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More Feng Shui Healing Secrets
Feng Shui Secrets for Healing Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. Feng Shui is a set of intricate techniques that organize a given space into a harmonious, healing setting. You can use the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to design or redesign your living space, office space, landscapes, and more to provide a generous and continual flow of healing energies. There are Feng Shui workshops all around the country (whatever country you are in) and they can enlighten you to the many benefits of timeless Feng Shui secrets.

When you want to learn about Feng Shui healing, you need to first understand that this is not an afternoon project. Feng Shui healing arts date back thousands of years and will require your direct attention - even for the casual learner. However, do not be discouraged. We can learn some excellent, yet basic techniques right here to set you in motion. The power of the energy that you receive here will catalyze your further studies.

When you intentionally place the components of your living space in accordance with Feng Shui secrets, you will tap into the natural forces that surround you at all times. There is a certain way that best accommodates all of these components. Likewise, there are many ways that through their lack of proper organization can block the flow of harmony in your environment. Feng Shui is an art that teaches us how to organize our various environments so that they create tranquility and peace for us.

Like all Chinese esoteric arts, Feng Shui is based upon the 5-Element Theory. Those 5 elements are: Wood, Water, Fire, Water and Metals. Each of these elements has been closely examined over millennia and have very specific placement procedures to maximize the Feng Shui healing properties of your surroundings. Everything in the universe is interrelated and everything is energy in essence. The energies given off by the mixing of the five basic elements act in conjunction to either increase, stagnate or decrease wellness. When the energies that envelop you are out of balance, so are you.

Knowing exactly the placement of each of the five elemental types, and each individual component of each elemental type, requires study and practice. The beauty of Feng Shui is that when you practice by designing and redesigning your placement schemes, you become expertly efficient. You will know what is proper and what is not. You will be able to immediately feel the healing power of a given arrangement. Pictures, shapes, symbols, colors and objects placed in accordance with the Ba Gua (the Feng Shui placement code), are all instrumental in the overall Feng Shui healing effect.

Feng Shui concerns an individual with her or his environment. It is the ancient art of creating holistic wellness in your personal space. By educating yourself to the never-ending wisdom of this proven art, you will become the master of your own fate. You will enhance and elongate your lifespan as well as those that may ever come in contact with. It is the energy of the universe that determines our health and happiness and it is Feng Shui that dictates those energies.

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By phyllis, Sunday, July 20, 2008 07:07:28 PM
i want to move what colors do you need help that happen i feel that my house is eviel and everytime i want to move i get negativety and my two older kids feel in bad people how do i change that.
By Green, Sunday, July 20, 2008 01:02:11 PM
Thank you for another great article. I am still learning about feng shui and the articles I have read here so far have been really helpful. I know it would take time to get everything the right way but slowly but surely I would get there one day.

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