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How to Recognize A Psychic Dream
Recognize Your Psychic Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Researchers say the average person will have at least 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Types of dreams can range from the after life to a near death experience to talks to the dead. Some nights, you may feel as if you were in a dream marathon, as you experience one after another with different themes. You awaken exhausted and depleted, unsure of the meaning of your dreams.

Psychic dreams are very different. These snapshot visions of the future are so clear. The sense of reality is profound. Colors and sounds are illuminated.  It's like you can touch, smell and hear all of the visions. Loved ones who have passed to The Other Side will make communication during a psychic dream. You can sense their presence, and the feeling is extraordinary.

I've had many precognitive (warning) dreams. They are eerily precise, with incredible clarity. The events in my precognitive dreams are exactly what will eventually transpire in reality. In one dream, I envisioned my boyfriend dying and I had to identify his body at the hospital. My vision was an exact account of what happened in reality.

How and why these psychic dreams take place are still a mystery. Psychic phenomenon is just that - phenomenal. Lifesaving dreams should be acknowledged. When your psyche talks, you must listen. The dream state produces an electrical brain impulse, transporting you into an altered state. It's the state a psychic is in while doing a psychic reading. Psychics are in another place and dimension when connecting with the afterlife. In a psychic dream, receiving information from the after life is like watching a movie, only you are the star.

Predicting the future while you snooze can be done - easily. You must be open to it before going to sleep. This will unlock the door to The Other Side. And the messages will come. Also, keep a journal and refer to it. You'll be amazed at the pertinent information you'll obtain from your psychic dreams.

I believe that all precognitive dreams arise to supply us with greater information and resources to better handle future events and choices. It seems that our survival mechanism and our psychic abilities are closely linked when sleep. There are no boundaries in an unconscious state. Space, time and life don't exist.

Finally, no psychic dream is more emotionally compelling than a good-bye vision of the recently departed. I've experienced this personal. The finality gives you a sense of inexplicable loss. But, then I think to myself, I can have a psychic dream and the sense of reality, the snapshot vision, and the after life connection comforts me. As long as we can dream, we can communicate with the beyond.

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By Green, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 07:55:47 PM
Dartz, maybe you should try to begin analyzing your dreams. About from learning a lot about yourself, it is fun finding out what those symbols mean. You dreams can reveal of lot of hidden emotions that you haven't been really aware of.
By Green, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 07:55:18 PM
Dartz, maybe you should try to begin analyzing your dreams. About from learning a lot about yourself, it is fun finding out what those symbols mean. You dreams can reveal of lot of hidden emotions that you haven't been really aware of.
By Dartz, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 01:07:09 PM
I've never predicted anything with my dreams at all. I have a lot of symbols in them, and they all relate to the situation, but I never predict anything at all.
By Green, Sunday, July 20, 2008 12:26:41 PM
Melvin, I agree that you should try to start analysing your dreams and see what your dream symbols mean. You might be surprised what your dreams can tell you. I have always used and their dream dictionary has been pretty accurate for me. You should try it.
By Melvin, Sunday, July 20, 2008 03:22:48 AM
I had lots of psychic dreams before. I don't really take it seriously considering the fact that it is just a dream. But know it seems there are really a lot of things to ponder on psychic dreams. I would certainly take a look back at my dreams before and analyze the meaning of it.
By Green, Monday, July 14, 2008 06:13:37 PM
I have had several pychic dreams before. I usually don't know their meaning until it actually happens. I remember when I was married to my second husbands I used to have dreams about having left him and being with another man. This is well before I found out some truths about him. It eventually happened... I divorced him and am with another man.
By Pat, Sunday, July 13, 2008 02:07:22 PM
As a child of nine or ten I had dreams about school and a teacher that really frightened me. They were premonition type dreams that I thought were fascinating. When I realized that they were showing me what would happen in school the next day, I tried taking steps that would keep me out of the path of this scary teacher and it worked! I was so tickled that I told my Mom. She immediately scolded me like I had never been scolded before (It must have really frightened her) and the dreams stopped and have never returned. What can I do to encourage this ability to return?
By Linda, Saturday, July 12, 2008 03:45:51 PM
For many years I have had Psychic dreams and preminitions. I can write a book on the dreams and preminitions I have had. One dream that I had when I was just 7 years old was the day before our field day I drempt that the rely race that I was in the boy next to me fell and broke his leg and I won the race, well that is exactly what happened verbatum. I have had "feelings" that I just can't shake and something bad happens right after. Yes you can communicate with people who have passed I have many times, I don't go and have conversations with them but they tell me quick messages for people. Spirituality is a wonderful thing if you can open your mind to it.
By Kathy, Saturday, July 12, 2008 11:31:29 AM
I had a dream about an ex-husband of mine. He has been dead for about 4yr. He was standing there with no shirt on, and there were stitches like a v on his chest. I was so in love with him, and all he wanted was my money. Then he cheated on me,,,,It was such a vivid dream. I can't quite figure it out........ Kathy
By Amy, Thursday, July 10, 2008 10:36:23 PM
For many years I have not just had a dream, but a preminition of a place and time. I can close my eyes and see this place. It is a beautiful white plantation home sitting among large trees. The house has a picket fence the porch has a wrap around front porch. There are rocking chairs on the porch and the back of the house faces a river. As you enter through the double front door you enter into a very large center hallway. The hallway opens up to the back part of the porch. Inside the house a party is going on. It is a very grand party the ladys are dressed in formal dresses and the many of the men are soldiers. The soldiers uniform resemble that of confederats soldiers. The home is full of energy and I feel very welcome and loved. In one part of the dream I climb to the stairs and am sitting in a long wide hallway with some other ladies. We are enjoying each others company. I do not feel as if this home is mine, however I am extremely welcome and well received. I would love to know what this means if this is a past life experience of if it is just a preminition.

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