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When The Deceased Visits In A Dream
Dreaming of the Deceased Dreams, interpreting your bad dreams, learn what they mean!  Find out now FREE! Have you ever experienced dreams that seemed so real that you were shocked when you woke up to find out they were only dreams? This has happened to many people with dreams involving dead loved ones. They become so certain that they were genuinely visited by the dead.

Those who claim to have a psychic connection to the other side say it's possible to visit with, talk with, and even touch dead love ones in dreams. Thousands of people dream of dead loved ones that seem like actual visits.

There are many explanations for this type of phenomena. Many doctors would attribute it to a seizure or a bad meal. If you are seeing dead people in a dream it is not that normal. Even some psychics who interpret dreams would say that such a dream could bode that you may die soon as well.

Many psychiatrists and behaviorists would say that a dream of being visited by the dead only indicates how much you miss that deceased individual. The dream would be a form of resolving your sorrow psychologically while you are asleep. It is a way the psyche comforts itself – by conjuring up an image of the beloved individual.

Yet another theory is that the dead do not necessarily want to be invited back to the earthly realms, but they become concerned about our emotional state. We literally use our energies to pull beings trying to ascend to the heavenly realms into the earthly planes. If you are being visited in a dream by a dead relative, it may be because you have somehow pulled them back to earth by not being able to “let go.”

Many people have reported visits from the dead in dreams that become prophetic. There is, of course, no real scientific explanation for this except that you may have actually been contacted by the dead. Usually, these dreams predict big events like a death, a birth, or a great failure or success.

More than a few people have experienced dreams where the dead appear to be embracing them or comforting them. Once again, this may indeed be a spirit summoned back to keep you company through a tough time, or it may be a wish fulfilling type dream.

If you do dream of the deceased, you need to take into account that very few of these dreams are prophetic and that there is no need to panic about the future. Instead, try to decipher the dream to see if it holds any relevant message for you and take it from there.

