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Feng Shui Fashion Tips
Feng Shui Fashion Tips Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. Feng Shui can apply to fashion as well as other areas of your life. After all, it is all about the artful arrangement of objects and that can include jewelry and clothing as well.

One of the most fundamental laws of Feng Shui is to keep things clean and in good shape. Obviously, this translates in fashion to mean that you should never wear dirty clothing. A primary Feng Shui fashion tip is to always make sure everything that you wear smells good and is freshly laundered. Any type of stain on clothing could be said to harbor negative chi and should never be worn. Sweat stains indicate to others that you are to be exploited for labor!

Things that are in disrepair in any way are also frowned on in Feng Shui practice. In terms of your clothing, this means that you should never wear clothes that is ripped, torn or have undone stitches. Make sure the lining of your clothes is in good shape too. Clothing with missing buttons or belts are also considered to be bad news. They mean non-accomplishment and broken relationships. Dangling hem means relationship problems that can never be resolved.

Yet another Feng Shui fashion tip would be to never wear anything second hand. Second hand things are considered to harbor the bad chi of their previous owners. The same goes for second hand jewelry. Make sure that anything that you wear is brand new and uniquely your own.

In terms of color, one main Feng Shui fashion tip is that you should avoid the color white. This color signifies death in the Chinese culture. The best color for you to wear if you want to make money is bright fire engine red. The second best colors to wear are purple and green. Brown shoes are better to wear than black ones, as black ones could be too heavy.

You should also avoid wearing clothing that is too structured. Shoulders that are sharpened with shoulder pads should also be avoided as they attract negative chi. the same thing goes for clothes that are too tailored. Too many darts in an item of clothing can easily be interpreted as negative Feng Shui “arrows.”

You should wear solid colors wherever possible and avoid patterns of all kinds as they are the fashion equivalent of confusion and chaos in Feng Shui. Ties, bows, and things that dangle are also unfortunate when it comes to Feng Shui fashion.

You should also only wear shoes with round toes. Pointed toes attract negative chi, including personal attacks and gossip.

Minimal jewelry is also advised as Feng Shui fashion tip. Too much jewelery is frowned on because it is also the equivalent of clutter, except on a person. Ideally, you are completely unadorned with the exception of a watch, which is there to help you keep time. Fashion very much follows functionality in Feng Shui, so if you are an elaborate dresser it may be hard for you to follow.

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By susan, Wednesday, March 13, 2013 02:26:54 PM
Hi, Black don't look good on me, I like bright colors and red included, too, I do have blues and EVEN RED'S and pinks,To me black in color has no true meaning to me,
By Brenda, Monday, June 29, 2009 01:56:33 PM
Black is the color of death in this country...shouldn't this be the color to avoid?
By kathryn, Saturday, June 20, 2009 11:40:45 AM
I think it is just a guideline. All of us don't always believe in the same things. I think order is a big deal I know i always feel better when my shoes are new and clean as a nurse and I really dislike stains on my clothes so i can relate to it a little bit. I have a hard time with clutter in my house but I am trying to work on that. I think if we feel good about what we have on it makes us feel good about ourselves. I love torn jeans. I have a pair i've been wearing for about 4 years (now it's the style).
By tina, Thursday, May 21, 2009 11:29:02 AM
Yes mine too i always buy second hand can't afford brand new with 10 people so i am going to have bad luck too.But i thought i read somewhere you can bless second hand things and that will take away anything bad.I disagree with this feng shui clothing thing too.
By ROXANA, Thursday, September 04, 2008 03:27:13 PM
it means that If I want to have good luck I am gonna have have to get rid of my my entire closet because most of 80% of my clothes are second-handed.
By Joyce, Tuesday, September 02, 2008 01:12:53 AM
I enjoy reading Feng Shui information, but I disagree with the Feng Shui fashion tip article. It is good to wear clean clothes, but what if you are traveling and you have to wear an article of clothing that needs to be washed because you don't have access to a washing machine? Or, how about camping? Everyone gets dirty and seems to enjoy themselves anyway. And, I do not agree with the clothing has to be new part. What about shopping for second hand clothes, or vintage clothes? Not only can a person save money, they are recycling clothes which is better for the environment. And, I really enjoy wearing white colored clothes because this color makes me feel clean and light. Plus, I also enjoy wearing black clothes and shoes, because the color makes me feel centered, warm, and in control. I think Feng Shui is good for some things, but in regards to clothing it does not seem logical to follow.
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