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Interpreting Your Bad Dreams
Meaning of Bad Dreams Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! If you are having bad dreams, it is not necessarily an indication of a bad omen or similar problem. It is more likely that a bad dream is stimulated by digestive problems or medical conditions. As Freud says, sometimes ďa cigar is a cigarĒ and, in other cases, the nightmares that you face in your dreams are very real.

Most bad dreams are triggered by fears of one type or another. Also, the symbolism in one bad dream can sometimes mean the opposite. For instance, if you dream of someone dying, it might actually mean they are going to recover from an illness. The same thing goes for falling dreams, which is another dream common to all.

Of course, there are some bad dreams that are prophetic. These dreams foresee a death or other problem. However, you can never be completely sure of the accuracy of these dreams. If you do have a really bad dream and canít seem to get it off of your mind, then you might want to consult a psychic who specializes in dream interpretation. Yet another option is to consult one of the many dream dictionaries that are online, including here on

Not everything is based on psychic interpretation. It is also very possible to have a bad dream about something in your life that makes you very anxious. This anxiety turns up in your dreams as a symbol of that anxiety.

If you have a new dream and it is especially bad or if it is repetitive, you need to realize that it usually symbolizes some kind of unresolved issue Ė either in real life or in your subconscious mind. Sometimes you can be trained in the art of how to dream lucidly so that you are more aware of what stage in your dreaming that you become so terrified.

One way to get over the terror of dreaming so that you donít have the nightmare stay with you all day and ruin your mood is to think of them as dream movies. Think of the nightmare as a series of dream pictures that you would not ever pay to go see again or picture the dream moods as individual television channels. Tell yourself next time you have a bad dream that you will change the channel.