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By alisa, Sunday, March 29, 2009 04:45:58 AM
i had several dreams about a girl i grew up with. we were like sisters.someone told me if i needed to pray for her because she was not resting. i did, i have not had a dream about her since.
By JACQUELYN, Saturday, March 28, 2009 07:29:32 AM
my son died in march of 1995 in a car accident, then in june 1995 my dad died from heart surgery complications. on the first anniversary of their death, i asked them why i had not had any dreams about them, since others had. that night i had a dream with both my son and dad in it. my son said its ok mom i have to stay here now. my dad didnt speak but did pass by. i have not had another dream since. i am convinced it was their way of letting me know they were together and ok.
By Jen, Saturday, March 28, 2009 12:55:12 AM
I dream of my father and mother sometimes, that I was yelling for my mom? What does this mean? Jen W.
By Bobie, Friday, March 27, 2009 03:58:05 PM
So one night back in November 2008 I had a dream my grandfather, who died April 2006, visited me. I had gone to bed drunk that night , like I had so many nights before, as I was becoming an alcoholic. In this dream he came sat next to me on my bed and said "You need to wake up, you need to go downstairs check the stove , and stop drinking you are going to destroy yourself and everyone around you" he kept saying "wake up, just wake up!" Finally I woke up in a sweat, dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs, the house stank horrible like gas. I in a drunk stupor had left our stove top on leaking gas , you know I guess I had turned the knob but didnt have the fire ignited. I started crying and praying saying thank you, then opened all the windows and doors. Needless to say I havent drank a drop since then...
By Mick, Friday, March 27, 2009 10:29:19 AM
When my husband first died, 16 years ago, I kept smelling his after shave lotion. I turned my "freaky freeling" around to realize he was with me, comforting me. After that whenever the smell would occur I would just welcome him and tell him what was on my mind. The smells stopped when I told him I would be okay, but just last night I experienced my husband cuddling me while I slept. I actually felt his arms around me. So no matter how we try to tell them we're okay our loved ones are always with us. I find that very comforting.
By Ariana, Friday, March 27, 2009 10:12:30 AM
One of my ABSOLUTE sweetest dreams i EVER had - it happened at a time when i was in so much pain- I had separated from my husband and my daddy had died all in the matter of a couple months. But I still loved my husband very much - he was just abusive to me both emotionally and physically so the night I had this dream I had bolted and locked the door in my apartment and had even put a chair under the doorknob to brace the door from him coming to my place- well I had been up every night for the past two weeks before the night of this dream because i KNEW in my gut that my husband was cheating on me. Well I finally dozed off about 1 am but was startled awake at 3 am to KNOW someone was in my house I sat straight up in my bed and i screamed out Rodney- that was my husbands name and the only person who could have possibly been in my apartment in the middle of the night even though HE DID NOT HAVE A KEY and that was the purpose of the chair under the door. Well I am legally blind so I cant see very well at all without correction only shadows and bright lights i bolted straight up in my bed - screamed out Rodney but then my daddy my CHERISHED DADDY came down the hall and a HUGE FEELING OF PEACE AND A KNOWING IT WAS MY DADDY - IT was like he was communicating with me telepathically he said hush honey its daddy and he materialized or i could actually see him like i had vision like a normal person - and he said yes - what you have been praying about to have an answer is TRUE (Cuz I had spent all the time I had been awake all night those 2 weeks crying and missing my daddy i had been so close to my daddy while he was alive ((i was his favorite of 5 kids and he adored me i was daddys little girl)) and me and my mom and the rest of my family well - that was always very very strained. and praying for an answer about rodney-if he was cheating cuz i had no eveidence) well daddy said yes honey it is true and i am sorry, rodney is cheating and you will find out later today. Then daddy walked into my sons room and looked at my sons - i got out of bed looked at my clock it was 3:03 am and i then heard in my head i love you and these guys (my sons) so very much but I am at peace now you will be okay honey. you have such a beautiful loving soul, just take care of these beautiful children i KNOW you will. Then he just walked out of the boys bedroom a little into the hall again and vanished. I know i said i think in my head-daddy dont leave me again I need you i miss you!! BUT HE WAS GONE! Well as i was already out of bed I looked at the clock sure enough it was just right after 3 i went and kissed my sons on their foreheads then I cried happy tears because I FELT SO MUCH AT PEACE after his visit and his wise words. Well the next day sure enough while i was hanging out with my husband his cell rang he walked quickly away from me and he answered - that's when I heard HER voice - then i MADE him take me to her to confront her which was probably a very very stupid move- yes looking back now it was a really stupid move to go to her to confront her but i was in so much pain i needed to see her.AND I KNEW MY DADDY HAD VISITED ME because he was right i did find out that day - i did find out that my fears were right - rodney was having an affair-after the 3 am visit
By Shelia, Friday, March 27, 2009 09:11:03 AM
My Aunt Sharon & her husband were killed in a car accident when I was 2, and when I was almost 7 I started waking up at night hearing nusic and someone calling my name. I would get up and go to my window and they would be in the garden between our house & my grandmothers dancing-like a slow waltz, & she would wave & smile. Right about the time I turned 8 she came to my window and whispered my name. I went to the window & she spoke softly to me, telling me that she loved me and that something terrible was going to happen to me, but that I was strong & I would get through it. She then said that this would be the last time she could come and to be strong. The very next night my step father started molesting me-clear up until I was 14. I had many "dreams" and psychic experiences clear up until then(age 8). I even experienced Astral Projection on MANY occasions. She was right, I never saw her again & I went through this ordeal until I was placed into foster care. I was strong, & to this day I can see her face & the love radiating from her whole being when I close my eyes. I think when innocence is lost, we lose the ability to "see" & experience these things. I hope someday for these abilities to return...
By MAXINE, Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:20:34 PM
One night I went to where my mother was we embraced it was the best feeling in the world! It stayed with me for many years!! I told her it was a long time since we embraced, she told me to keep helping others & to let everyone know she was ok. It felt so good!!! I just wonder what place she was at, it seemed to be her home.
By MARY ANN, Thursday, March 26, 2009 08:56:32 PM
I keep a dream journal, when I have a dream vision that a family member is about to die I write it down with the date, so far each vison has proved to be true over the years,also visons of my home town have not lived there since 1968, one week I saw a big fire in my home town, another dream that week a damaging wind a week latter in my home town tornado hit the town, next day a fire burnt down a old family church . some one on the other side is telling me these things .

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