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Dreaming of Snakes
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The snake is one of the oldest symbols found in some of the most ancient scriptures. Throughout history, snakes have been used as phallic symbols, and have long been linked to pagan fertility gods. The snake is an emblem of the nurturing earth and also the unknown perils of the underworld.


I, myself, have dreamt of snakes and snake bites and I took this to mean an enemy would be up to no good. Although I think I'm loveable, evidently there are those who wish to put the whammy on me. And wouldn't you know itóbingo! Someone was giving me a difficult time in business and after that I no longer considered that person so friendly.


Depending on who, or whom, and what other host of characters are in your dream of snakes, the meanings of these dreams will vary. But know this, I believe, it isn't a good sign no matter what the scenario. Bad health, loss of money, betrayal, sickness, surrounded by enemies, anything and everything that means trouble can be attributed to a snake dream.

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Letís look to Christian imagery, which emphasizes the dark side of this symbol, where itís considered evil as a "snake in the grass." A snake can represent hidden fears, worries and poisonous words. Anything bad can and will be attributed to that creepy, crawly reptile.


Now, if you want to get mystical about the positive interpretations of the snake, let's do. God created the serpent to teach man and woman right from wrong. Then, there were the Ancient Greeks, who believed the snake had extraordinary healing powers, remember those entwined snakes that appear as the medical profession symbol.


Indian Kundalini yoga finds value in the snake too. It represents the life force that rises up your spinal cord. In the Talmud, snakes represent riches and wealth. To kill one meant loss of all your worldly possessions. In a dream, if a snake sheds itsí skin, metaphorically so do we. Rebirth, regeneration, and symbolism renewal are represented here. The good and the bad seem to go hand and hand with the snake dream.


Personally, I don't look at it from the mystical standpoint. But I'm sure some dreams aren't all doom and gloom when the serpent slithers into your subconscious. Like all symbolism, they appear for a reason and that is to put us in touch with our emotions, subconscious stresses, fears, and to foretell future events.


So the next time you dream of a snake, consider that it might be a bad omen, such as sickness, enemies and foreboding messages from slumber land. My suggestion:  Don't become over-the-top stressed out. Take it in stride, smile and tell yourself, "At least I won't end up as someone's shoes or pocketbook. That snake will get it in the end. And I'll forget about that bad dream by lunchtime.Ē 


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By Peavy Bass Amp, Sunday, December 08, 2013 03:00:20 AM
I love snakes! I've got a ten foot boa constrictor that eats live chickens and rats! Chickens are so damn dumb! I drop a chicken into the snake's cage, and the stupid chicken stands still for a brief period then it starts pecking at little bits on the cage floor. The my beautiful boa, Erki, slowly begins to raise her head, edging closer to the ugly, stupid chicken, the chicken starts to panic, then in a flash my boa snares the chicken while the chicken is squawking and kicking one of its legs. Soon the squawking begins to slowly mute. The ugly chicken's beak is wide open and it's face is turning blue from the strangulation. My boa begins to slowly ingest its tasty chicken dinner. All of this talk makes me want to go to my local KFC's 24 hour drive up and order their five piece original recipe! Yum!
By brit, Wednesday, June 15, 2011 05:48:59 PM
As a teenager I had a dream there was little bearded old man standing at my bedroom door with a snake in a sack. He released the snake and it went under my bed, I was instantly awake from this point and ran to the bathroom where I had to spend the next hour calming myself enough to return to bed. I never had this dream again but remember it vividly.
By theresa, Monday, June 06, 2011 03:23:30 AM
lol I never dreamnt of a snake but I was on a camping trip with the camp I was going to and i ended up with a snake coiled up tightly on me he was huger then my chest just sleeping on me he was a big yellow snake with large brown spots I knew he was harmless cause when I picked him up he just looked at me and then I gentley tossed him to the other side of the tent and other campers woke up and started screaming but he just slithered away and didn't bother them so I knew he had to be someone's lost pet but he was over a good twenty inches in diameter or over good size 2 feet but all i know I freaked out to wake up with a snake on my chest and it seemed I met this snake before it looked like the one that fell outta tree and hit me off the head a few weeks before in the same forest area up in the Lynn woods where there many houses near by so it seemed to know me then the next near I ended up with the same sitation only with baby garden snakes in my sleeping bag threw them gentley across the tent then my poor friends yrs later still donot know why they donot like snakes I was only a kid but when we talk about snakes yrs later they still donot like them and donot know why and lol I got neighbors two of them that have snakes and one other neighbor who was just talking about how she hates and was laughing how she owns everything but snakes and spiders for pets its funny how life goes full circle with everything weird huh
By Wanda, Sunday, June 05, 2011 02:04:39 PM
About a month ago I dreamt of a brown snake inching towards me on the floor of a small room. I felt trapped & scared. 3 days later my husband caught a huge rat snake slithering out of my laundry room!
By Caira, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 06:45:27 PM
I had a dream that I was roasting rattle snakes on a fire. What does that symbolize?
By Halley, Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:44:14 PM
By Sophia, Thursday, March 05, 2009 11:20:33 AM
My mother have always told me that when somebody dreams of getting bitten by a snake, it means that they are pregnant. The morning I woke up to the snake bite dream, I took a pregnancy test. I was shocked to find out that it came out positive. I gave birth to my first child who is now 4 years old.
By Sheryl, Monday, October 27, 2008 05:28:27 AM
I had a dream just last night of being in a situation where I was the owner of a home or renter of a homes with 3 or more bedrooms. I had several people from my past come to stay there with me without being invited. I found myself telling these people to leave, that I didn't want them there living with me. Suddenly I was in I think the bathroom of this house when I huge green snake appeared on my right shoulder & bit my hand or arm, it went numb instantly & then the Snake started wrapping itself around my body, I tried to call out to the people I had just told to leave & wave my other arm to get someone's attention. The snake's face was eye level as I turned to the right. I woke up at that point, can't remember if anyone helped me but was thankful it was only a dream. MEANING?????? e-mail me at
By beatrice, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 09:00:02 PM
My husband had dream of a snake and we don't know what to think of it. His dream began when he was with one of our sons he does not know wish one. When a women he knew but can not remember told them to put there hand where the snake is, she show them and then my husband did it and nothing happen. Then when our son and the snake bit him. My husband ask him did the snake bit you and he said no but when they look at my sons hand he warms on his had. I did not have the dream but just to hear my husband talk about it, has me worry.

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