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Feng Shui in Your Bathroom
Feng Shui tips for your bathroom Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. Feng Shui is important in the bathroom because it is a place where water flows and water flows generally symbolizes the flow of money. The main type of Feng Shui that is practiced in the bathroom is a preventative type. It is literally about preventing your cash from going down the drain.

The first Feng Shui tip is to pay attention to is your toilet seat lid. Your toilet seat lid must always be closed, as an open toilet symbolizes the flushing of your money or wasting of money. If possible, try to have a toilet fixture that is in any other color but white. White is the color of death in Feng Shui. Some people go as far as to paint the toilet seat red to prevent the loss of money, but you can achieve a similar effect simply by putting a red cover on it of some kind.

Another feng shui tip is to hang chimes or bells on your toilet handle. Thus, each time the toilet is flushed the chimes can help diffiuse any negative energy.

You should also make sure that the plugs for the drains that are in the sink or bathtub are always in place. This can also prevent money from slipping down the drain.

As a rule, you should be very conscientious about not having any mirrors in your bathroom that might be reflecting the toilet or any drains. This is because it can double your losses financially.

It is very important to keep the bathroom as clean and shiny as possible. Dirt and grime harbor negative chi and can cause financial problems in Feng Shui.

As a Feng Shui tip, the more color that you have in your bathroom and the less white, the more likely you are to maintain your general health. A nice touch in the bathroom is scented candles to help keep it smelling nice. When you keep candles in the bathroom, make sure that the wicks have been lit at least once and burned as having candles with unburnt wicks is not lucky.

If you want to attract love, then try placing pictures of lovers, ducks, or peonies in the southeast corner of the bathroom. You might also consider keeping a pair of rubber duckies on the side of your tub if you are trying to manifest a lover.

To attract mentors and enhance your career luck, paint the north wall of the bathroom blue. To attract money, put all of your green colored bathroom objects in the southeast corner.

If fame is what you are after, one Feng Shui tip is to place your mirror on the south wall and makes sure that it has a red frame or is surrounded by red colored soaps and toiletries. Star shaped objects can also help you attract reknown and glory.

Finally, make sure that the bathroom is very well lit and that anything electronic in it is in excellent working order. Broken appliances and burnt out lights in a bathroom can signify poor health.

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By Jamace, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 12:56:30 AM
I didn't notice that bathroom is one crucial place for feng shui until now. Bedroom, Kitchen are now modified but the bathroom. This is one place I won't leave it be. Although this is very interesting, seems like all articles here are that good. Good job and thanks to our contributors. I think I should paint the toilet fixture with a little goldish effect. Would it do harm?

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