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Feng Shui Effortless Prosperity Symbols
Feng Shui Money Frog Pic Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE!

Money frogs, Chinese cats waving at the register, and fish swimming in an aquarium. Are these Feng Shui symbols the answer to your money problems? Before you call your banker and tell him this is your new solution to your IRA, let’s talk. It’s true that Feng Shui affects every part of our lives, even our bank accounts. It is the soul and spirit of who we are.


Your emotions and how you deal with your money are one. If you want to create prosperity through Feng Shui, look at your lifestyle. Using Feng Shui secrets to create a peaceful happy home will allow you to think clearly and sort out your money issues. Organization is the key to Feng Shui. If your inner house is in order, so will be your money.

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Start with your bank account. Can you balance your checkbook or are there emotions cluttering up your cash flow? Take a serious look at how you are spending your money. In traditional Chinese New Year’s customs, all debts were to be paid prior to the New Year so one would not carry a sense of burden into the next year. That way, you can welcome the New Year unencumbered. This will allow you to focus on how to find money and achieve prosperity. If finance is the part of your life that overwhelms you, ask for help and send a message to the Universe right now to start creating prosperity in your life.


Use some very simple Feng Shui techniques to make sure your home or workplace is broadcasting that message loud and clear. Water is an important part of life and it represents the flow of life and moneythat’s why the Chinese money frog calls upon the waters of life to bring you abundance.


You may also see aquariums frequently in Asian establishments. Fish in an aquarium are a sign of prosperity. Seeing this prosperity reminds the person that there is no lack in life.


Very often you will see a smiling cat waving at you by the register. The cat represents happiness and gratitude for having spent your hard earned money at the establishment.  


Yes, there are many cures that create the flow of wealth within your home, but prosperity starts within your own mind. Value and respect yourself to create a place for you to grow…and so will your money!



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By Prasanna, Sunday, August 17, 2008 05:26:07 AM
i could clearly say that this is just an act of having a mental peacefulness. If you think, it gives then it gives. If you think the vice versa then it happens. By just having the prosperity symbol alone, you cannot earn lots in cash. You must work hard to achieve something.
By Green, Saturday, August 16, 2008 06:05:57 AM
Netizen, I plan to pay off all my debts my the end of the year and I believe it is possible. I am paying my current debts by installments and I am currently paying the maximum amount of installment I can afford without starving. I won't also take any new debts. I do not buy new clothes and when I go to the store I ask myself how much I need a certain item before buying it. Its really hard when I am so used to wasting money and living a life of luxury. I am putting an end to that this year and move into my own house (which I have been building since March) by the end of September, and have a healthy saving account by the end of next year. I know it is possible and I am working on achieving it.
By netizen, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 05:17:36 AM
I have a money frog but the coin is missing from its mouth. Should one keep it or throw it away? The person who gave it to me didn't consider the missing coin to be very significant. It doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.
By Jamace, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 01:17:31 AM
I guess for some people, having these Feng Shui Symbols actually gives them inner peace. They go on with their business doing the things that need to be done, but inside they feel they have an edge or advantage because of these symbols. And having peace of mind gives you more confidence and energy to do achieve prosperity.
By Jan, Monday, August 11, 2008 05:56:00 PM
why can't i get ahead with money to get my medical i need for my health and my husband. and were do I find the answer to my question's thank you all
By POstman, Sunday, August 10, 2008 05:20:33 AM
In reality, those waving cats, frogs and other that would give you luck won’t do much if you are just going to depend on them and not try something different to attract more customer. Even if you have all of those things that fengshui is saying that would make you rich, you still have to think what approach is best for your business.
By netizen, Sunday, August 10, 2008 04:51:57 AM
The thing about debts is that it's impossible to set a deadline. Clearing all debt before New Year is a nice thought but then one should hide away in a cubbyhole around Christmas.And that will probably ruin the new year for me anyway.
By Zordani, Saturday, August 09, 2008 03:22:06 PM
Feng Shui will not get you loads of riches, without you lifting a finger. Feng Shui can only set things in order, so that you go out and achieve what you most desire, financially speaking. No matter how many money frogs you have, if your inner self is not in order, you won't achieve what you're looking for.
By Jamace, Friday, August 08, 2008 08:32:11 PM
It may be true that Feng Shui can help a us prosper fiancially, but you also need to make sure that the business you're getting into is one that you are knowledgeable about. You can't just get some Feng Shui symbols then sit back and wait for fortune to come knocking on your door. Feng Shui symbols would increase your chances of prosperity but you also need clarity of mind to seize these chances and the will to follow through no matter how hard it gets.
By Kimberley, Thursday, August 07, 2008 01:24:39 PM
It is true that cleaning up your own finances and home space will lead to more prosperity. Those wishing for a good path to accomplish this should go to and get the free no obligation analysis that could change your lives and put you on a path for financial freedom. It is working for my family!

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