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Lucid Dreaming
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What is “lucid dreaming”? Lucid dreams change the course of events and the direct outcome of your dream. The land of lucid dreams can be inspirational. Lucid dreaming occurs between the hours of five and eight in the morning. 

In lucid dreams, we know we are dreaming while we are having the dream; we don't have to wait until we wake up to remember it. The meaning of dreams will change, as you can literally change the content of your dreams. The dreamer has the option to be inventive, creative, and courageous. You're literally the director of your own dream. "Lights, cameras, action, and that's a wrap."

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In this lucid dream state, you can experiment with new lovers, try exciting sports, exhibit bravery, or attempt deeds that you would never do in your waking life. There are absolutely no boundaries in a lucid dream. The sky's the limit. This higher state of consciousness is grand. With lucid dreaming, we can learn how to fly, how to venture into space, how to solve problems, how to heal ourselves and create a world that is a Utopia.


In your waking hours, life’s problems may seem like a burden with no answer in sight. But, through the utter magic of Morpheus, solutions and new ideas may be discovered to make those radical changes in your life and bring enlightenment.


I dream every night. I've had vivid dreams that gave me great insight to a nagging doubt or a persistent problem. I was up for a part in a TV series and quite stressed about it.  Before going to sleep, I said to myself, "I need an answer to this question." I dreamed I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. 


Before I ever woke, it was clear to me I didn't get the job. The meaning of the dream, of losing the baby, was significant. The loss of the baby equaled the loss of the job.  I was contacted a week later. As expected, I didn't get the part. My anxiety about the situation was alleviated by this problem solving lucid dream.


Many a time before closing my eyes, I prepare my unconscious that I want to dream. This can be done and it actually works. Say it out loud before drifting off six or seven times and always be specific. Viola! It's like having a front row seat to your life. You can train your mind to cooperate. Lucid dreams make life more interesting. So I suggest this if you want to change your world: Before going to sleep, instruct your conscious mind to delve into your unconscious. Lucid dreams are the best. Where else can you change the outcome of a drama, soar to new heights with your creativity, or tap into your unconscious to solve a problem? Sweet dreams.


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By Melvin, Sunday, July 20, 2008 03:24:33 AM
Lucid dreaming is not common to us right? Based on my experience, I only had maybe one or just two lucid dreams on my whole life. Most of the times I cannot really remember that dream but all I know is that I had a dream inside a dream. It just makes me confused a lot of times
By Green, Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:36:01 PM
Dartz, that is amazing that you can wake up yourself at will. I have this particular dream where I see a thief standing at my window. Each time I have this dream, I try to get out of bed in my dream but I can't I try to open my eyes but I still can. The dream always seems so real but I can never wake myself up.
By Dartz, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 03:42:30 PM
I never seem to have lucid dreams, they're just completely railroaded. Only control I seem to have over them is the ability to wake myself up at will.
By Green, Monday, July 14, 2008 06:33:31 PM
Veniece, don't we all just love to have such a man. One who would take care of us completely. Wipe away all our tears and drive away all our fears and worries. I know it can happen in reality but what are the chances of that. I'd feel satisfied just having a dream like that. At least it would give me a taste of what that could be like.
By Veniece, Sunday, July 13, 2008 03:32:02 PM
I have lucid dreams a lot. This morning, I dreamed that I met a wonderful, kind, loving man and we got engaged to be married. My children loved him, and he loved them. He was a believer in Christ and he wanted to marry me.He told me that he didn't want me to "want" for anything. He loved me sooo much! It was nothing that he wouldn't do for me.He made me feel so loved, and everyone were just in aw over the fact that we were together. Finally, my life was complete. Guess who it was? Batista! (from WWE wrestling!)As if right? But wow, it was such a great way to wake up just dreaming of having a husband like that. :-)
By Green, Friday, July 11, 2008 07:42:49 AM
I have only had a lucid dream once and it was really amazing. I could change the scenes in my dream and do things that I really wouldn't do in my waking life. I have since been trying to have lucid dreams with absolutely no success. I wish I knew a way of doing it.
By Somni, Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:02:41 PM
I've wanted to really "master" lucid dreaming but have never kept at it long enough. I've had lucid dreams before, but by luck, not will. It's pretty amazing that we can do that. I had a dream the other day where I thought to myself "hey, might as well do this, it's only a dream" yet *I* didn't really comprehend I was dreaming, lol! What a waste, eh? And interesting use of lucid dreaming is working through issues and anxieties in what you know is ultimately a completely safe environment.
By Aries, Wednesday, July 09, 2008 03:51:47 PM
Practically all of my dreams are lucid one way or another, but they're so short and my dream memory is so bad they're not really all that fun XD. Though, my dreams as vivid as they are, if I do something to hurt myself in my dream, I'll be in agony the next morning.

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