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Using Lucid Dreaming To Pick Lottery Numbers
Lucid Dreaming to Pick Lottery Numbers Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! There are many ways to pick winning lottery numbers, but one of the most interesting is through the practice of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the fine art of putting yourself in a state that is halfway between being asleep and awake while trying to visualize events to the extent that you can manifest them to happen in real life.

In order to achieve the state of lucid dreaming, which is a phrase that literally means that you are aware of your dreams, you need to put your brain into a bit of an alpha state. You need to be unconscious enough to be aware of your subconscious mind, but conscious enough to not fall asleep, as it is key for you to be remembering what you are visualizing.

The principle is the same as using positive affirmations, except in this case it is more like you are running a movie through your mind.  People use this technique of visualizing what they want just before they go to sleep to manifest just about anything from love to money to winning lottery numbers. 

In the case of lucid dreaming, all you have to do is deep breathing exercises or you can also listen to a favorite meditation tape. Once you find yourself in a pleasantly sleepy, yet aware state, you can then begin your visualization.  Make sure you are lying flat on your back, that you are breathing deeply, that your legs are not crossed, that your hands are at your sides.

One of the easiest ways to visualize the winning numbers is to visualize hand writing a number on a chalkboard. See the hand pick up the chalk and then write a number on the board. Once you have done that, remember the number that was recorded. Use an imaginary chalkboard eraser to then eliminate that number by wiping it off the board. You then wait to see what the next number is that will be written on the chalk board. Some people keep a pen and pad of paper by the bed to write down the numbers as they occur.

A similar visualization involves imagining sitting in a movie theater and then watching the drapes for the screen pull apart to reveal a movie about to start. When the movie starts, you will picture a series of numbers being flashed one after the other on the screen, unfolding to you as if it was a narrative. You can see these numbers on placards being held up by a character in the movie, or you can have the numbers spoken to you by a character in the movie. The character that you should imagine should be akin to talking to your higher self. In other words, this works the best if you picture yourself talking from the screen and coming up with the winning numbers.

Yet another technique is to imagine that you are walking along a beach. In this visualization, you are going to picture finding as many rocks as you need numbers to play on a ticket in the sand. As you pick up each rock, you will see a number written underneath. Be sure to record or remember that number and play it in the next lottery.

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By kathryn, Tuesday, November 10, 2015 08:33:59 PM
i like to say that once in a while i do have a lotto dream. i dream of a few numbers. sometimes even 6 numbers but cant remember only a few. the few always come in the lotterys i play super lotto plus, mega milions and the powerball lotto. if you are out there that like to join me. if you dream numbers. we can exchance numbers. you try to remember 3 or 4 numbers ok. give me the order in comes in your dream.its got to be when you are asleep. i will do the same for you ok. maybe we both can hit it big. if you dont wish to buy the ticket. thats ok. i will purchase the lotto tickets. if your numbers win with mine together and we hit at 5 reg numbers or 4 numbers with the mega number or we hit all 5 numbers and the mega/Pb number and i becomed rich. i will give you alot of money and i really mean that. i been searching for someone that will dream some lotto numbers. for a number of years now. i had my story posted on another web site asking for people so we can exchange numbers or they can give me there numbers and i put them all together in hope i hit it big. you have to trust someone in this world. i know that alot of people may had let you down in the past and alot of people will not give you anything once there hit it big in the lottery. but i will keep my promise. im a kabbalish jewish im a good person. if you really think about this . this may be it for us. i just was surfing the web when i just found this web site. i never seen it before.. so this is the very first time im posting with this web site. i just dont post. i only have a story on another web site that been siting their doing nothing and get no replys for over 4 years now. thats the way it is with me trying to find someone to work together with. sign kathyn
By Grant, Tuesday, October 30, 2012 06:16:55 PM
Many years ago I had a dream about lottery numbers but could only remember four of them. I needed six numbers to play Lottario which was a lottery in the province of Ontario where I live. I played those four numbers plus two I chose at random every Saturday and it wasn't long before the four numbers I dreamt came up. Of course it only paid a small amount something like $147 but it HAPPENED. So now years later I am trying lucid dreaming to see if I can dream of six numbers to play in the two lotteries where six numbers are required.
By pamela, Saturday, December 12, 2009 01:54:55 AM
A long time ago I remember a woman who won the lottery in NY. She had children and was on welfare. Everyday after work she came home and gave thanks for winning. She had a shrine set up and this is where she would go to pray. Not begging, mind you, thanking for this supply of money. It was about a year later that she won one of the largest ever at that time. She then paid back all the welfare money that she had used and bought a fur coat and a ride in a limo. After that she went to a financial adviser. Hope she is still doing good. This showed me something. You can't get what you want if you feel you need it. Because then you will always need it. You get what you want by giving thanks for it. I think that the lucid dream is a good way to relax the mind and let your higher-self come in to help. The conscious mind keeps us from believing that we can have or achieve what we want. So when you get into that state of mind you are more able to cut out the mind chatter that gets in the way. I live my life on the principles that you can have anything you want. When I was a young girl I wanted a horse. Now I was told all the time that we could not afford an animal that took so much money just to take care of it, let alone the cost to buy one. That did not stop me from dreaming of one, going to visit people that had one, and every chance I got I was reading about the care of them, bought pictures of them,on and on. Then one day when my father was on a desert ride with a bunch of men from all over the USA. He met a man who approached my father with a proposition.He said that he would like to keep a horse out here so that he didn't have to trailer one all the way from the east coast. And that he would pay my father to go but one and that he would pay for the boarding and food. This in exchange for letting him use the horse every year that he came out to go on this desert ride. Well I got my horse and my father built a corral and I got to ride his everyday. What a great memory I have. Don't ever give up on what you really want. Stay happy, appreciate everything, focus on what you want, give the universe time to bring it to you.
By Vertrell, Friday, April 17, 2009 03:55:25 PM
well i like the exercise and i will try it. but i feel like this page was for me especially the last comment that was posted with the 337 number that was not played the reason i say this is because the 337 is my extention to my phone # at work. so i am playing this tonite.
By Becky, Monday, April 13, 2009 02:52:36 PM
I tried this a few days ago...I had the same numbers come to me 2 nights in a row. I used them and NONE of them came up! All 4x I tried this not ONE number was on the drawing! Do you need to be a psychic to use them, too?!
By Erudina, Sunday, April 12, 2009 06:51:25 PM
I would love to be possitive, but how many people would be doing this and winning money here and there! Many people have tried possitive atraction, dreams and they die trying and believing one day it will work for them. Has it worked for any of you guys, I'd love to know
By Darlene, Thursday, April 02, 2009 01:05:21 PM
By Renetta, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 01:45:24 PM
I just had a dream last night.Now I've got to go get that lottery ticket! I hope this work's!!
By Aleksi, Sunday, March 29, 2009 12:46:24 PM
i love these exercises!!!
By alisa, Sunday, March 29, 2009 04:53:47 AM
if i could hit the lottery i would roll up to this guys job (that im trying to get with) in the escalade and say "C'mon Baby we are are going to the Bahamas!!!" Im gonna hit it one day i just might try this lucid dream thing!

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