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By melissa, Monday, September 15, 2008 08:14:44 AM
I have been having dreams about my friend who passed away, a few months ago. He killed him self and at first he was in my dreams and it was good it was like he was saying goodbye. But recently I have been having bad dreams, like he is still on earth and hasn't made it to heaven. They have been waking me up through the night.
By jodi, Sunday, September 14, 2008 04:58:59 PM
I have recently been having a nighttare of some sort usually i research every detail and am able to make sense of the dream.But this time it's very strange.I looked in spirit nows dream dictionary and only found one answer.If anyone knows more please let me know. My dream involves a ditch.(which means...someone means me harm.)But also there is a priest persistantly pointing towards the empty ditch,standing behind him is what looks like 3 nuns in deep purple or blue velvet gowns.They were also wearing the white nun sun hats.Around all of their necks was a type of rosary but was not a rosary,they seemed dutch. There was an uncalming effect directly in front of me and atleast 20 feet from them in the opposite direction they were pointing.All of a sudden my 3 yr old jumped out of the ditch and ran to me,before she got to me something was grabbing at her arms and pulling her back,I grabbed her and pulled her to me she had bruised handprints on her arms.I immediately awoke but could not get up.Like a force was holding me there momentarily...(like an astral projection)When i could arise,i went to find my 3 yr was 3 am ...she met me in the hallway...she had a bad dream and had wet the bed. (What could the priest and nuns have been tryin to tell me) (what does it pertain to daily life) (was it a bad spirit or demon who grabbed my 3 yr old)
By Dawn, Saturday, September 13, 2008 05:35:42 PM
This section is for comments, I don't think for questions. Dawn Morgan Canada BC
By sarah, Friday, September 12, 2008 02:49:08 PM
why do i always have scary dreams about losing my teeth i always seem to try to put them back in too and it never works :(
By sarah, Friday, September 12, 2008 02:46:49 PM
i was in a restaurant a loud atmosphere. but it seemed familiar in a way it may have been a place i used to work but it was unrecognisable in my dream, and i was with some people that i knew (close friends)and one odd ball who they dont like but i am aquainted with. im in here and my sterio i used to have is in this restaurant the oddball man was fooling around with it trying to turn it on, (hes normally into electronics n such) well i kept turning it off with a remote i had hidden sortof a joke on him. well after i was done messing with him i go out side and im in the town of ellicottville ny a busy town. and like allot of dreams i have i lost my teeth just two and part of my jaw i always dream my teeth being lost but and it is scary to me. i always try putting them back in everytime ands it dont work well i explained this to my friend sarah who walked up to me on the street and told me that i would need surgery to get em put back in and i looked at myself in the mirror and saw my missing teeth it sickins me to see such a sight. well i go back in to the restauarnt and everyone sees the oddball having sex wit two other girls from the window. were looking up from the lower restaraunt to another building than suddenly i am one of the two girls having sex with him and eventually the other girl dissapears and were nolonger in the pool. me and this man are at some kind of banquet he was posing as someone part of this society with a card we wait in line at the buffet this castle like place has and we wait for food hes holding a kitten its grey with coarse fur and i say my cat is softer ha. well while we wait he is speaking to me i dont recall what hes saying and he pulls out a visene bottle full of mysterious liquid that he shoves in my mouth and makes me drink it,he tells me not to wobble,it makes me woozy when the server of the food asks for the oddballs card he pulls out the wrong card, a doctors i d with a diff name (he would b the type to steal identity) and everyone all of a sudden pays attention to us i head over to the stairs off to the right while theres a croud rushing around and i thought i lost him well as im on the stairs he pushes up bhind me and reaches his arm around and gives me more mystery drug then were on the run from all of these peiople cuz were at a place where outsiders will b killed if the information is known to a non member of this organization, we run around but the catch is we are also out side in a grassy field with a dark cloudy sky with tents surrounding and we git caught as we are about to escape out a windo by someone dark heavy feeling and we are going to b killed well when that presence left us i ran like hell hopped up the wall climbed up to the window and climbed down it with a blanket i left oddball there to die it was going to b a terrible death painful and unusual. sirens go off as if the whole town knew wat was going on and i run and eventually i wake up
By Lois, Friday, September 12, 2008 08:09:55 AM
I was in a car going to the airport, as I parked, i put my car in reverse and it kept going backwards. Brakes wouldn't work. I finally stopped the car and took a right to get back to where I was going - I couldn't get there, so I had to get back on the xway. somehow I ended up on the shoulder - then could go no further - so I got out of the car with my dog on a leash. We walked down the embankment - came across a wolf den. My dog reached in and grabbed a wolf pup - the parents came after us. I picked up my dog and we ran. The wolf was right next to me biting my dog's tail. Run down section of town. We went into a house that was turned into a bar. The wolf followed me in - but I kept it out on the porch. The wolf transformed itself into a woman holding a baby wolf. The woman tried to come after me and my dog. I screamed - other people in the bar wouldn't let her through. The puppy turned on the woman - people were screaming - it is eating her face. Another man in the bar took my dog from me. I looked around and couldn't find them. Went up a flight of stairs - there was a room full of pit bulls. My dog and the man were not in there. The next room had a bunch of pit bulls tied up with my dog tied up among them. THe man was in there. I told him I wanted my dog back - he just laughed. I contemplated what to do - went towards my dog - another man told the other man - leave them alone - but the man who took my dog just laughed. I woke up
By Adele, Thursday, September 04, 2008 05:30:43 PM
I had a dream about ten years ago that the Grim Reaper was coming up my stairs very slowly and into my bedroom and finally towards me with his hand outstretched,I then woke up screaming and it has never happened again.What was that dream telling me?
By china, Thursday, September 04, 2008 02:41:38 PM
I keep having dreams abouts shootings.They are at people I no or I'm getting shot at.I need to understand what it means
By Deanna, Thursday, September 04, 2008 02:22:11 PM
I keep having 2 reoccurring dreams. 1- my brother dies. 2 - Tornadoes. It seems I dream 6 out of 7 nights of Tornadoes.
By giselle, Wednesday, August 27, 2008 08:56:32 PM
do's anyone answer these dream questions?

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