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Tooth Dreams
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What if you notice a funny sensation in your mouth and run your tongue over your teeth? To your horror, one of your teeth is loose, it wobbles and falls out. Panicking, you spit it out. When other teeth start to fall out, you have a major anxiety attack. By the time you finish spitting out teeth, an entire section of your mouth is toothless and bleeding. You can't believe this is happening to you and you don’t know what to do! Wake up! That's what you do about it… It's a dream, only a dream.

What is the meaning of dreams with your teeth falling out? Most men and women have had this dream—more like a nightmare—about teeth falling out more than once in their lives. Dreaming of losing one's teeth (a.k.a. choppers) is your subconscious speaking to you big time. These are problems that may be occurring in real life that need to be reckoned with, such as fear of getting old. You feel time ticking away and you haven't accomplished your life's goals or fulfilled your dreams—surfed in Malibu, married that millionaire, replaced your boss and made him the mail boy, bought the two sweater-red Mercedes or fought off the ten busty blondes who want your undivided attention.

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These are some of the underlying doubts that might be plaguing you … if I'm too old how will I work, attain, and be strong … who will want me when I'm old and toothless … am I compromising my core values … are you in a relationship, job, or living environment that's dangerous to your health and well-being or just plain lacking any ambition?


You really feel you haven't a conscious clue as to who you are or what you represent. But the subconscious always knows and teaches you a lesson when you snooze.


All of one's insecurities surface sooner or later. Our dreams act as our judge, jury, and confessional. Teeth represent our outer signals to the world. We're happy, sad, disapproving, anxious (grinding teeth down), or just flashing a sexy toothy grin that sends the message, "I’m liking you, so get you and your beautiful toofies over here, pronto."


Teeth can show eroticism or they can snarl and convey the message of "Back off, I'm not in the mood." A dream of teeth falling out can be liberating to the senses. It can act as a wake up call to your way of living and thinking.


Examine your priorities the next time you’re at a cocktail party, dressed to the nines, and the boss is honoring you with a soiree for your upcoming promotion. You’re about to give an acceptance speech from the podium (by the way, there are 3,000 people in attendance) when there's an audible gasp from the audience when you smile—you’re toothless. Now, do you think you’re really going far in this world without your teeth? There now, wake up! Open your eyes; you’re not really missing your teeth. But something is missing in your waking hours and it can be any of the above insights to why you dream your teeth are falling out. 


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By ida, Friday, September 18, 2009 01:02:34 AM
Does Sylvia Brown even come to this site anymore? That is why I joined. Does anyone know where she went? I would really like to know. Ida, Thursday 16,sept.2009
By susan, Wednesday, September 02, 2009 05:29:28 PM
I always have teeth dreams in which involves some one pounding my teeth out with a hammer and chisel.Whoever is doing this to me is faceless.They are sitting on my chest so I can't get away.The dream is so realistic,when I wake up I go directly to the mirror to see if my teeth are gone.They are still in my mouth...
By Zacoska, Monday, August 10, 2009 01:32:59 AM
This is a reoccurring dream for me. It is definitely not a pleasant one because I am only 18 and yes I do have a fear of getting old because I am overweight and it stops me from meeting new people and doing new things, I have no friends at all just computer friends. I am always afraid of what people think of me. I feel like I have to lose weight before I get any older and before it's to late. It's not that I think older people are not fun it's just that I want to be a kid and have fun before I have responsibilities and bills to pay. I am going though a had time in my life I don't want to seem like a pity seeker but I just don't know what to do anymore, I feel so trapped.
By Elsa, Sunday, August 09, 2009 10:47:38 PM
Wow! This is weird. I had never had a dream of this sort before up until...a year ago my dad passed away at the age of 54, which was too soon for me. He had no life insurance and a lot of debts. Ever since his death all I could think about(and still do)is what will my kids do if I die or if my husband dies? We don't have life insurance, I don't work, I'm a housewife and our only income is my husbands. I'm a pisces so I worry a lot and do a lot of thinking. I've been feeling like I need to do something about my current situation of being a housewife and get out there and start doing something with my life. Well, like I was saying i had never had a dream of this sort before until after my dad passed away, a couple months after his death I dreamed all my teeth had fallen out! I was toothless. I felt it was an odd dream so weird I even commented it to my mom and told her "I wonder what it means" Now thanks to this passage I know that it's a wake up call to my way of living and thinking. I feel time is ticking away and I'm not accomplishing my life's goals by just sitting around being a housewife!
By sherisse, Sunday, August 09, 2009 09:43:23 AM
I had this dream about 6 years ago and told a life long friend about it. She advised me that it meant some one could possibly die, not necessarily someone I directly knew, but maybe someone I knew who would lose someone and tell me about it. Well long story short, I lost 5 people that year! I pray every night "NOT" to have a dream like that again!!
By Erin, Monday, November 03, 2008 09:11:10 PM
I always had these dreams. My dad is a dentist and I get these dreams about 4 times a year. I wake up horrified that my tooth has been knocked out. And when i wake up I'm relieved that I still have my tooth. I'm 28 and I have had a rough life of illness and I always have worried if I will be successful. Maybe it is why i have these dreams because I am missing my happiness, my health in life??
By debbie, Monday, October 27, 2008 01:57:43 AM
Maybe its just me but most of my adult life I have had the same dream "I am sitting on the toilet and my tooth just falls out" always the same ,short and quick. I wake up filling very uneasy.Well about a year ago it happened, I am sitting on the toilet and my tooth just fail out.I went to the dentist asap and was told that i have a gum disease.Todate I have lost all of my top teeth and am just waiting for the bottom ones to start dropping. But on a high note I don't have the dreams anymore and I have the best looking teeth a woman can have.
By Green, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 07:36:45 AM
Melvin, I really do not know where you copy and paste these comments from or why you paste them here at all. I've been reading some of them on this site but very few of them make sense. I think you will be doing everyone a favor by not doing that.
By Melvin, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 02:43:07 AM
In 1954, Calvin S. Hall developed a theory of dreams in which dreaming is considered to be a cognitive process.[5] Hall argued that a dream was simply a thought or sequence of thoughts that occurred during sleep, and that dream images are visual representations of personal conceptions. For example, if one dreams of being attacked by friends, this may be a manifestation of fear of friendship; a more complicated example, which requires a cultural metaphor, is that a cat within a dream symbolizes a need to use one's intuition. For English speakers, it may suggest that the dreamer must recognise that there is "more than one way to skin a cat", or in other words, more than one way to do something.
By Aries, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:48:37 PM
I've never had these kinds of dreams, and I have a lot of loose ends in my life. I always hear about them, but I've never once had them.

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