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Love Is In The Air...But Not In Your Bedroom?
Feng Shui in your Bedroom Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage.

If you're looking for love, start with Feng Shui in the bedroom. You don't need Feng Shui workshops or Feng Shui consultations to learn Feng Shui. These Feng Shui tips will energize your love life and make you a master at bedroom Feng Shui.


First of all, let us look for the ghosts of lovers past. What have you got in your love nest that reminds you of the past and hurts your love life? Do you have any old clothes, photos, or gifts that remind you of when you were together?


Now, let's start with the bed. Learn Feng Shui and use these simple techniques to incorporate the magic of Feng Shui in the bedroom. New sheets in Feng Shui bedroom colors like peachy, pink, or floral prints will activate the energy of attraction. Think soft pastel colors, so you don't stay awake all night.

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If you are really serious about Feng Shui living, think about your mattress. How much energy is in that from the days gone by? Check under the bed "not for old lovers" for boxes. Boxes keep the energy in the room from moving. What you need to realize is that everything has energy and it will send off a vibe that can and will affect you on some level. Bedroom Feng Shui encourages you to clean out the old to receive the new. Improving your energy level will improve your love life.

One bedroom Feng Shui secret is to leave an empty drawer so the universe can fill it with that special someone's things. Another secret is to look at your walls. Do you have pictures of loving, happy couples? Every photo and painting has a message and this is your bedroom. These are the last things you see before you go to sleep and create your dreams. Remove any negative images or pictures of single people from your bedroom. This is bedroom magic and it is your intention to fill it with love.


So, no TV, computer, or cell phone unless you are looking to have relationships with those devices instead of a sensuous relationship with your soul mate. Your bedroom is your haven for sensual delights! Apply Feng Shui living and add great smells, good lighting, flowers, incense, and other things that get us in the mood for comfort and pleasure.


As a final Feng Shui tip, place two red candles in a SAFE place. Light the candles with the intention of making your wishes come true for passion in your life. Say a prayer and ask that you remove the obstacles from your mind and heart so that true love can blaze again turning into the embers of forever!

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By Aries, Monday, July 28, 2008 03:54:55 PM
Being that I still live with my parents after a nasty accident took out half my house (Don't worry, it was insured, I got cash coming in), I need to keep all my electronics in my old room (Which was decked out in pink for some odd reason.). I'm already an insomniac, but being back in that deathly-annoying, eye-killing room is making sleep impossible. My room in my house was decked in beige and browns mostly.
By skittyblu, Sunday, July 27, 2008 09:25:59 PM
Wow, I didn't know I was implementing feng shui in my bedroom. No electronics (except for the alarm clock) has been a long standing rule in our house. Nothing of past loves...just the things my hubby gave me. And I did notice that when we changed from a bed that blocked off the underneath to a bed that was open underneath, that the engery flows did seem to improve!
By Green, Sunday, July 20, 2008 01:05:44 PM
Marianne, I didn't know about it being not good to see under the bed from the end of the bed. I have never heard of it before and would really like to know the answer too. I certainly can see under my bed from the end and didn't realise it might not be good.
By Marlene, Thursday, July 17, 2008 10:17:20 PM
a couple of questions. i have read that you should not be able to see under the bed from the end of the bed as that releases bad chi. is that correct? and also about the foot of the bed facing a door. my bed faces towards the door but the door is at an angle so it is not straight on. is that alright? as for pictures i have of flowers and little kids. what about those?
By Green, Thursday, July 17, 2008 06:32:24 AM
Laura, I love interior decorating too. I'm going to move to a new house and have all these ideas about colors for the furniture and different rooms. Although I think black looks good, I am a bit sceptical about having too much of it around the house. I'm also not sure whether it is good or bad.
By laura, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:19:41 PM
I am new to Feng Shui. I enjoy interior decorating. I have black, furniture and accent with gold and tan throughout. Are these good colors? I don't have alot of options on where to place my bed. Although you can not see the door because it is behind a nitch wall, out toes point that direction, is that okay?
By Lavern, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 08:58:19 AM
Thanks for that great information. I really like pastel colors when I change our bed sheet down to our pillow cases including our blankets and also with our curtains. Pastel colors and floral are cool to the eyes and its like very relaxing to the feeling. Is there a way to feng shui a small room to attract some good vibes? Thanks
By Kara, Friday, July 11, 2008 01:12:59 PM
Yeah the information is really good. I like the whole color scheme and everything like that...I do have a tv in the bedroom on the otherhand, but it doesn't interfer with anything between my boyfriend and I. So I think that is the one thing that I won't change because it is something that he and I do together before falling asleep, we will have the tv on or just talk.
By Joyce, Friday, July 11, 2008 10:58:51 AM
After reading this maybe I should not change my bedroom after all? Right now it is floral and I have beautiful pictures of roses on the wall, floral comforter, candle sconces, red velvet on end table with a vase of roses; I love roses! I was going to change to a green with brown accent and place bamboo around. Question, should I not do? I will move the TV out though. Thank you!!
By Sandra, Saturday, July 05, 2008 01:53:55 PM
"Arrange things in two’s, and not pairs...." I guess I am pretty dense, but I don't understand the difference between "two's and not pairs." Can you please give me some examples? Thank you for all the excellent information and articles....s from NV

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