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What Is The Meaning of Shared Dreams With Others?
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Don't ever think you're weird because you've had the same dream as someone else. About 1 in 1,000 people report the startling fact that they had a shared dream. The meaning of your dreams may differ from another person. There are so many types of dreams and the true meaning of dreams is highly subjective.


The phenomenon called “shared dreaming” is a startling experience, particularly if you've never experienced one before. One person begins to recount the sleep dream and the other excitedly interrupts the story. Identical dreaming most often occurs with spouses, siblings, close friends, parents, and children. These identical occurrences often happen the same night.

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Mutual dreaming is also a type of shared dreaming. Mutual dreaming involves group activities. More than two people have a challenge that is overcome in a dream state. The following morning, each remembers obstacles involved and their joint efforts for removing them. Snoozing while solving your problems is a great way to get into the unconscious—just by going to sleep.


Empathetic feelings must be a key factor in a shared dream. A close connection physically and spiritually is a dynamic needed for such a phenomenon, although I'm sure complete strangers with no personal history at all might have the same quirky occurrence.


I have encountered shared dreaming several times. It's always been with someone I had an empathetic relationship with. My boyfriend Frank and I had the identical dream. He was concerned for his children, as I was about mine. In our dream, we both were struggling to get to all the children across a body of water. They were in a sinking boat, needing to be rescued. We had no boat so we started to swim. Frantically, we felt we wouldn't reach them and they would all drown.


The emotional component of this dream was obvious. We were losing our children in real life through divorce and both felt helpless to save them. In all sleep dreams, water symbolizes emotion. The meaning of dreams with water is powerful. Frank and I were amazed when we talked about our shared dream. We felt as though our spiritual connection and emotional connection was deeper.


I think we’re on a threshold of something big with shared dreams. Now more than ever, the exploration into our dream state is being delved into and studied. I think our dreams have a holographic element. We're actually on another frequency and dimension. Whatever you experience—whether it’s mutual, shared, or identical dreaming—know that it's not weird, it's wonderful.

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By Dawson, Thursday, March 07, 2013 01:22:07 AM
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By Laneyr, Tuesday, February 12, 2013 12:19:33 AM
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By aidie, Wednesday, February 02, 2011 07:33:49 PM
My daughter and I had dreams that were sequential in nature. Then there were times when we would have dreams that made the difference in each other's dreams, such as a room, if I saw a table she would see the lights or the walls or the window and we'd be in the same house and there would be the same spirits. We at times dreamed of spirits in the house and the people who lived there, but we would be in different room and describe it perfectly to each other. When that would happen we often would know the outside of the building.
By sarah, Friday, June 05, 2009 02:51:38 PM
When I was 13, I dreamt what my best friend was dreaming. We had a sleepover with many girls; and somehow when I was dreaming, I knew I was dreaming my best friends dream. When we awoke, I told her this, and explained the dream in full detail. She confirmed the dream, and until I read this article, this dream felt unusual to me. We are still best friends to this day, ten years later.
By MAXINE, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 04:30:20 AM
My girl friend and I had the same dream but at different times. It turned out to be a warning. I also had an angel warm me about the incident. I was attacked but I knew what to do. Because of the dreams. I had alot of signs but I ignored them. I learned the hard way.
By zenia, Friday, February 06, 2009 06:34:07 PM
MY dream start off with me and my boyfriend who past away a few months ago. We was at a party or some kind of gathering. And this man came over to me and asked me something about my boyfriend. My boyfriend said to me that he sent the guy over to tell me something. But the guy did not say it.So I never knew what my boyfriend was trying to tell me. When I went to work the next day my girlfriend told me that she had something to tell me. She told me that my boyfriend (who she never meet) told her to tell me hi.
By theresa, Tuesday, February 03, 2009 07:23:54 AM
my dreams r alot wierder than that when my baby sisters were little we would dream of my grandfather every halloween and we all wake up in our birth order oldest to the youngest saying grandpa is marching on the beach with his war world two uniform on leading all veterans home and it is about sunset or sunrise then it gets cold and dark quickly and then the explosion hits and they all disapear and they all look like rotting deceased corpses but grandpa looks like a normal human bieng we r all told one thing and none of us can rember it or what they start to chant after that my grandfather passed when I was eight and my sisters were both babies this dream goes back when they were only one yrs of age and they can still recall when they first had this dream and it sometimes comes again when we are all distressed out also we wake up feeling sore and tired with a wierd feeling of not talking about it also we end up with a shoes filled with sand and sand marks all around our beds and the house even when we donot live close enough to beaches and now that we r older we r not that close anymore either how do you explain that mymy sister fran is down in pennsylvania and my sister laura is the only other closer one to me same mom but they have a different dad and what is it my granddad telling us what does he want also I know when my siters r in trouble or tired just by falling asleep awake and cannot tell where I am and as soon as I visit my siter laura she says the same thing funny how did my big sister know I needed her again and not mom even though you even know when mom or one of us is in trouble ?/ huh wait how did you do that wierd I sometimes get the feeling your connecting with my dreams stop that cause your freaking me out stop it I also know alot more family members too that r only half related but also my guys mother too we can connect through dreams when it comes to my son or if something happens to her she is only connected to me through my daughter the youngest one and even her grandaughter can connect to her .she easily knows what we're thinking and dreaming sometimes or powerfully connect when we r awake too .
By Regina, Monday, February 02, 2009 01:45:56 PM
By Brigitte, Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:19:53 PM
I remember that my ex-husband and I had same dreams several times and also sometimes the same thoughts. It was like I started telling him something and he ended it because he had the same thoughts. We were amazed and shocked sometimes. It was like we could read each anothers minds.
By Leslie, Monday, October 13, 2008 05:56:48 PM
When my Mother passed away, my sisters and I all had the same dream on the same night. It was a visit from our Mother from the other side. In all our dreams, we were standing (individually) in a long hall. It looked like the nursing home she had been in. All the doors were closed exc.ept for one. There was a bright luminesant light coming from the 1 open door. In all of our dreams, we walked up to the door and entered the room. When we walked in my Mom was propped up in bed and she started smiling and said, Hi Honey! I've been waiting to see you one more time and I want you to know how happy I am in heaven! Please tell the boys(her Grandkids) how much I miss them and love them. Little did I know that one of those boys (my son) would be joining her in Heaven 8 years later. I know he's playing guitar for her in Heaven. I am still waiting for my dream visit from my Son. I suppose he doesn't think I'm ready yet.

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