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Feng Shui Tips For Halloween
Feng Shui Halloween Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. It might seem a little odd to practice Feng Shui on Halloween but the upshot is that this ancient Asian art of object placement fits perfectly to this holiday.

First of all Halloween is all about metaphysics and so is Feng Shui. Both are about harnessing energies and using them to one’s own advantage. In Feng Shui, these energies must be positive. On Halloween the veil between this world and the next is said to be very thin so there is a possibility of attracting both evil and good energies. When you apply the rules of Feng Shui to holiday of Halloween they work very well.

First of all Feng Shui is about the clearing away of clutter. This is definitely a must if you have little Trick or Treaters visiting. To keep energy positive around your home on Halloween night make sure that your walk and front porch are completely clear of clutter. Get rid of things like hoses, rakes or anything that little feet could trip over.  Sweep away leaves and plant debris as well. Remember that many of these little kids are in a lot of danger of tripping over their costumes in the first place!

Yet another Feng Shui must have element for attracting good energy is to make sure that your walk and home are well lit.  This might seem like a strange request on such a “dark” holiday but the reality is that it is quite crucial for the safety of children and adults as well. There are all kinds of novelty “Christmas string” style lights that you can put up on your porch and in the front yard. You can also decorate your yard with lit hand-carved pumpkins or even better yet, get electric pumpkins. Electric versions are the safest of all as they reduce the chance of someone’s costume accidentally catching on fire.

Decorating your home with orange and black is very lucky on this holiday. The color orange in particular is very fortunate as it denotes the arrival of prosperous and joyous energies. It is also a color that denotes fertility.

Black is also a fairly lucky color in Feng Shui. It symbolizes dignity and respect. It is the color white that is considered symbolic of death in Feng Shui. However if you are dressing up as a ghost it makes good Feng Shu sense to dress in white sheets so traffic can see you. In fact the best thing that you can do for both yourself and your child is add a strip of reflective tape to all costumes to avoid being hit by a car.

If you want to have more abundance and a freer circulation of money in your life then you can do a little bit of a prosperity ritual by handing out chocolate covered coins to children who come to the door. This symbolizes money being multiplied and coming back to you. You could also do the same thing with real money. Try handing out shiny copper coins in red envelopes as a version of the famous “Red Envelope Ritual” which dictates that everything that you send out into the Universe in red envelopes comes back to you nine times.

Part of Feng Shui is about being in sync with the holidays and the symbols of the Hallways. Black cats are lucky in China for their nine lives so decorating your window with them is a nice idea.

Gourds symbolize good fortune, health and longevity in Feng Shui lore. Having a bowl filled with gourds on your table makes a perfect centerpiece. Yet another fantastic touch is the lit pumpkin which of course is the largest gourd that grows.
Sprinkling salt around the perimeters of the house is supposed to protect it from bad spirits. If you want to be extra glamorous about this why not light a Himalayan Crystal Salt candleholder.

Himalayan crystal salt is a natural ionizer and an excellent Feng Shui cure for creating good energy in your home. This Halloween-appropriate natural salt candleholder is made from salt crystals gathered at the foothills of the Himalayas.

When the heat of the burning candle warms the salt, the candleholder releases the negative ions into the air. This cleans the air and creates healing, good energy in your home. The outside surface of the candleholder stays cool to the touch which makes them a safer choice if there are children around.

Skulls or skull shapes are also good symbols for Halloween. That is because anything that looks like death has the power to ward off death, but only on All Hallow’s Eve. The same goes for any other images to do with the Grim Reaper. If you hang these types of images at any other time of the year you will be courting bad luck.

Another nice touch is a Halloween Owl. Owls symbolize wisdom. Put one in the Northwestern corner of your home to encourage a mentor or wise person to enter your life.

If you want to consider hanging a wreath on the door consider one made of skulls and bones. The prettiest ones are made out of black feathers or peacock feathers. They have that moody look without being too dark that they encourage bad energy to enter your home.  Black feather Halloween wreathes are very elegant looking and feathers signify fame and glory.  For the best effect hang this wreath on your front door or in the Southern sector of your home to encourage fame.

The origins of Halloween have to do with calling your ancestor’s spirits to you and then honoring them. In Feng Shui this is actually a recognized concept. It is traditional to build an altar to your real life relatives by displaying their photographs on either an Eastern or Western wall. It is a way of honoring your family and bring good fortune to your home at the same time.

On Halloween you can take this one step further by lighting candles around these displays of photographs on your walls.

Speaking of energies there are some ways of getting rid of ghosts in your home. One way to scare away the spirits is to hang wooden flutes from your ceiling. Another way is to hang metal wind chimes anywhere in your home that you suspect that the spirits may be gathering.

You can also get rid of spirits by putting a small metal cauldron, preferably made of iron in the center of the home and filling it with an herb that purifies the space such as sage.  To attract prosperity fill the same little black cauldron with spare change or with rice.

If you want to call Spirits to you then smoke a cigarette. Both Asian and Indian cultures use the smoking of tobacco to bring ancestral spirits into our realm.

Once Halloween is over it is probably a good idea to clean up your yard and home as best you can. Eliminate any decorative clutter – especially things like dead flowers, fake cobwebs, or dust. Anything spraypainted black should also be removed. This is because these things actually have bad energy attached to them once the holiday is over. They symbolize decay and death which is acceptable only on this one special night.

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By Rhoda, Thursday, October 15, 2009 08:55:37 PM
Except for the pumpkin, I had no idea about the vast array of feng shui ethos inherent in the holiday. In the western wall area of my apartment I managed to put pix of my parents and husband, all passed, and some of my children and theirs. It just seemed like the best place for them. I also have three green candles on the west side. Who knew?
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