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30 Feng Shui Tips For A Peaceful Home
30 Feng Shui Home Tips Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage.

In these troubled times, your home should be your sanctuary. Feng Shui, which translates from Chinese to mean “wind-water,” is an ancient art that teaches us how to arrange furniture, belongings, and other parts of our home to enjoy better health, prosperity, comfort, and a higher quality of life overall. 

Here are some tips from the realm of Feng Shui (the ancient art of object placement) to give your home a more harmonious and peaceful vibe.

CLEAR ALL CLUTTER. You have probably heard this advice again and again when it comes to Feng Shui, but it really is true that good energy does not generate in a messy home. Clutter is negative because it traps shar chi (negative energy) in places and this can manifest itself in conflict amongst family members and visitors. Clutter also causes boggled thinking and confusion.

GET ORGANIZED. Order creates calm. If you are running around all over the place looking for things, confusion reigns. This creates bad energy, wastes time, and is just all over bad Feng Shui practice. Find “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

CLEAN YOUR DRAINS. Water represents emotions in Feng Shui, so if your drains are clogged then it symbolizes old repressed feelings like resentment or jealousy overwhelming the psyche. Make sure your drains work properly so that people are not holding onto negative things in your relationships. Flooded sinks, bathrooms, and toilets mean a personality that is also flooded with negative emotions.

GET RID OF SHARP OBJECTS. Don’t leave sharp objects like scissors, pliers, or knives just lying around. Put them away and make sure they are sheathed. Don’t hang knives on the wall or put them on display in the kitchen either. You should also not have decorative swords or knives hanging on the wall. Sharp objects symbolize harsh words and the cutting of ties in important, intimate relationships.

PUT UP PICTURES OF NATURE. Pictures of flowers, birds, or peaceful landscapes help set a peaceful tone for the room and create calm and quiet. Cityscapes and ships sailing on stormy seas create an opposite effect. If you put up pictures of flower buds or birds in duos, you encourage the sustaining of a relationship and fidelity. Having single pictures of birds or blossoms in duos can help you meditate on the goal of finding a true love.

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PUT UP PICTURES OF ANGELS AND ASCENDED MASTERS. Pictures of angels and spirit guides also help encourage a calm, secure feeling in the home. A picture of the archangel Micheal on the wall encourages protection. A picture of the archangel Gabriel encourages peace. Ascended masters are a term used for any guru-like or metaphysical figure that you personally find inspirational or comforting. Examples of ascended masters include Jesus, Buddha, Saint Theresa, Quan Yin, The Blessed Virgin, Edgar Cayce, and any of the disciples or saints from various Bibles.

PAINT ROOMS IN A SINGLE COLOR. Painting a room too many colors can cause disruptive energy. To keep a peaceful atmosphere about the home, paint each room a single color or in a single color palette. Some colors are definitely more calming than others and this may depend on personal taste. Pinks are calming for some individuals and yet others like dark earth tones and greens. Loud colors, such as bright red, are not that calming for most people, but once again the color may depend on the context of the room.

KEEP THE TV OUT OF THE BEDROOM AND LIVING ROOM. For the ultimate calming atmosphere, put the television in an area known as the family or recreation room. Other rooms should not be interrupted by the constant noise of the television. The constant chatter is disruptive and not conducive to meditation. The same thing goes for radio, iPods, laptops and anything that makes a lot of noise.

KEEP THE LIGHTING LOW.  Dispense with overhead lights that are harsh and glaring and instead opt for lights that are more obtuse. Angle lamps so they spotlight special areas in the room. However, even though it is a good idea to be decorative with lights, make sure that the room is not actually dark, as this is considered to create bad luck when it comes to the fine art of Feng Shui. Red or soft pink lighting is considered to be very reassuring and also lucky.

GET RID OF FLOURESCENT LIGHTS. Fluorescent lights are too white and the light is too flickering to be relaxing. White is not a lucky color according to the principles of Feng Shui. You should not be basking in any type of glare.

GET RID OF PROTRUDING CORNERS.  According to Feng Shui theory, corners or any sharp, pointed objects are “poison arrows” that carry ill fortune and direct negative energy toward whatever they face. If they point toward the bed, they can interrupt sleep. If you can’t move the offending objects, try re-angling your bed so that you don’t face any of these potential energy-sappers when you are trying to get some rest.

DON’T COMBINE LIVING AND WORKING SPACES. Many people who live in condos have this problem. For instance, you should never sleep where you work or relax where you work. Think of another option for your work area. Banish bills and paperwork from your eyesight so you are not disturbed.

DON’T DECORATE WITH FLIMSY FURNITURE. Furniture that wobbles, is cheap, or that simply seems skimpy in structure does not create peace in a home. It creates an atmosphere that seems unstable and this insecurity can translate itself into your relationships. If you do put together furniture from Ikea or a similar store, make sure that you do it properly and that the screws and nails are in properly to avoid problems.

DECORATE WITH CRYSTALS AND STONES. Crystals and stones help ground a room and give it an earthy, grounded quality that is conducive to relaxation. The more natural the materials are in your room, the closer to nature you will feel and the more comforted you will feel in your own home.

