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Spider Dreams
Dreaming of Spiders Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE!

The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy-bitsy spider went up the drain again. Sound innocent and very gentle? You bet! The spider must have a press agent. Don't kill a spider, it means money. Leave the web alone, it's considered bad luck to disturb it.


Dreaming of a spider has its pros and cons of interpretations. Here's the low down on those numerous interpretations, which I happen to agree with. A spider dream may represent a fear. I could see that…like a fear of being bitten. Perhaps you feel trapped in a web of deceit or entangled by emotions and deep psychological pain from which you can’t escape. Perhaps it is the old web trick where you, the dreamer, is spinning a web (in real life) to entrap or ensnare someone. Doesn't that sound gentle?


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Or this symbolism, which has such a fairy tale ring to it. You are a devouring mother who consumes her children through possessiveness or her power to arouse guilt. Perhaps the spider represents someone who traps and lives off its innocent victims. Wow, we're talking about a harmless little itsy-bitsy spider here. Fear not, it's only symbolic—a mere dream. I think they call them deep sweat dreams.


Insects of any kind in a dream mean something in your waking hours is bugging you. Emotions are too much for you to handle—conflict, irritations, dependent emotions, feeling caught and trapped in a situation. Spider dreams are spelling out that you’re headed for, or are in, a relationship crisis that you need to extricate yourself from.


Now for the pros: a spider usually represents the feminine aspect of our personalities— creativity, patience, skill, and success. In some cultures, it's truly a blessing to dream of a spider. In some, the spider represents money and fortune that are on the horizon. Superstitions dating back to the Middle Ages claim that it's a sign of good luck to dream of those hairy, many-legged creatures.


Often, when spiders appear in our dreams, it comes from a place of fear. We've been conditioned to think of them as yucky. Thus, we carry those prejudices into our subconscious state. With every insect dreamt about, there's the good and the bad. So when dreaming of a spider, think about what's currently taking precedence in your life.


Ask yourself, "What do I need to add or change in my life?" What could the itsy-bitsy spider be trying to tell me?

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By agrifina, Saturday, June 14, 2008 03:31:40 PM
It's funny but true,it always happened in my life.Every time I see a spider,I iether argue or fought with somebody. This has been happening to me for long time ago up to the present.I dont know if this is just a coincedence or will really happen....I'm just wondering....Fina
By agrifina, Saturday, June 14, 2008 03:27:15 PM

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