraordinary.

I've had many precognitive (warning) dreams. They are eerily precise, with incredible clarity. The events in my precognitive dreams are exactly what will eventually transpire in reality. In one dream, I envisioned my boyfriend dying and I had to identify his body at the hospital. My vision was an exact account of what happened in reality.

How and why these psychic dreams take place are still a mystery. Psychic phenomenon is just that - phenomenal. Lifesaving dreams should be acknowledged. When your psyche talks, you must listen. The dream state produces an electrical brain impulse, transporting you into an altered state. It's the state a psychic is in while doing a psychic reading. Psychics are in another place and dimension when connecting with the afterlife. In a psychic dream, receiving information from the after life is like watching a movie, only you are the star.

Predicting the future while you snooze can be done - easily. You must be open to it before going to sleep. This will unlock the door to The Other Side. And the messages will come. Also, keep a journal and refer to it. You'll be amazed at the pertinent information you'll obtain from your psychic dreams.

I believe that all precognitive dreams arise to supply us with greater information and resources to better handle future events and choices. It seems that our survival mechanism and our psychic abilities are closely linked when sleep. There are no boundaries in an unconscious state. Space, time and life don't exist.

Finally, no psychic dream is more emotionally compelling than a good-bye vision of the recently departed. I've experienced this personal. The finality gives you a sense of inexplicable loss. But, then I think to myself, I can have a psychic dream and the sense of reality, the snapshot vision, and the after life connection comforts me. As long as we can dream, we can communicate with the beyond.

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By rosa, Saturday, November 08, 2008 07:28:13 PM
When I worked in a psych ward at a prison, I had the priviledge(m/s)to work with a doctor that had studied dreams. One day I asked about reoccurring dreams I was experiencing about swinging bridges. He told me that I was having an unstable relationship and to change the color of the trees or sky,etc. would help change the reoccurring dream. It worked. Also getting out of the unstable relationship helped too. I no longer am dreaming of swinging bridges swaying.
By Alison, Friday, October 31, 2008 08:21:36 AM
The first time I had knew something before it happened I was8 yrs. old. Their was 5 of us kids and I wanted to go see grandpa Sayers. I was the only one that was not. My Mom said I could next weekend I could and I just yelled" will be too late for me by then". I knew for no good reason I would never see him again. I never did. After that as I was growing up I would know before the phone would ring who was going to be the person who just died, without knowing they had even been sick. I lived in Ar. and my family in Mi. Once while still at my parents home my Uncle who left home over 25 yrs. ealier, called and before my MoM got on the phone I told my sister Denise it was Uncle Nevin.Whom we never seen or ever spoke of. Low and behold it was. Their even was a time I knew about many plane crashes in the80's and 90's. I would dream them a month a head and they kepp getting closer untill it was 2 nights before. What freaked me out was I was coming into my dreams with the victims and being there right before and watching it happen and and not being able to do a thing about it. Why n't dream stuff you can't do any help in. Then that last scarest one, a piolet reached out from the water to grab me and really touched my arm and then his fleash fell of his skin. I woke up scared to death because they had never touched me before. So I prayed for no more. I could not handle it. So they stopped. But I think now Iam trying to get some of it back.I really want too now but I need to know how to handle what I have ,if I have anything.I know a regular dream from a dream that is the real thing. Their is diff. to them.
By Grace, Thursday, October 30, 2008 05:35:14 PM
My xhusband had died one day all of sudden due an enourism, by the time i went to see him in the hospithal with our kids, he was brain dead, we didnt get along much but he was the biggest love of my life and i felt very sad that i wasn't abl to say goodbye. i was very sad and when i listened to a special song on the radio i would cry and wished i told him goodbuy..One night i dreamed that i was in a big room with lots of people that i didnt know, i was getting ready to go to my xhusband funeral,all of a sudden i saw him coming up a big stairs, he was dress all in a cream suit, i asked what was doing there being that i was getting ready to go to his funeral, he had a big smile on his face and he hugged me,after said that he came to tell me goodbuy, i woke up and i cried all day due his presence seemed so real, i know i will see him someday, just wanted to shear with the readers, thanks
By Tara, Sunday, October 26, 2008 01:42:47 AM
My brother was a passenger in a car that hit a train and he and the three people he was with were in intensive care in a hospital at least four hours when I finally received the phone call at 2:00 am. When I finally went to bed I was saying a prayer that everyone would be ok when I left my body and was flying above myself. Next thing I see is the hospital and a shadow of a women with dark hair flipped up on the ends. I am above her, floating and I heard myself tell her that I was her childs gaurdian angel and that her son had done what he was put on this earth to do and now he is with God and not to be sad because he is happier than he could ever be. I was told earlier on that phone call that everyone was fine. The next day I got a phone call and one of the children had died overnight. I had told my husband the story before the call came in so when I starting crying he already knew why. On top of that, the boy that died lived on Tarr St. and he is the one that yelled train and allowed my brother who was in the back to prepare for the impact(my name is Tara pronounced like the tar on the road.) Does anyone have an explaination for this? I had never experienced that before or since.
By judy, Saturday, October 25, 2008 02:04:57 AM
When I wake up remembering my dreams...they all seem so real...and some of them have actually come to pass...although I didnt understand them at the time...and when they did come to pass..the event event wasnt exacly the same but very close... All these dreams...I can recount to this day..and are part of me..a memory like any other... The most recent..was of my daughter..I was a bit disturbed and concernd for her after the dream..I fnally was able to contact her and tell her of my dream...and she confirmed my dream was for the most part current and true.... I dreamt she was shoing her dad and I a lump in her right breast...She did have a lump..where saw it in the dream..
By Laurie, Thursday, October 16, 2008 05:19:01 AM
Green: Freud that Melvin mentioned is famous psychiatrist,Sigmund Freud, long deceased, that was unfortunately believed to be correct in all his assessments. Years have passed and others have shown his assessments were not all that great after all. Unfortunately, his concepts were and is ingrained into many beliefs and have not helped those needing proper help. Freud constantly attributed many things to sex, about sex, want of sex, having sex, had sex, thinking of sex, thinking of having sex, and so on. Melvin's posting on Freud is however a valid one, stating that people often dream about things they think on, want, wish, or troubled by. This has nothing to do with dreams that end up being precognitive and therefore Melvin's post is out of place. I hope I have cleared some things up for you.
By Green, Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:48:22 AM
Aidie, it is amazing that you have that ability. Also God gave it to you for a reason... am not sure why... maybe you can do something to stop the negative things you dream about from happening. I know that whenever I dream of something terrible, I usually just pray for it not to happen and it usually doesn't
By aidie, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 12:24:53 PM
The last six months I've had a lot of dreams that are so vivid, and I do manage if awakened to go back to the exact same place in the dream. So far all of my dreams have happened. In my dreams there are lots of floodings and mostly in the orient, so when something happens I already know it's going to. They seem to come in spurts, and I know when there is calm as well. It's so intense sometimes I can barely handle the energy in the dreams.
By Green, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 07:12:21 AM
Melvin what is the meaning of your last comment. The statement made no sense. Who or what is Freud?
By Melvin, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 02:35:48 AM
Freud listed the distorting operations that he claimed were applied to repressed wishes in forming the dream as recollected: it is because of these distortions (the so-called 'dream-work') that the manifest content of the dream differs so greatly from the latent dream thought reached through analysis -- and it is by reversing these distortions that the latent content is approached.

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