DECORATE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS. Stay away from plastics and formicas and go for bamboo, marble, and cork surfaces. The less manmade and more recyclable the material, the more peaceful your home will see. It is very Asian to decorate with furniture made out of bamboo, wicker, and other natural materials.

KEEP FLOWERS AROUND. Keep natural fresh flowers around. Do not use artificial blooms unless you plan to keep them very clean. Dust on artificial plants is bad energy in general. The very best way to create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere is to make sure that you have cut live flowers that are pest free. Do not keep wilting flowers around as that symbolizes fatigue.

KEEP EXERCISE EQUIPMENT OUT OF MAIN ROOMS. Exercise equipment that resembles boats or vehicles can create disruption in your home’s energy because they symbolize travel. They are especially bad in the bedroom and dining room because they represent motion when these are activities that should be enjoyed, while one is still and relaxing. If possible store, these items out of sight whenever you can.

KEEP CEILING FANS OUT OF BEDROOMS. These create “cutting chi” that is unhealthy and can interrupt peaceful sleep. This is because they symbolize the cutting of the air and air symbolizes energy. 

REMOVE MIRRORS FROM BEDROOMS. Remove mirrors from any place that you sleep. If you have one in your bedroom, remove it immediately, since it is said that the energy created by mirrors in this space can cause insomnia. Move mirrors to your dining room instead where the reflection of opulence and food brings wealth. Mirrors are also good in the kitchen. Whatever you do, do not hang a mirror so that it cuts off any part of the head. This will cause headaches.

CLOSE YOUR BEDROOM DOOR WHEN SLEEPING. This helps make your bedroom more of a womb or cocoon that facilitates relaxation. This is especially important to do if you have boisterous children or pets.

CREATE PEACE WITH PLANTS. Almost all plants create a peaceful atmosphere unless they are somehow dying or dusty. The bigger the plant, the more calming it will be to you. Avoid spiky plants, like a cactus, as they trap harsher energy. Instead, opt for plants that have large fronds and leaves and that are more Asian or tropical in flair. As an added bonus, the bigger the plant, the better it will be at cleaning the air with the oxygen that these plants produce.

KEEP DECORATIONS IN THE SOUTH. When it is Christmas or any other type of holiday, try to keep your decorations in the southern part of the home. This is the area of the home that can best incorporate anything that is fussy in nature and that might disrupt your efforts at Feng Shui.

DON’T BURN CANDLES IN THE EAST AREA. Candles can create a peaceful and comforting atmosphere anywhere in your home, except for any eastern sector of your home. Burning candles in the Eastern sector is considered to be bad luck because it brings on fevers and unreasonable behavior. This is an old Feng Shui superstition but there may be something to it, so try to keep your burning tapers in the other directional areas of your home.

CREATE A VIEW. Open windows and let light in. Seeing out and far away is restful to our spirits. A view of a garden is ideal. Select artwork that has both perspective and depth and hang that on your wall if you happen to live in a place that does not have too many windows.

{~ad~]POLISH THE KITCHEN TAPS. Beauty is in the details and trying to make things as clean and shiny as possible is highly recommended. Polish any fixtures and make sure any shelving or chrome is free of spots and dust. This helps ensure that things will run smoothly in your life.

NO OVERHANGING SHELVES. Overhanging shelves are problematic, as they symbolize burdens and worries hanging over your head. This is particularly true if they are hanging over your bed or a desk.

USE AROMATHERAPY FOR RELAXATION. To keep a relaxing vibration in the home, you can use lavender, pine, eucalyptus, neroli, ylang-ylang, and others. These aromas will introduce the warmth, purification, and nourishment of the Feng Shui energy levels in your home environment.

SOOTHE WITH WATERFALL SOUNDS.  The sound of running water is very soothing and creates an atmosphere of complete peace. Get a small indoor fountain and have it burbling all of the time to create a joyful ambience.

HANG CHIMES IN THE WIND. Chimes hung outside help to disperse bad energy and also create a whimsical yet peaceful atmosphere. The lower in tones the chimes are the more soothing they will be.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Keeping your home as silent as possible, with the exception of gurgling water or the occasional clanging of wind chimes, is well advised if you want to make your home a glorious sanctuary that is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

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By susan, Monday, July 29, 2013 11:22:59 PM
Trying new things , learning how to make my livingroom look better MY bedroom,is painted Gold color my curtains, are gold and blue,carpet is a light tan color, and I have a red chair in the south side,I have an family hairloom,I was given my Grandmothers stand with 4 drawers,its more like a desk but its very old, needs redone, but was told not to touch it. I like coming to this site and learning, things Thanks, Susan,
By susan, Monday, April 16, 2012 07:57:19 PM
I changed my bedroom around ,today and my dresser,is now facing the south side of my room and my bed is facing the North west side and my candles ,are now in the south side also so maybe when I burn them it will give me good luck instead of bad luck, time will Tell, ty
By susan, Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:22:57 PM
I am learning How to take better care of my apt. while reading what needs to be done, to make my home much Happier, I need to re arrange my bedroom now that I know not to burn candles on the east side of my bedroom, I need to find some one to help me, since I am unable to lift that well, I read as much as I can , to help my apt look nicer, thanks for adding this Feng shui,
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