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Pregnant Dreams
Dreams of Pregnancy Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE!

So, you’re not married … you’re married and had your tubes tied … you’re 65 years old with grown children … you’re a man … your 12 years old and live in a convent … you can't stand those little brats but you’re pregnant! How and why did this happen? Confused? It's just a dream about pregnancy.


Your internal messages are coming through your dream state. A pregnancy represents something new in your life. Emotionally, the meaning of this pregnancy dream is telling you what you need to do to be happier in your daily life. The pregnancy dream symbolizes your own inner nature—pure and uncorrupted. Innocence and the need to be nurtured or nurture is the message. The inner child in all of us needs to be protected.


The vulnerable part of our psyche has been taught by life to put up a wall so the inner child doesn't express him or herself. Your magical child needs tending. Perhaps you've lost that daring, blasé, carefree, approach to your daily life. Childlike is an aphrodisiac. It's contagious behavior. Before you know it, everyone wants some of what you have—optimism and a wide-eyed look at life that hasn't been corrupted. Your outlook is carefree and blissfully untouched by negativity.


When dreaming you’re pregnant or having a baby, anything is possible in life. A new job, a wonderful relationship, a pet project (your baby) finally gets off the ground, or something as simple as craving motherhood. If a man dreams of pregnancy, the ambitions and hopes are similar (for you guys out there, maternity clothes fit every size).


Pregnancy dreams also carry the meaning that you feel burdened by certain emotions, hopelessness, lack of responsibility, and the need to be cared for. But with those seemingly negative feelings comes joy, discovery, love or a new phase in life. Reclaim what was once was lost, an idea, an ambition, or perhaps a labor of love.


If you have had this dream of pregnancy, it's time to reclaim a beloved action, thought or deed. Celebrate this kind of dream. It holds such promise and renewal of your personal and professional life. Don’t panic. I repeat, do not panic. If you look like you've swallowed a basketball, it’s simply your subconscious telling you to push! You’re giving birth to your new life.


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By Green, Monday, July 14, 2008 07:05:57 PM
I am always excited when I get pregnancy dreams. I always know they mean something good. When I have them, it is usually another person who is pregnant and not me. The other night, I had a dream about a cousin who just gave birth in my dream. I looked at here belly and it was a little big but I was telling her in the dream that I didn't realise she had just given birth. I wonder what that one meant.
By Green, Monday, July 14, 2008 07:02:18 PM
jessica, I am no pyschic but just want to comment on what you said about pregnancy being not possible because you have an IUD. It is a known fact that people have gotten pregnant even though they have an IUD. An IUD is does not guarantee 100% reliability. It God wants to bless you with another child, you are going to have it no matter what
By jessica, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 09:48:29 AM
i had a dream the other night of giving birth and when i went to push instead of one baby i was pushing out two at the same exact time. i had two boys and then the doctor told me to push again and i delivered a girl and what made it worse my deceased mother was with me. i am so confused about this dream. i am a mother of two girls and almost 5 years ago i had two difforent psychics tell me that i would have three children one told me i would have two girls and a boy and the other just told me i would have three. Could you help me on this i am confused is this dream telling me that i am going to conceve my thired or what because i have an IUD in and don't see how this is posible. Thanks, Jessica

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