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Top 10 Feng Shui Tips To Study Better
Feng Shui Tips for Studying Love Feng Shui, feng shui for love, romance and marriage!  How to use Feng Shui in marriage. Are you planning on going back to school this fall and want to ace those exams? Or perhaps you are planning on studying something as simple as a driving test?

In either case, you need a study area that is perfectly aligned towards the goal of being to absorb and retain information. This is where a little Feng Shui can come in handy.

Feng Shui, if you will recall, is the ancient Chinese Art of object placement that was invented to invite clarity, good energy, and great good fortune into your life.

Tip #1 –- Add Metal Elements to Your Study Area

Make sure your study area has plenty of metal elements. Metal elements bring the qualities of precision, clarity, and efficiency in your work area.
You could hang metal wind chimes over your desk. Tubular bells are nice and add a charming decorative touch, especially if hung near a window where they can make a little noise in the breeze. Chimes also have the effect of repelling bad energy and problems that could distract you from your focus on studying.

Decorating your office with metal sculpture or working on a metal desk or with metal implements of some kind can really help you focus and achieve a lightness and clarity of mind. You could have a brushed metal clock, pencil holder, or other decorative object there. A metal desk is best if your aim in life is to achieve a higher education.
Putting pictures of mentors or great thinkers that you admire in metal frames in your office can also help you aspire to bigger and better things.

Tip #2 -– Make your main study area gray in color

Decorate your office in gray and white in hue as these are the colors that are symbolized by the Metal Element. Your second best choice for colors are blue and black, which symbolize water, but also aid in the accomplishment of concentration and mental clarity. Your fourth best choice would be purple, as purple is a color that does symbolize wisdom but, on the other hand, it sometimes also symbolizes hedonism and such activities as surfing the internet. You don’t want to be surfing the internet instead of studying.

Colors such as pink, green, or white are considered to be too distracting for study areas. Bright colors are associated with fun and distractions. White is associated with death in Feng Shui and not really considered to be a lucky color, however, it is considered to be better than the brighter colors when it comes to being studious. It is not as lucky when it comes to attracting money, so if the test somehow has to do with certification for a business, then the color green might be a better choice.

Tip #3 – Locate your study area in the Northwest Sector

Locate your study area in the Northwest room or corner of your home, which is the learning sector of the Ba’Gua compass. If this is not possible, then you can try locating it to the West or Northwest sectors, which are second best choices for areas of study.

Tip #4 -- Use hematite to help you achieve focus

Hematite is a stone that is used to help you focus and concentrate. Several pieces placed around your office can help ground your energy. The shining surface of this stone is a great study aid that can help you repel distractions.

Tip #5 -- Use bamboo to help you concentrate and write well

Keeping bamboo decoration or decor on our desk, such as a bamboo pen or bamboo pencil holder, can keep you grounded and focused and also make you a better writer. 
To improve your memory, absorb information more quickly and find the information you need more quickly try keeping an entire bamboo plant on your desk. If the bamboo fronds are trained to be entwined together, then you will also retain information easier. The other blessing associated with bamboo plants that are twined together is the attraction of more money into the home. So if you are studying to learn how to run a new home business, any type of bamboo plant, and especially the twined bamboo is a very good thing to have on your desk.

Tip #6 –- Good lighting is a must for studying

One of the classic laws of Feng Shui is to always have good lighting, as it clears away the darkness in the room. This way bad energy has nowhere to hide. Set up lamps on either side of your desk for optimum brightness. Make sure the light is gentle and not hard on your eyes so you can study long and hard for many hours.
Avoid fluorescent lighting, which can be too harsh, and present an obnoxious flickering that makes reading more difficult.

A blue toned or purple toned light somewhere in the study area can also help facilitate study.

Tip #7 -– Clear up your clutter

One of the traditional rules of Feng Shui is that a sense of order brings good energy to a workspace (or any space in your home for that matter) To make it easy for you to focus on your work, you need to get rid of all unnecessary papers and distractions. 

Make sure any books are lined up neatly and that there is not a heap of unrelated unnecessary matters cluttering up any part of your desk. Disorganization causes stress and can be a distraction to the learning process.

A tidy work area attracts new things and enhances concentration, so keep 50% of the desk visible at all times and keep clutter to a bare minimum by using drawers, cabinets, hanging files, and binders for storage. Use paper trays, penholders, and other organizational tools to give everything its own place within your workspace. Clearly labeling files, as well as sorting and color-coding files, will further clear clutter and make it easier to manage your study area (and your workload).

Tip #8 -– No overhanging shelves

If you have a shelf hanging directly over your desk, it is very bad luck for people who need to study. This type of shelving symbolizes shar chi (aka poison arrow energy), which can symbolize burdens hanging over your head. It can also symbolically represent headaches which of course are no help at all when you are trying to study.

Tip #9 –- Long and Low Furniture Works Best

Being a good student requires grounding. Keep the furnishings in your study area low, square, and blocky. Tall, narrow pieces will prompt you to set unrealistic goals. A low work table, a square area rug, and a comfortable club chair will prompt you to settle down and get to work, instead of dreaming the day away.

Tip # 10 -– Maximize Your Space

The placement of furniture in a study area is key to attracting positive energy. For the most beneficial arrangement, face your desk towards the entryway, with a solid wall to your back. Never sit with your back to the doorway, as it invites negativity. Position yourself in the corner farthest from the entrance, which instills a command of your space.

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