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Feng Shui Tips for Decorating Your Home for Autumn
Feng Shui Decorating Tips for Fall Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. An essential part of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of object placement for bringing good luck, is decorating the home. However, a very important thing to remember is that a lot of Feng Shui is quite practical.

You may be currently thinking of how to decorate your home for the Fall and Winter Season. Here are some pragmatic and easy ideas that will also bring your home good energy.
First of all, make sure you declutter the place entirely. Get rid of all those things lying around that have to do with summer living. Put away the bottles of suntan lotion and bicycles and get out the rakes and snow shovels. Being prepared with the proper implements for caring for your home delights, because it shows that you are willing to work in tandem with nature.

The next thing you should do is get rid of all your summer clothes and store them away. Make sure that your front closet is stored with the things that you need to have around in order to be ready for winter. 

You should also take good care to organize your boots and shoes so that they do not obstruct the door. This is bad Feng Shui and causes negative energy to accumulate.  Yet another thing to avoid is an umbrella stand by the door. These vessels can accumulate negative energy.

This is a good time of the year to hang some curtains or swags. Aside from adding a new decorative touch to your home, curtains will also insulate your home in the window area (where most heat escapes). Use decorative tiebacks to drape a bolt of heavy fabric like corduroy, velvet, or canvas across the top of your windows. Doing this will keep the cold out and warm your home in more ways than one. If you use gold or silver tiebacks, this can represent money coming into the house.

The color of your drapes or window blinds doesn't have to be a fall color. It is to your advantage to have a color that matches the sector. For instance, if your window is in the south, enhance this “fame” area by hanging bright red curtains. If your window is in the north, then enhance it with a blue curtain to bring good energy to your career. Just the weight and texture of the fabric will address the season.

The color red is one of the most important Feng Shui colors. Red represents the Chinese Feng Shui element of fire. Red and its fire element symbolize excitement, luck, energy, and passion. The presence of red strengthens Yang energy. If your environment has a properly balanced element of fire within it, you will experience more romance, happiness, and good luck.

Because the color is so dominant, there are certain rooms where red should be used very sparingly. Nurseries and children's rooms are areas to avoid using too much red. The living room and dining room are locations that can use more red if desired.

To use red in Feng Shui decorating without upsetting the fire element, use red in accessories such as figurines, photographs, books, and other decorative elements in most places. Red tassels are often found in Feng Shui decorating to create fire energy.

The season of autumn is also symbolized by the color orange which is a joyful, money bringing color in Asian Feng Shui.

During the winter there is also a definite lack of the color green. Feng Shui colors are also divided into yin and yang colors. Yin colors have a healing, soothing, peaceful energy. Yang colors are motivating and energizing. Red is a perfect example of a Yang color. Green is a Feng Shui yin color.

Specific qualities of green as it relates to Feng Shui are balance, serenity, spiritual and emotional growth, and good health. Use green as one of your Feng Shui colors wherever you wish to promote healing, serenity, motivation, and inspiration. Obvious Feng Shui room choices for using green are an office, a room occupied by anyone with an illness, a bedroom, and a nursery.

There are specific locations in a home or office where green is most effective when using Feng Shui principles. As you walk in the front entry, the best place to feature green is in the middle of your home or office on the left side. This is the center of the Feng Shui family area of your home. Since green represents growth, it is an excellent color choice for this area.

It is also a time to place space heaters and stoves. If you are buying a new hearth of some kind, keep in mind that the best place for it is the Southern sector as it is represented by the color red. Fan based heaters do well in the the Southeast prosperity corner of your home.

The center of your home is the area that symbolizes your health. This is a good place to have a table with a bowl of autumn vegetables in it, such as squash. Root vegetables and gourds all symbolize being grounded and healthy both physically and emotionally. A centerpiece that contains wheat is also good Feng Shui luck, especially for bringing money to you.

This is also a good time of year to start stringing up some lights. Extra lighting in general is recommended as the natural light ebbs as winter approaches. In Feng Shui, the luckiest color of Christmas type lights to string are red ones, followed by purple and green colored lights. This color combination symbolizes the drawing of money, luck, and love to your abode.

If you want to put up a statue or painting of an animal, make it a portrait of an owl. Owls are great feng shui decorating decor. Feng shui tips for owls include keeping them close to the front or back door and facing any window that faces a busy street. They symbolize wisdom and protection. Putting an owl statue or painting in your Northeast sector of education can also help attract a needed mentor or advisor.

It is nice to have someone to cozy up with during the long winter months. The Feng Shui love and marriage sectors of a house are in the southwest corner of the home and the southwestern corners of each room. You can promote marital bliss and romance by adding traditional Chinese Feng Shui animals that symbolize love, loyalty, and fidelity to these areas such as the crane, pairs of ducks, or leaping fish.

In the Fall, many of us make Autumn wreathes. The worst type to make is made of leaves. Anything that can crumble, get dusty, or get loose is a bad idea for a wreath. The most Feng Shui type of wreath that you could make for your front door should be made of Chrysanthemums, either real or false, as this is the flower in Feng Shui that symbolizes luck, money, protection, marriage, and longevity. Furthermore, it is more difficult for a wreathe made of “mums” to fall apart and the more intact the wreath is the more intact the integrity of your luck, life, and health will be according to the principles of Feng Shui!

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