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Spring Cleaning Rituals For Good Fortune
Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Rituals Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. Is it time for a bit of Spring Cleaning in your life? With the new season in full swing, you can make this more of this dull chore by attaching magical significance to what you are doing.

First of all, clearing all clutter from your house is not just a necessary act. It is also a mandatory part of Feng Shui. According to the laws of this ancient art that keeps positive energy flowing into your life, clutter simply acts as a barrier to good fortune in your life. Walk around your house with a garbage bag and throw everything out that you donít need.

To reinforce your intention of getting rid of all bad energy and everything that is holding you back in life, make sure you travel around your home in a counter clockwise circle.  Walking counter clockwise from the front door and then through every room is a ritualistic way of banishing bad energy from your home. As you throw things out, think of what objectionable person or situation was attached to the object and imagine it disappearing from your life.

You should also do the same counter-clockwise walk around your home while you are sweeping up. Start in at the front door and move in a circular direction sweeping and dusting until you are done. Then take the broom that you used to clean your place and throw that out as well. Then go out and buy yourself a new broom. This symbolizes the ďfresh startĒ that is associated with spring time.

Yet another nice ritual you can do at the start of spring is to hang a broom above your front door. This is supposed to be a good luck charm that prevents bad energies from entering your life. Beneath it hang a horse shoes which keeps good energy from leaving your home.

If you really have had a bad winter, then it is a good idea to buy sage bundles and light them. The best way to light these bundles, which are thick sticks of dried grass that have been tied together, is to take a big metal bowl with a bit of water in it beneath around with you. That way you can hold the lit bundle of sage, which tends to burn with a quite large flame that can easily get out of control, over the water so you can douse it quickly if you need to. You can buy commercial sage bundles in novelty shops, occult shops, and new age supply stores and you can also get them online. Different types of grasses and herbs like lavender or sweetgrass are also sometimes mixed in with the sage as well to add even more qualities to the ritual cleansing of a space. For instance, a sage bundle with lavender in it will bring an extra dimension of peace to your space and a bundle with sweetgrass in it brings healing.

Part of spring cleaning efforts should also be to remove any furniture that is out of style or broken. The same goes for appliances. These broken objects sit around collecting dust and also, according to the laws of Feng Shui, bad energy that can bring sickness and malfortune.

This is also the time to throw out any old clothes, which is symbolic of your ability to constantly reinvent yourself as time goes on. Gathering any clothes that donít fit or that you donít wear anymore and giving them to charity is an excellent idea because it fits in with the principles about good karma. The more things you give away, the more good fortune that will come back to you to fill the void that ridding yourself of these material goods has created.

If you have any old photos hanging around, especially if they are of relatives, it is time to clean them, hang them and place them on your eastern wall. This will help bring you good fortune. If you have posters of famous people, hang them on your south wall or northwest wall to attract good energies that can help you in your career.

If you have any pools, ponds, or birdbaths in your yard, it is also a good idea to clean them of any leaves, dirt, or debris of any kind. This is because flowing water around your property symbolizes money coming into the house. Dirty or clogged water can also symbolize a block to prosperity.

You can also attach a little magical intention to your choice of cleaning solutions as well. Orange scented cleaners bring you joy and happiness. Pine scented cleaners bring money and protection. Ammonia and camphor chase away bad energies and evil spirits. Lemon or lime scented cleaners symbolize emotional and mental control.

You can also use air fresheners in the same way. A lavender scented air freshener brings peace and calm to a house. A berry scented freshener brings love and friends to the door. Vanilla or cinnamon scented air fresheners bring matrimonial bliss. Rose and orchid scented cleaners bring romance.

Choosing products that are nontoxic or less-toxic also helps the environment, as it eliminates or lessens toxic chemicals used in manufacture and toxic waste.

Attaching spiritual significance to Spring cleaning is not a silly or superstitious idea. It has been practiced by all kinds of different cultures for centuries. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition in cultures around the world - and for purposes beyond simply removing dirt. In China, for example, the agriculturally-based springtime New Yearís celebration is preceded by a thorough housecleaning, both to remove accumulated grime and to rid the dwelling of any evil spirits that have taken up residence so they donít come into the New Year.

Spring cleaning goes beyond normal everyday cleaning. It's a major project of home revitalization: to make everything new by removing dust and dirt, to make sure everything is in good repair, and to put things in order, so that you will have everything in your household in working condition for the coming year.

A great way to complete your Spring Cleaning ritual is to fill every room in your home with a vase of flowers to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

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By Ramona, Monday, April 05, 2010 10:41:28 AM
Thank you. I'm so instinctive and dont know why I do the things I do until later, but I need guidance so much and this really helped me in many ways.
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